Hilarious Snapchats That Probably Should Not Have Been Screenshotted, Like, Ever

By Sarcasm Society - January 30, 2019

Snapchat is basically a way of life now. It’s a great way to keep up with your family and friends… but let’s get real. It’s a hilarious distraction from the stresses of life. For some, Snapchat has become their life, and that can be stressful as well. Unless you’ve switched over to Insta Story, which a lot of the hip young folk have been doing. It is so hard to keep up with, in all honesty. But if you’ve stuck around, you’ve seen some hilarious fails on that platform, and we’ve preserved them forever. Sorry if you’re in one of these and thought they were only supposed to last 6 seconds.



Considering the latest Snapchat updates, you may have just given up on social media all-together because it’s all too confusing now and you have to basically navigate through the world’s most complicated puzzle in order to even see the food that your friends have taken pictures of.

But if you’ve still remained loyal to Snapchat, you’ll enjoy these. Heck, you’ll enjoy them even if you DGAF about Snapchat. Some folks should have never, ever joined, but thank goodness they did so we can all laugh at them.

You Don't Know Me


They say, “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” It’s way past time for an update to this worn out expression. How about “Don’t judge a drunk gal before you’ve stumbled a mile in her heels.”

Other great things not to judge: A dad before walking a mile in his slippers. A mom before walking a mile in her Clark’s. A hipster before walking a mile in their Toms. You get the idea.

Very Subtle


Ugh, I’m so bad at guessing games. Did you play each other in Boggle? Did you fold laundry? Don’t leave us hanging! What did you do????? We really don’t actually want to guess or need to know.

Kids these days are getting ridiculous. Please use Snapchat for what it was originally intended for. Oh, wait… Maybe it’s for the best people are migrating away from this app in huge numbers. With users like these, it makes that decision much easier.

My Brother And Me


There’s sibling love, and well, then there’s this. We’re not entirely sure what “this” is. We won’t ask…because frankly, we don’t want to know. Maybe they’re fraternity brothers. They do some weird stuff in fraternities, don’t they?

We don’t even know if that explains this. We’re just going to move on. Some mysteries are better left unsolved. The answers we get here might just raise more questions, and we don’t even need the initial answers to begin with.

Alrighty Then


Every person with breasts makes that exact same face at all times. This is a fact about the reality that we all subscribe to. Nothing childish or immature about it, no sir, boy. That’s an adult right there.

If you grew up before the dawning of social media, consider yourself extremely lucky. Everyone could only assume you were an idiot. These days, there’s documented evidence that will exist forever and ever. Imagine this being what pops up when people Google your name.

A Sight For Sore Eyes


What a tender, beautiful moment between two completely sober people. You can tell a person is sober when they’re sleeping on the floor and their friends take a picture of them. Please don’t correct me, I’m right.

Maybe these are brothers in the same fraternity we thought about earlier. Honestly, with all the toxic masculinity in the world, it’s refreshing to see bros that aren’t afraid of expressing their feelings for each other in this particular manner. Carry on.

I'd Rather Not


Please, “Call Me Daddy” was my FATHER’S name. You can call me “Call Me.” Nothing about this is confusing. Imagine if this actually was your father. Sure, all dads are embarrassing, but this takes it to a whole new level.

If this was your dad, you’d pray they start smoking so they can one day “go to the store for cigarettes” and never return. You should never call him “daddy.” Call him “Edgar,” even if that’s not his name.

Smelling Like Meatloaf


Somewhere out there is a person who can make a bathroom smell like mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. They will fall in love and their love will be unstoppable. I may or may not be hungry now.

While we’re fantasizing, hopefully their kids will be able to make the bathroom smell like red wine, steamed broccoli and chocolate seven-layer cake for dessert. Who needs an air freshener when your bowels make anyone else in the room nostalgic of their mother’s cooking?

A Classy Brony


What came first, the seemingly out of nowhere rise of the My Little Pony obsession or the fedora? It’s like the chicken or the egg scenario, but for the 21st century. What a weird century we’re in right now.

Of course, we shouldn’t judge. There are so many worse hobbies he could have picked up. Baby juggling, tire slash relay races and, of course, DJing. Let’s all be grateful his obsession is weird, but ultimately harmless in the end.

Ducking Love


Mother ducker, that’s so embarrassing. I can’t ducking believe that someone would ducking do that. For duck’s sake, think this through next time! Duckers. Again, be grateful if you grew up before social media was part of literally EVERYTHING.

This is a great reminder that you don’t have to share everything that’s going on in your life. Privacy is underrated. Keeping things to yourself should be an Olympic event, where everyone who competes wins a gold medal in life.

Those Initials


Woof. Someone didn’t think this through all the way. Honestly, this is the picture you want to use to share the news of your engagement to all of your friends? Aren’t you worried what they’ll think of you?

Seriously, just look at this. I mean… rice? This is so inconsiderate to everyone on a low carb diet. They just look at this picture and get insanely jealous seeing this thing they want so bad, but just can’t have it.

Bae Caught Me Lyin'


Yeah, I mean, this is embarrassing. But let’s put the fact that he’s lying aside for a second. Let’s not gloss over the fact that his feet are dexterous AF and admire the skill that went into this ruse.

Honestly, with ingenuity like this, the fact that he’s single is a crime. Someone out there should look at this, realize if he’s willing to go to these lengths for this, imagine what he’d be willing to do for you.

You Gotta Believe


Tinkerbell…is…is that you? You look a little different but we can’t pinpoint why. Maybe we’re just not seeing you without Peter Pan. Yeah, that’s probably it. You hardly ever see her on her own, so that’s what threw us off.

What makes this Snapchat go from hilarious to heartbreaking is when you learned he sent it to his parents. And there was no clapping in return. Better luck next time earning their love, dude. Please, for all involved, try harder.

That's Gotta Hurt


Let that be a lesson: Never go outside. The only dangerous thing inside are fires and earthquakes and…dang it. I guess never go inside either. Okay, how about this as a lesson: nowhere is safe, get used to it.

There’s a certain danger associated with any and every activity there is. If nothing is 100 percent safe, then maybe there’s no use worrying all the time. Enjoy life while you have it. Yeah, that’s the lesson! Also, to not rub poisonous leaves all over ya face.

Everybody Poops


The magic was inside him the whole time. Then he pooped it all out. The poop was the magic, guys. If you feel like you have to poop, hold it in for the rest of your life.

You don’t want to lose the magic, after all, do you? Sure, it sucks holding in poop 24/7, but magic, you guys. Magic! It’s worth it! What was he saying again? Oh yeah, pooping like this. Sure, maybe it’s nice. Give it a try!