Here’s What Disney Princesses Would Totally Look Like IRL

By Psquared - May 30, 2019

Disney has captured the cultural zeitgeist for generations. Heck, the films it used to entertain and enchant previous generations are still enthralling this generation, and surely many, many more after. These days, when you think of Disney Marvel and Star Wars films may spring to mind, but what put the entertainment giant on the map were its animated films, many of which featured royalty. These collective figures are lovingly known as the Disney Princesses, and more are added throughout the years with their new movies.

Jirka Väätäinen is a digital artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He’s an expert in graphic design, illustration, photo manipulation and art direction. What does he have to do with Disney Princesses? Well, like millions, he’s a fan of these films. And what put him on the map was using his skills to bring these animated characters to life. So if you’ve ever wondered what Belle, Cinderella or Moana would look like in real life, wonder no more, because here they are.

Queen Elsa From 'Frozen'


Did you think it’d be impossible to see a real life Disney princess outside of one being portrayed by an actress in Disneyland or Disney World?

If so, then you’re going to have to just crumple up that opinion of yours and “Let It Go.”

When we said that Jirka was skilled at what he did, we weren’t lying. It looks like Elsa jumped straight off the screen and into our world. You can practically feel the chill in the room.

Rapunzel From 'Tangled'


And here we have the adventurous Rapunzel. Thank goodness this picture wasn’t drawn from a farther away perspective.

Otherwise, Jirka may still be drawing her hair to this day and we wouldn’t get all these other images to admire.

He’s not only great at capturing their likeness, but also their spirit. From a still picture, you can get a clear sense of Rapunzel’s personality from the film. And that is not an easy feat to pull off.

Snow White


“iPhone, iPhone in my hand. What would Snow White look like if she lived in our real land?”

Wow. Yup, she sure does look like the fairest one of all. She also looks dangerously innocent and trusting.

Don’t you just want to sit her down and explain to her that you should never take food from a stranger? We know apples are good for you, but when a witch offers, it’s best to just politely decline and move on.

Tiana From 'The Princess And The Frog'


A lot of the Disney princesses are beautiful, but many of them can feel pretty unrelatable.

Did you grow up in a castle? Dang, have you ever even been inside of a castle? We’re rooting for ya Jasmine, but we don’t know what your life is like.

Tiana is different though. She embodies the spirit of the hard-working woman. She struggles with relatable issues… minus the whole turning into a frog thing. But hey, she found her prince from it!

Aurora From 'Sleeping Beauty'


“Man, Aurora. You are positively glowing! What’s your secret? How do you manage to look so good?”

“Aw, shucks. You’re gonna make me blush. It’s nothing, really. I just watch what I eat, drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep.”

“That’s all? How much sleep do you get?”

“Well, I just woke up from a 100 year nap.”

“100 years? Dang, I can’t even get a solid eight hours. You must not have a job or Netflix, girl.”

Ariel From 'The Little Mermaid'


Well, she always wanted to be a part of our world, and here she is in it.

Hopefully she’s a fan. There’s tons of stuff on her plate she can dig into with a knife and dinglehopper.

Again, even in a still image, you can get the sense that this is a girl who’s curious and exploratory. She also looks like a great singer, even though here she’s as silent as she was after making that deal with Ursula.

Belle From 'Beauty And The Beast'


Here we see Belle shortly after Gaston put on one of his boneheaded, brutish displays to try and woo her.

Belle has always been the girl that was beautiful, but much too smart to be happy in her circumstances where that wasn’t expected (or desired) from her.

Hopefully that revulsion will soon turn to revelry. She just needs to find the right people (or inanimate objects brought to life) that appreciate her and make her their guest.



That feeling when you want to go to the ball to see the handsome prince, but your wicked stepmother and stepsisters give you an impossible amount of chores to accomplish.

So you then wonder if your animal friends will be able to take care of them for you, which they do.

And then a flying magic woman shows up and turns a pumpkin into a carriage and you wonder if you can get back before midnight. We all know that day to day feeling… right?

Jasmine From 'Aladdin'


When we talked about Jasmine being unrelatable before, we weren’t trying to throw any shade.

She’s one of our favorites. And even though her lifestyle is something we don’t understand, her conflict is a situation many of us know all too well.

We’ve all been pushed into situations and told to take on responsibilities we didn’t fully understand or desire. But Jasmine is great because she puts up a strong exterior, though she is longing underneath for a whole new world.

