LEGO Is Coming Out With A ‘Friends’ Collection And Could We BE Any More Excited?

By Psquared - August 07, 2019

What’s your favorite sitcom of all time? We know that they’re not the most high brow form of entertainment out there, but with all the stresses we deal with at work, with our family, our relationships and the state of the world at large, it’s nice every now and then (or three to four hours binging each and every night of our lives) to just shut our brains off for 22 minutes at a time, cozy up on a couch and let familiar characters get into situational comedy and snap off some witty dialogue that makes us chuckle and lets our worries temporarily melt away.

You know what else eased our tension? Toys. It’s not socially acceptable to play with them as adults, but man, back when we were kids, playing with our favorite toys had a way of making life so much better and simpler. So, one could only assume if there was a way to combine sitcoms with toys, that’s be the ultimate in amazing, right? Too bad no one has done something like that. Or have they?… (Spoiler: they totally have).



When it comes to beloved sitcoms, you can’t have a conversation for very long before Friends comes up.

This show embodied the ’90s in a way that few other pieces of pop culture could. It’s a time capsule more than a television show.

And you know what else? It’s hilarious and endearing. It’s endured as well, as it plays constantly every day around the world in reruns. The show has been off the air for over 15 years, yet we still love it now more than ever.



Now let’s switch focus from sitcoms to toys. When it comes to beloved playthings, LEGO has to be at or near the top of the list.

It’s such a simple concept, but perfect for kids age four to 99. It has a way of helping grow your imagination.

That’s important at any stage of life, you know. So… what if we could combine sitcoms (something that turns off your brain) with LEGO (something that activates it)? What would that look like?

LEGO 'Friends'


Wait… what is this picture? This looks oddly familiar. It’s almost as if we’ve seen this shot literally hundreds of times.

However… when we’ve seen this image, it’s always been real life people, not LEGO men and women.

Oh! Now we know why it looks so familiar. It’s the closing shot of the opening to Friends. Ha. Someone created them in LEGO form. Isn’t that adorable? Too bad it’s obviously a custom creation we can’t get our hands on…

Coming Soon


Actually, it turns out that this is an official LEGO product, and it will be available for sale very soon.

How shocked and excited are you right now? What does your face look like at this very moment?

Does it look like Joey’s face here? Before too long, you’ll be able to bring home your favorite sitcom characters in the form of your favorite toy. So no one told you life was gonna be this way? It all works out sometimes.



LEGO made the announcement on their Twitter, so you know it’s legit and not some cruel prank.

They were very coy about it, posting the image with the caption, “The one with LEGO bricks. Coming soon.”

And how did people react to the news? How do you think they did. Before even seeing what these would fully look like, fans were demanding the company relieve them of their currency for these items.

Could We BE Any More Excited?


If you want to learn how to properly hype folks up for your product, this is how to do it.

Then again, it also helps when it’s two of the most beloved things in all of pop culture history, but still, well-played.

One Twitter user wrote, “Been waiting patiently for this since it was announced all those months ago. Gonna be a day one purchase and straight on display once built.” Ah, yes. Your patience will soon be rewarded, friend.

How You Doin'?


So, are you overcome with excitement about the prospect of getting to display these on your mantle?

More realistically, are you thrilled with getting the chance to play with them and recreate your most favorite moments from the iconic show?

Make little Joey say, “How you doin’?” to Phoebe as she sings “Smelly Cat.” And of course, continue the never-ending will they/won’t they with Ross and Rachel, or just make them get together once and for all like they did in the finale.

What Will It Look Like?


If you just can’t wait to see what the set will look like, you can sort of get a sneak preview.

The internet can be scary and strange depending on what corners you visit, but it is also overflowing with imaginative, talented folks.

People have actually created the famous Friends apartment using LEGO blocks. Maybe the actual licensed items will look something like this. We hope so, because this is amazing. But what will the characters themselves look like?

The Characters


Here’s a mock-up that’s been floating around of what the cast may look like in LEGO form.

This looks like it was ripped straight out of season one. Ah, those were simpler times, weren’t they. You tend to forget how much they (and we by watching) have been through.

This is before Ross and Rachel ever got together, before Monica and Chandler were married and before Joey got his own spin-off… that we don’t talk about out of respect for the show. Leave the memories alone.

In Action


Does playing with these figures in the set not seem good enough for you for some reason?

If so… lower your standers, man. Life will be a lot more fun and bearable that way. But you lucked out this time.

This particular design gives each of the friends some signature accessories. Phoebe has her guitar, and Joey… well, Joey has food. Just don’t try to take it from him. Remember: JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD. Proceed with caution from here.

Later Season


Other folks online have designed LEGO people in the likeness of the cast in the later episodes.

Phoebe the surrogate mom, Ross after three divorces and Joey after getting some soap opera success. You can partly tell by their faces, but mostly, you can tell by their hair.

Seeing these fan-made LEGO sets has got us even more excited for what the real things will look like. Will they go with the later years or the golden, early era?



LEGO really is the perfect canvas for bringing some of our favorite characters into a creative new universe.

We saw tons of LEGO versions of pop culture icons in the LEGO movie, and that led to Batman getting his own big screen LEGO adventure.

But while we’ve seen LEGO superheroes aplenty, we haven’t seen too many LEGO sitcoms. Aside from Friends, what would some other sitcoms look like if they were LEGO-ized (that’s totally a real word, right)?



Thank you, internet, for always providing an actual amazing answer to our strictly hypothetical questions.

This is what a LEGO set about nothing would look like. We hope that the creative block manufacturers come out with this soon as well.

Little George can yell about being so small all of a sudden because he was, “In the pool!” And Kramer can slide in and out of this set to canned laughter and applause all day long. Oh, and look: they even included Newman. Hello… Newman.

'The Office'


If you don’t want to spend so much time in a LEGO sitcom version of New York, the internet shows you what it might be like to visit Scranton.

After Ross and Rachel, the biggest will they/won’t they ever has to be Jim and Pam.

You can also have little LEGO Michael Scott shouting his nonsense, and Dwight being the creepy weirdo we love to hate and hate to love. LEGO, there’s so much sitcom money just waiting to be had!

We Can't Wait


It’s fitting that LEGO is building on the popularity of franchises, since building is what LEGO is all about.

We’re not sure when the official LEGO Friends set is coming out, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out, as you should as well.

In the meantime, we’re just gonna continue binging the old episodes to tide us over until these arrive in our homes. Just be sure to never step on them. Not just because they’re murder on your feet, but that’s no way to treat a friend.