Here Are The Best Ways To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home

By lgentile - July 09, 2019

You may think that the little mice in Disney’s Cinderella are adorable, but when real mice take over your house or apartment, you won’t think it’s cute at all. There you are, lying in bed trying to sleep and you can hear them running around inside your walls. Or imagine going to open a drawer and you find mouse poop inside of it and on top of all of your clothes. NOT CUTE AT ALL. 

And even worse, imagine that you are watching TV and eating dinner and one runs over your foot. NO THANK YOU. And you know what they say, “When there’s one, there’s many.” Well, that saying is definitely not going to help you sleep at night. Mice are a problem if they begin to take over your home, but here are the best ways to keep rodents out of your home if you find out those perky little guys have moved in.

Try Baking Soda


Rodents hate anything that has a strong smell, so you will want to keep that in mind when trying to get a stubborn mouse out of your house. 

If you find out that some unwanted visitors have moved in, sprinkle some baking soda anywhere that you have seen a mouse or their droppings or tracks. 

Just please be aware that baking soda isn’t safe for your pets to eat, so keep it in a container with a mouse-shaped hole or out of reach from your fur friends. 

Scare Them With Predator Poop


If you go to a pet store for help, you will find that some of them sell snake feces or fox urine that will scare away rodents. 

They have options that are safe for pets and humans and easy to store, so make you read the labels. 

It’s best to spread it all around, wherever you have seen mice. Don’t forget to also put it outside of your home as well.

If You Use Traps 


If you are at your wits end and you are going to use traps, make sure you are smart about it. 

Position traps along walls so rodents can’t avoid running into them. Make sure you put them where you’ve seen them because rodents don’t usually travel far. 

Change the bait to encourage their curiosity. You can use cheese, chocolate, Nutella and dried fruit. There are also many types of humane traps for you to try. 

Patch Any Leaks 


Mice need water to survive, so if you have a leak anywhere, chances are that they are living off of it. 

Any dripping water in your home, any leaky pipes and damp basements give them a water supply and a perfect place to hide. 

Search your home for any leaks or any other sources of water and patch them up and set a trap nearby.

Peppermint Oil


As we said before, mice do not like certain smells and you can repel them with just a few drops of peppermint oil. 

Put just a few drops of peppermint onto a cotton ball and put fresh ones out every few days to make sure the scent is strong enough and doesn’t fade. 

You can also use mint leaves or mint plants if they are fresh.

Check The Outside Of Your Home


You may be only focusing on the inside of your home if that is where you have seen the mice, but don’t forget to look outside. 

They could have made a home in your yard so check for burrows and signs of mice outside. 

Make sure you fill any holes or burrows with gravel and remove any weeds or junk so they won’t want to nest in your yard. Also check underneath your doors and make sure they don’t have room to squeeze under them to get inside.

Block Up Any Holes


Keep them from finding ways to sneak in and out of your house by blocking up any holes where they may be hiding. 

Steel wool, copper mesh and caulk will do the trick or you can go more permanent with plaster of paris or cement depending on what you are plugging up. 

Plug up everything with anything that they can’t chew through. You would be surprised how they can get through the smallest cracks.

Don’t Use Poison 


Whatever you do, do not use poison when trying to get rid of pests. We cannot stress that enough. 

These poisons will often kill your pets instead and if rodents eat the poison then they become the poison too. 

Eating poison also kills them slowly, so they will have time to make it back to their nest and then die in your walls, leaving you will a whole mess of smelly problems.



If the smell of mint didn’t work to deter the mice, try using cloves instead. Start by sprinkling the cloves near their nests. 

Make sure you leave a nice big bag of fresh cloves out so they can’t miss the smell. And don’t forget to replace the spice every few days to keep the smell nice and strong. 

This will also act a nice little natural air freshener in your home!

Get A Cat 


Have you ever noticed that delis and bodegas love to keep cats inside of them?

This is to help keep the mice and rats out of their stores. This is also the reason why sailors would always keeps cats on their ships. 

Just know that cats will kill the mice that do stick around and they may leave you a little gift. You have been warned.

Kitty Litter


Even if you don’t have a kitty, you might want to invest in some kitty litter to help get rid of your mouse problem. 

Cat litter not only has a strong smell that should work to repel them, but it also tells mice that there may be a cat nearby. 

The smell of the litter should drive them out of your house in no time.

Moth Balls


Moth balls or cedar balls will not only drive rodents away, but they can also help you if you have a bug problem. 

Just remember that moth balls are not safe for pets so if you are going to use them, use them where they will be out of reach for your four-legged friends. 

Use them in low traffic places like the garage or attic or crawl spaces if you don’t want your whole house to smell like your grandmother’s house. 

Dryer Sheets


You may love the smell of dryer sheets, but guess what?  mice do not. You can put dryer sheets all over the house to help keep rodents away. 

Put them under the sink, behind the fridge and any other places that you may have seen the pests. 

Extra bonus is that your house will smell fresh as a daisy! So it’s really a win win for you.

Ultrasonic Devices


If you don’t want to use traps and you are looking for a more humane way to get rid of mice, try using an ultrasonic device

Some people have had a lot of luck with these devices, but some mice can get used to the noise and they don’t work in those cases. 

But it can’t hurt to add them to the mix if those stubborn mice won’t move out.

Keep It Clean


And no matter what you do to try to get rid of the mice, make sure you keep your house clean. 

Mice are attracted to food and anything they can eat. Because of this, make sure you clean up any crumbs, don’t leave food out and make sure to secure your garbage and pet food. 

Keep an eye on your pantry and look for little clues. If you see any little bite marks or a little footprints or any droppings than you know that you need to get to work.