Hilarious Photos For Those Of You In Need Of A Good Laugh

By Psquared - June 13, 2019

“Did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile? The past is history and the future is a mystery. This moment right now is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. There’s so much beauty in the world how could anyone ever be down? Just go for a walk and get some fresh air and it’ll perk you right up! Fake it until you make it, and you’ll feel better eventually!”

Do you know any perpetually happy folks that spew saying like these at you? Aren’t they just the worst? If you need a smile, just picture them slipping off a trampoline and you writing “Why aren’t you smiling?” on their cast. The truth is, life can be rough sometimes. That’s just how it is. Being told to smile won’t help. But if you are in need of a good laugh, we don’t have tired cliches. We have hilarious photos that just might actually work in lifting your spirits.

Distracted Driving


You know how they say a car has good breaks if it can “stop on a dime”?

Well, this truck is not only better at sudden stops, but it’s even more economical. And we’re not talking about its gas mileage.

In these tough economic times, you gotta scrape together whatever you can to get by, even if you’re scraping it off the pavement. Could be worse. At least you’re not scraping up roadkill because you wanted to save some cash on dinner.



Some might call him delusional, but we call him confident. This is how you woo the ladies.

Not by trickery. Not by being extremely good looking. But by being funny and clever. And again, confident. Ladies love confidence.

You also can’t blame the guy for shooting his shot. It seems like he’s known this gal for a while. Why not use this as the opportunity to let her know how handsome he is? And yes… sometimes you have to let people know such things.

Never Alone


Yeah, some folks might call this sad. But you know what? We think this is awesome.

Mainly because we’ve been dining with our stuffed animals since those tea parties when we were little. Why did no one tell us we were supposed to grow out of that phase?

But now, we don’t have to! We just have to move to Japan, and they’ll provide the friends. Ha! Turns out all of our terrible decisions didn’t bite us in the end after all.

Every Doggone Day


“Ugh, how is the weekend over already? I swear it just started and somehow it’s already Monday morning.

And the traffic is just the worst. The mail truck in front of me isn’t even moving, so there’s no point in chasing it.

The boss better have some serious treats for me today, otherwise I’m totally gonna chew up the corner of his sofa. Don’t act like I won’t do it. I might even throw up on the carpet after.”

The Drunken Sailor Man


Do you ever see someone in real life that is a perfect resemblance for a cartoon character?

Well, say hello to real life Popeye, here. All he’s missing is his cap and the corncob pipe sticking out of his mouth.

It’s strange enough seeing him in the real world. Would it be too much to ask him to squeeze a can of spinach so hard that it all flies in the air and he catches it in his mouth?

Next Level Quad Strength


This is what happens when you’re in the middle of taking a test and you suddenly remember you skipped leg day at the gym.

And you should never skip leg day. You don’t get gams that powerful by taking it easy on the leg press.

And look, we don’t want to encourage or condone cheating on exams. But if someone is able to copy this kid’s answers, then darn it, they deserve to not be punished for it, because their muscles will already be screaming.

Meat Clown


You know clowns? Those creatures that the vast majority of humanity are scared of because they look like humans, but just… wrong?

Well, why don’t we just go ahead and find a way to make them even freakier somehow.

And that “somehow” is by making their faces edible. Wouldn’t you just love to bite into a sandwich, realize the meat tastes funny, lift the bread and see this smiling back at you? No. No one would. So why does this exist?!

They Counted


We’ve all had someone at home or at work who steals our food from the fridge.

We’ve also had to deal with repeat offenders. But has it ever gotten so bad for you that you counted thousands of pieces of rice?

How angry do you have to be to sort through all of those grains? Because you realize they have to do this a second time before they eat to make sure it’s still all there. And it better be.

Editors Are Your Friend


We didn’t realize that the road sign industry was in need of editors, but here we are.

Most signs are only a few simple words, but they still managed to find a way to mess this up and put everyone’s lives in danger.

What could this even mean? They must choose to go either right or left and can’t go straight or make a U-turn? Or must the people in the right lane correct the wrongs of those in the left lane? That’s a daunting task at 35 mph.

Read The Signs


We know that parking downtown can be a huge pain. Sometimes when you see an open spot you just want to grab it, consequences be darned.

