How Come We Don’t Talk About The Heartbreaking Death In ‘Shrek’?

By lgentile - July 17, 2019

Shrek is an iconic movie for so many reasons. First of all, the film was the first winner for the inaugural Best Animated Film category of the Academy Awards 2001. Eddie Murphy also got a BAFTA nomination for his voiceover performance and Shrek was ranked #8 on the American Film Institute’s list of the 10 greatest films in the genre “Animation.” The movie is the only non-Disney or Pixar film on the list.

The hit movie, starring Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy, was first written with Bill Murray in mind as Shrek and Steve Martin as Donkey. Then the plan was that Shrek would be played by Chris Farley, but when he passed away in 1997, the role went to the hilarious Mike Myers instead. The movie is funny and silly and it has a lot of heart. You may think that you know everything about the film because you’ve seen it a million times, but there is a heartbreaking death in Shrek that is no one is talking about. That is, until now. 

A Little Recap 

Credits: Dreamworks

If you haven’t seen the movie in a while, don’t you worry. We will fill you in and do a little recap to catch you up. 

This is Shrek. Here he is. The man, the myth, the legend. Well, the ogre, the myth, the legend is more like it. 

He is an ogre who lives all alone in a swamp but don’t feel bad for him. He likes it that way.

More Than An Ogre 

Credits: Dreamworks

Shrek would rather be alone than be around others and he makes that pretty clear from the beginning of the movie. 

But we find out that Shrek is so much more than just a grumpy ogre with a weird Scottish accent. That is Scottish, right?

And just like an onion, he has so many layers that you can peel off to see the real him. Don’t you forget that. 

Living An "I Hate Everyone" Kind Of Life

Credits: Dreamworks

In the beginning of the first movie, Shrek is just doing his own thing. He is just living a chill life in his swamp, away from the rest of the world. 

He likes being alone and loves being gross in peace. Shrek lives an  “I hate everyone and everyone hates me” lifestyle and has no plans of changing that anytime soon. 

But then, everything changes and Shrek is forced to have to talk to and deal with others.

Getting The Boot

Credits: Dreamworks

Thanks to the evil Lord Farquaad, Shrek is forced to share his land with all of the other fairytale creatures when they are banished from the kingdom. 

Lord Farquaad kicks them out of his turf and he needs somewhere to dump them. 

Unfortunately for Shrek, Farquaad’s men dump all the fairytale creatures in Shrek’s neck of the woods. Or shall we say, “neck of the swamp.”

Meeting The Beautiful Fiona

Credits: Dreamworks

Okay are we all still following and up to speed? You may have seen the movie over and over again but it’s easy to forget the first 20 minutes, so there you have it!

Okay fast forward to Farquaad sending Shrek off on a quest, where he meets the cursed Fiona and falls in love with her.

Oh Fiona. The sexiest ogre you’ll ever meet. Well, you probably won’t meet her but you know what we mean.

Falling For Fiona

Credits: Dreamworks

Fiona lives her life as both a human and an ogre thanks to a curse that turns her into an ogre at twilight. 

At first, Shrek used her because he had to give her to Lord Farquaad, but then he starts to fall for her. 

And how could he not? She’s cool, she’s hot and they need a great fairytale story so there can be an entire franchise. Everybody wins!

Rounding The Fairytale Characters Up

Credits: Dreamworks

And while the movie Shrek seems like it’s all fart jokes and silliness, there is something so much darker about it. 

It is so messed and grim, it’s a shock that we missed its dark side when we watched it the first 30 times. 

So let’s get into it. In this picture here, you’ll see that all the fairytale characters are being rounded up and they are being forced to move into the swamp. NOT COOL ALREADY.

The Betrayal Is Real!

Credits: Dreamworks

The Seven Dwarfs are chained up and hauled off in a wagon and a knight breaks the witch’s broom which is totally unnecessary and rude. 

Then we see that Peter Pan betrays Tinkerbell and turns her in and then we learn that Geppetto is cruel when he turns in Pinocchio. JERK! 

We don’t remember this kind of betrayal from the Disney movies. Just saying!

Things Get DARK

Donkey is there being shoved around and they have chained up the Three Bears. 

Here we see the pain in their eyes. Mama Bear, Papa Bear have their own cage and Baby Bear is alone, stuck in a smaller one. CRUEL! 

They are shipped off and later that night all of the fairytale creatures gather in the swamp. And this is where things get dark. Both literally and figuratively. 

Where Is Mamma Bear?

Credits: Dreamworks

Some congregate near a campfire, including Papa Bear and Baby Bear. Here we can see that Baby Bear is distraught and is crying. 

And if his tears are not sad enough, you can also see that they are short a member of their family. 

That missing member of the family is his mother, Mama Bear. Ummmmmm. Where the hell is Mama Bear? Where did she go?

POOF! She's Gone!

Credits: Dreamworks

What happened to her before they got to the swamp? How is it that she just vanished? 

Why is Baby Bear crying and why does Papa Bear look so sad? You may not have noticed this at all. But go back and watch. 

One minute she is there, in a cage and then POOF! Just like that and with no explanation, she is gone. Are you as concerned as Donkey is in this picture? You should be. 

Look Closer For Clues

Credits: Dreamsworks

And you may be wondering like the rest of us what happened to her. Well, it turns out that something bad happened to her. Something very very bad. 

Take a closer look at Lord Farquaad’s bedchamber next time you see it. They sweep around the room so the audience can get a nice view of the tackiest home decor a human has ever seen. 

And there it is. Right there. As they sweep across. They pan down to the floor and BAM!

Rest In Peace, Mamma Bear

Credits: Dreamworks

There is Mama Bear. Right there on the floor. That devil has turned Mama Bear into a rug. NOT COOL DUDE!!!

She is dead. Mamma Bear is dead, you guys. And we know that it is her, because she even has the same bow on from her first scene.

Rest in peace, Mama Bear. You were loved by many. Oh, and sorry we didn’t know that you had died until now. 

Is This Goldilock's Doing?


And if you are having a hard time coping with the fact that Momma Bear is gone, just think about how Baby Bear must feel. 

And the movie was released in 2001, and it took us all this time to even notice what they did to her. 

We wonder if Goldilocks had any part in her death. It seems like something she would get behind and we wouldn’t put it past her. 

Goodbye, Cruel World

Credits: Dreamworks

Well, as if you didn’t think that Lord Farquaad was cruel enough, now we know just how black his heart really was. 

Well, in the end he did get eaten by a giant dragon, so we can rest easy knowing that. He deserved it, didn’t he?

Anyway, that is the tragic truth about what happened to Momma Bear, so let’s raise a glass and pour one out for her. It’s a terrible way to go.