It’s Official: Eating Pizza For Breakfast Is Better For You Than Cereal

By lgentile - May 31, 2019

When you think of breakfast foods, cereal is probably on the top of your list, right? And there are so many different kinds of breakfast cereals, where do you even start? Just a casual walk down the cereal aisle can cause anxiety. Too many choices, too many kinds, how do you even choose?!  Maybe you should just pick them all? Or perhaps, you shouldn’t choose cereal at all. Let us explain.

Spoiler alert: Most cereals aren’t actually good for you. Most cereals are full of sugar, lack sufficient amounts of protein and are full of empty calories. Are you surprised that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is full of sugar? Are you surprised that the marshmallows in Lucky Charms don’t cut it in the nutrition department? Do you think that Apple Jacks contains apples? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we don’t know how to help you, but we will still try.

Pizza For Breakfast


It turns out that you may actually be better off having pizza for breakfast than your choice of cereal. Yeah, that’s right. Pizza.

Have you ever have pizza for breakfast? MMMMM. It’s an American classic and if you’ve never had it, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Eat it cold, straight from the box or warm it up. Either way, it is beyond delicious. Now you may be thinking, “I can’t eat pizza for breakfast! That’s insane!” But it isn’t.

Pepperoni, Anyone?


Now you may not think pizza is in any way, shape, or form a healthy choice. You may even think that the words “pizza” and “healthy” don’t even belong in the same sentence.

But, according to New York-based nutritionist Chelsey Amer, a cheesy, greasy, carb-filled slice of pizza is actually better for you than your favorite breakfast cereal.

So, what do you want on your pizza? Do you want pepperoni? A fried egg? Mushrooms? It’s our treat.

Sugar And Spice


If you are a cereal in the morning kid of person, you may want to rethink your morning eating habits. Hear us out.

Amer credits the high sugar content that is in most cereals for its poor reputation, while The Daily Meal adds that cereal’s lack of protein and healthy fats are contributing to its “nutritionally bleak” standing.

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,” said Amer.

Pizza And Protein


Pizza may seem like an unhealthy choice, but at least it has more protein, therefore adding some nutritional value and it is more filling too.

“…pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning.”

Have you ever noticed that one bowl of cereal always turns into two or three, or more? You haeaten almost the entire box and you still don’t feel 100% full.

Pizza Party!


And while you still may not be sold on eating pizza in the morning as a healthy breakfast option, we are just saying it is healthIER.

So, while you shouldn’t be eating pizza every morning, you may as well be eating it every  if you are eating a bowl of cereal everyday. 

Amer credits pizza’s protein content and explains, “a slice of pizza contains more fat and much less sugar than most cold cereals, so you will not experience a quick sugar crash.” Got it?

Not All Cereals


And look, we want to make sure the cereals that are actually good for you aren’t getting a bad rap.

According to Health’s contributing nutrition editor, Cynthia Sass MPH, RD, not all breakfast cereals have to be off-limits, and some may actually be preferable.

“A cereal made with whole grains, nuts or seeds, and fruit with organic grass-fed milk or plant-based milk is a better choice over a grease-laden pizza made with processed meat like pepperoni on a white flour crust,” she says.

There Are Better Options


And while this is certainly a win for pizza super fans living all over the world, there are a million healthier breakfast options that shouldn’t be ignored.

But next time you have a choice between a delicious slice of pizza and a sugary bowl of cereal, you know what to pick.

But, if you have any other options, we encourage you to pick it. Here are some more options for a healthier breakfast than a bowl of cereal..

Avocado Toast


Look, we all love to make fun of a piece of avocado toast and consider it the basic bish of breakfast, but why?

It’s so good and you can dress it up so many ways. You can add an egg on top or keep it vegan and it’s nutritious and delicious.

Avocado toast has tons of good fat, barely any added sugar and if you pick a seedy whole grain bread, you’ll load up on complex carbs that will keep you full for hours.

Bacon And Eggs


You wouldn’t think that a few pieces of bacon and eggs for breakfast would be healthier than a bowl of cereal, but it’s true.

Whether you like your eggs scrambled, poached, fried, or boiled, bacon and eggs are going to be full of way more protein than the average bowl of cereal.

Just try to go light on the bacon. Believe it or not, most bacon has a little sugar in it and that with the fat can make it high it calories.

Indulge In Some Oatmeal


As long as you don’t smother your bowl of oatmeal with a half a cup of brown sugar, this breakfast option is way more filling and satisfying than cereal.