Merida From 'Brave'


Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the universe of the Disney Princesses is ever expanding with each new film.

Now besides the classic Disney animated films, we can also add characters from Pixar into the mix.

Merida is a different type of Disney Princess altogether. She seems like she would fit in more with The Avengers. She has the red hair of Black Widow and the archery skills of Hawkeye. She definitely adds a new flavor of awesome into the group.



Spoiler warning: We’re going to go on a run of Disney Princesses that are awesome and adventurous.

You notice how a lot of them have a yearning to explore the world? None of them have that desire more than Moana.

None of them accomplish it more successfully than her, either. She travelled the seas with a demigod and returned to tell the tale. That ain’t your grandma’s Disney Princess, but it’s one she’d love to watch with you.



We don’t even know why they need to remake all the classic Disney films in real life.

All you have to do is see these images and picture it in your head. It’d save a lot of time and money.

Then again… those films are gonna make them waaaaaaaay more money than they spend making them, so that’s why they do it. And we know we’re all gonna see them. But hey, this is as close to real life Mulan as you can ever get.



Can we please just let these drawing play the characters in the live action remakes of the Disney films?

This Pocahontas is absolutely perfect. It’s already the character come to life. No disrespect to any actress, but this is exactly how she should look.

Is there a way to 3D print this version out and add some artificial intelligence to the equation? Come one science! What are you even good for (besides extending and improving our quality of life… whatever)?



Of course, Disney films aren’t comprised solely of princesses. Those movies would be mighty short and lonely for them if that were the case.

There are countless classic characters. Far too many to name, but a few of them have been brought to life as well.

Here’s a picture of Tinkerbell. A very, very, very zoomed in picture, that is. Man, look at the resolution on that camera! Wait… this isn’t a photograph? Dang, this guy is good.

Alice From 'Alice In Wonderland'


Imagine that you suddenly found yourself in a magical, fantastical world after crawling into a hole in the ground.

There are giant, creepy cats, mad hatters and an evil queen with a bunch of playing card themed subjects demanding t you be decapitated.

How would you look? Confused? Frightened? Like you may be on a bad trip of some unknown but powerful substance? Yeah, all of those emotions are captured perfectly here. Good luck out there, Alice.

Esmeralda From 'The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame'


Now that’s the image of a revolutionary you want on a bunch of tastefully artistic posters to inspire people.

We’re gonna say it again, but louder so the folks alllllll the way in the back can hear us.

JIRKA IS INSANELY TALENTED, AND WE TRULY DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW STILL IMAGES CAN BE SO GOSH DARN ALIVE. Sorry for yelling, but it needs to be said. It looks like she’s swishing and sashaying right off  oour screens.

Jane From 'Tarzan'


Here’s the brilliant Jane from Tarzan. If you asked us what an inquisitive face looked like, we’d point you in this direction.

How do you capture the look of someone who’s curious, driven by science and hoping to discover something new?

And how do you – in the same freaking look – capture the look of when you find that thing, it’s a hunk with like a million abs you find super attractive? Yup… all of that is this look.

Megara From 'Hercules'


You’re not fooling anyone, Meg. We know that you put on a sassy, sarcastic front.

But underneath that you’ve got a heart of pure gold, and you’d do anything for those in your life that you care about.

Wait… if Jirka is this good at bringing Disney characters to life… can he reverse engineer the process? Can he capture our essence and souls into a drawing of us as Disney characters? We never knew we needed that, but we definitely need it now.

Ursula From 'The Little Mermaid'


Are all of these goodie goodies wearing thin on your nerves and you want a little evil up in here?

Jirka also brings Disney villains to life. One of his best (and let’s be real, one of Disney’s best) is the sea witch Ursula.

She has a certain charisma about her, so it’s no wonder she’s able to tempt all her poor unfortunate souls into making deals with her. As awesome as she is, don’t talk to her unless you want to be a permanent part of her garden.

Princess Anna From 'Frozen'


We saw Elsa earlier, but what about her sister? Well, here you go. Sisters are important. That was the whole point of that movie, wasn’t it?

It’d be silly to leave her out. She definitely looks like she came straight from Norway, and the red in her nose and cheeks shows how cold it is.

These images are just a taste! For more awesome real life Disney characters, check out Jirka Väätäinen at his website.