Man Finds A Bug That ‘Looks Like An Alien’ And Our Nightmares Are Now Realized

By lgentile - July 22, 2019

What would you do if you were at home, minding your own business, just eating some popcorn and a bug suddenly walked past you that looked like a straight up alien? We are talking about something out of Stranger Things or Men In Black or Independence Day. There you are, on the couch, living your life with your feet up, watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta when a thing with many legs just casual walks by. 

And we aren’t talking about a little spider or a roach, we are talking about an alien species that is about to possibly take over your soul and beam you up to another planet. Do you scream, yell, or call you mom? Do you start spraying hair spray everywhere and throwing bleach? Do you straight burn the house down? And if it gets away, will you ever be able to sleep again? Probably not.

No Thank You


A man named Hari Toae who lives in Bali, Indonesia, was home when he came face to face with a bizarre moth that had way too many legs. 

Oh, I’m sorry. Did you not know that moths had legs? Well they do. Sit with that for a minute. 

While Bali is a breathtaking tourist destination for many, you may never want to go there after you see this crazy creature that was crawling around his house. 



WARNING: If you don’t like furry inflated tentacles then you may want to close your eyes for the next slide. No seriously, you have been warned. Your future is in your own hands. 

Hari Toae was just relaxing at home on a cozy rainy night waiting for some guests to come over.

Unfortunately, that night he ran into a different kind of guest in his home. One that he definitely wasn’t expecting.

You Were Warned


All of a sudden, scurrying across his ceiling was a moth with four hairy tentacles. Yes, believe it or not, that is a moth. 


Do you have a whole new opinion of moths now? Us too! Once you see it, it can’t be unseen. Sorry moths… one bad moth in the bunch and BAM. He ruins it for you all. 

Is That An Alien?


At first sight, he knew that this weird creature was like nothing he had ever seen before. Yeah, no kidding. Us too. 

While moths usually flutter around all cute and stuff, this moth was creepy, crawling upside down with his legs gripping the ceiling. 

Not knowing that it was a moth at first, Toae thought that it was an alien. In a way it is. 



Toae immediately thought that the only explanation for such a creature was that it had to be extraterrestrial. IT HAS TO BE, RIGHT?

Look at that thing? That thing is an absolute nightmare. If we saw that thing in our house while relaxing and minding our business, we may have to move. 

Like, far. Like to Antarctica where bugs are not a thing. That’s a fact, right? 

Namaste Through That


After doing a little research, he found out that the alien-like creature was simply a moth. A moth with tentacles. Cool, cool, cool. 

First of all, how did he casually go to Google after seeing that monster? That would not be the way things went down if anyone else saw this thing in their house. 

This guy must do a lot of yoga in order to keep it together like he did. Namaste.

Moth Monster


While moths have never really been a threat to human kind, a moth with tentacles is a whole other story. 

Now that we know that moths can look like that, forget it. This is war! 

Because he had never seen anything like this guy before, he figured that it hadn’t come from around his neighborhood. But he was wrong. THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!

An Australian Thing


What he didn’t know was that bugs of its kind may come from a little closer to home than one might assume.

It turns out that the creature he found may be related to the Creatonotos gangis, a species of moth native to Southeast Asia and parts of Australia.

Why do these things always come from Australia? Always, without fail, every time. Australia, get your life together. 

This Is Sexy?


According to Newsweek, the moths are known to sprout these tentacles, which are actually scent glands, during their mating season.

Because, you know, nothing is sexier than inflatable scent gland tentacles. 

While this moth may have given Toae the heebie jeebies, this crazy moth was looking for love… yet in all the wrong places. While all things deserve love, please do your business somewhere far away please and thank you. 

Does That Turn You On?


And you may be dying to know how their sexy mating glands work so we will tell you in great detail. 

As their sexy tentacles inflate, the glands release a pheromone intended to attract female moths. Damn, look at those legs! 

Hey ladies, does that turn you on? Would you fall for it? Yeah, we didn’t think so but hey, that’s what they are working with. 


Those Hairy Legs, Tho


And while you may think that this moth may be in need of a little waxing and hair removal, the hairs on these glands are also an important part of the process. 

These hairs help waft the smell towards potential mates. Waft that smell over, baby! 

When these moths were caterpillars they grew these glands by eating plants with toxic alkaloid chemicals. This is why we are always encouraged to eat clean, right?

For Your Eating Pleasure


These toxins also make sure that the moths taste terrible in order to deter any predators or any of our readers that were curious about eating them.

Did you want to take a little bite? Just a tiny little bite? It’s a no go people! Stick to your green smoothies and avocado toast, please. 

These moths are not here for your eating pleasure. Sorry ‘bout it! 

A Beautiful Moth


And look. While we have really doubled down on making fun of this little guy, these moths are harmless and actually look fairly normal when mating season isn’t happening.

This is a picture of what they look like when they aren’t getting all horny and giving us crazy legs. 

They are actually beautiful when they put their sex tentacles away. If only they would stay that way. 

Can't Stop, Won't Stop


And while you might lose your mind if that thing was found in the place you sleep, Toae didn’t seem too alarmed by the moth when he saw it. 

He let this little monster do its thing and just figured that it was just trying to take shelter from the rain.

And cruising for chicks, of course. He can’t stop and he won’t stop.


A New Friend


As he said in an interview with Newsweek, “I will let it stay in my house, but only for the night. I don’t want it to scare my guests away.”

Yea, that is a really good idea. If you want any of those friends to ever come over again, you better hope that thing disappears and fast! 

If he doesn’t, you’ll be left with only one friend. A friend with weird inflatable tentacles and what kind of life is that?