Don’t be afraid to throw in some fresh fruit or nuts  if you want to step it up or even throw an egg on top for some extra protein.

While oatmeal is full of carbs, they are healthy carbs and is also a great source of fiber.

A Banana Split For Breakfast


What if we told you that a banana split was better for you than a bowl of cereal in the A.M.? Would you believe us?

Well, try this awesome healthy banana split recipe and have some dessert for breakfast and see for yourself.

First, cut a banana in half and put it on a plate. Instead of ice cream, add a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese. Instead of sugary sauces, use a little honey or agave nectar. Top with flaked and chopped nuts and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. Yummy and good for you!

Yogurt The Right Way


Yogurt is another breakfast option that if you pick the wrong one, you could be making a very unhealthy breakfast choice.

Go for plain, full-fat yogurts drizzled with tahini, fruit, and a little but of honey. This will taste just as sweet as a bowl of cereal but without all the processed crap that often comes along with it.

If you have more of a savory breakfast taste, serve with roasted vegetables, marinated beans, and avocado. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Sweet Potato Sweetness


When in doubt, grab some sweet potatoes next time you go food shopping and go nuts!

You can roast them, you can toast them, hash them or mash them. Sweet potatoes go well with bacon, eggs, and just about any breakfast food you can think of.

They are rich in flavor and in nutrition and you have so many options and ways to cook them that you will never get bored with your breakfast again.  

Green Smoothie Goodness


If you want to go real healthy, go for a green smoothie. And we aren’t talking about a Jamba Juice. You’ll have to go homemade for this one.

Green smoothies are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This recipe in particular will give you an iron boost from the spinach, which will hmaintain your energy levels.

Grab 1 1/2 cups spinach, a few ice cubes, 1 small banana, 1 orange, and 1/4 cup coconut water and combine in a blender until smooth. For a protein boost, add a spoonful of seeds or protein powder.

Eggs For Days


Speaking of a healthy breakfast, next time you don’t know what to make yourself, when in doubt, go for eggs.

An omelette will fill you up and keep you satisfied until you next meal. Eggs are packed with protein and you can load an omelette up with tons of veggies.

Make sure to keep it light on the olive oil, beat some eggs in a pan, adds some vegetables, flip it over and call it a day!

Pasta For Breakfast


You may not think that pasta for breakfast would be the “breakfast of champions” but like pizza, a bowl of breakfast pasta is bound to be less processed than a bowl of cereal.

So ditch your bowl of Cocoa Puffs and go for a carbonara with a fried egg on top instead.

And why wouldn’t you? It sounds so much better than a bowl of boring cereal anyway and you can eat the leftovers for dinner.

A Simple Fruit Salad


And if you aren’t a hearty breakfast person and that is why a light bowl of cereal appeals to you, try this all natural option instead. 

Stick with a classic fruit salad for a gentle start to the day. It’s that simple. Use a variety of fruits for the best possible range of nutrients.

You can include bananas for potassium, kiwi for vitamin C, pomegranate for folate and vitamin K, and grapefruit for heart-friendly choline. 

Make Your Own Protein Bar


Protein bars that you find at a store can be full of soy and sugar and hidden garbage that is disguised as a “health bar.”

But eating the right kind of protein bar is an easy and tasty way to raise your protein intake. Here is an awesome recipe filled with nuts and seeds to provide fiber and dried fruits to sweeten it up a bit.

.Take 1 1/2 cups almond meal, 1/2 cup coconut flour, 1/2 cup protein powder, 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut, 1/2 cup dried cranberries, 1/4 cup of melted butter, 3 eggs, and 1/4 cup of honey and mix together. Bake at 350F in a 8″ x 8″ dish for 25-35 minutes. Cut into ten bars and allow them to cool. These will last you for up to a week!

Hummus And Pita


While hummus and pita are considered to be more of a snack food for lunch or dinner, try this combo for breakfast if you dare!

Go for a whole wheat pita bread because it is high in fiber, which is great for maintaining stable blood sugar and intestinal health. 

Throw in some cut up vegetables and those, mixed with the protein from the hummus, makes this a perfect quick breakfast to eat at home or on the go!

So Many Healthy Options


So, as you can see, there are so many healthy options to choose from when looking for a breakfast that is healthy, delicious and easy to make.

So, throw out that box of Churro Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and when in doubt, go for a breakfast that is high in protein and low in sugar and empty carbs.

And don’t forget about the pizza. Oh wonderful pizza. You can now make us happy in the mornings as well as late at night. God bless you. ????????????