What’s the worst that can happen? They give you a ticket? Maybe tow your vehicle?

Actually, it looks like the worst that can happen is your car becomes parked there permanently. Sorry, this is your minivan’s life now. Hopefully you remember where you parked, because then you can visit it from time to time.

Raspberry Afro


Are you tired of your Lego people having the same boring clip on three or four hairstyles?

Want something a little more colorful and funky? Then go into your produce aisle and pick up a bag of Lego afros.

And is it strange you’re in your 30s and this is still a priority in your life? Heck, we were still eating with stuffed animals, so we can’t go judging. Live your best life the way you want to live it.

Healthy Kitty


“Yeah, so the doc said I have to start eating more green foods. They then immediately clarified that doesn’t include cat nip.

So that’s why I’m choking this down. It really stinks. The worst part of it? It’s so easy to hunt.

I don’t get the same thrill killing this and leaving it for my owner to find. Ugh, I can’t wait until my cheat day. Or maybe I’ll just pig out until I die and be healthier in my next eight lives.”

If Only...


We’d like everyone to know that this isn’t meant to be a political joke made at any particular person’s expense.

This is a PSA about contraception. Many folks in the past didn’t have access to the tools and knowledge we take for granted today.

In fact, many people today in parts of the country don’t have access to these things thanks to abstinence-only education. If only we went back in time to give the leader of this administration’s father a…

It's Quiet... TOO Quiet...


One of the most annoying things about being a parent is how much noise your new child makes.

You always have to guess if their shrill shrieks and cries are because they need sleep, a changing or food.

But you know what’s worse than their shouts? Their silence. Because when they’re noisy, you at least know where they are and what they’re up to. But when they’re quiet, it’s an even worse guessing game… and often, an even worse mess.

Dad Joke Level 9001


The best dad jokes aren’t just the ones that make you roll your eyes and groans.

They’re the ones that require a great deal of commitment to the bit. This dad gets it. We bet he saw this moose likeness days beforehand and planned this out.

It may have even been a proper long schlep for him to get back to it, but he did, just to send this joke. For dads that dad joke this hard, we appreciate (and kinda hate) you.

Addiction Overcame


How would you even overcome the Hokey Pokey? What type of a program would you enter to rehabilitate?

Would that be a 12 step program? Let’s count it up: you put your right foot in, then you put your right foot out.

You put your right foot in, and then you shake it all about. That’s only three steps… but then again, doing them makes you fall off the wagon, so we’re not quite sure how to help those afflicted.



“Hey, Jim. What did you do with all that dough I told you to get rid of this morning?”

“I know that tone of voice, boss. You’re angry at something. I don’t know what it could be, though. I tossed that dough in the dumpster.”

“Yeah. The dumpster… outside. Here in Arizona during the summer. You know what happens to dough when it’s left to stand out in heat? It rises and expands. Grab a sponge or 12 and fix your mess.”

Cats Are Jerks


If you’re a dog person, it’s because you love how they’re an endless supply of affection and adoration, loyal and wonderful through and through.

If you’re a cat person, then, well… we don’t know why you enjoy being abused, but you do you.

To be fair, maybe this cat is normally a nice, loving creature. But after spending weeks eating nothing but leafy greens, they’re a little cranky and are taking it out on the nearest pair of jorts they could find.

Pay My Bills


Imagine if all criminals were as altruistic as certain companies somehow think that they are.

They break into your house when you’re on vacation, clean the place and restock your fridge with fresh, healthy groceries and some ready-to-heat meals.

Or maybe they steal your car from the parking lot, change the oil, tires, brakes, flush the engine, top off the coolant, wash it and then return it before you ever even realized it was gone. That would be a blissful world.

Say "Goat Cheese!"


We all know that when dogs smile it’s adorable and able to melt even the most frigid of hearts.

But have you ever seen a goat smile? It’s… cute. Cute in an awkward, derpy, oh dear, that’s so unfortunate kind of way.

We hope that these images brought a laugh to you for a little while. Now you can return to being miserable and annoyed by those giddy, ever-optimistic freaks that are all sunshine, hoping they forget their sunscreen and get some sunburns.