25 Famous Logos with Hidden Messages You Never Knew About

By Sarcasm Society - July 20, 2018

You see them almost daily, but you may have never known the meaning behind these iconic logos. If you check out our list of logos, I bet you can point out one of these facts in front of that hot chick you like and she’ll be so impressed. If there’s one thing I know about women, it’s that they LOVE random facts.



Clever Logos


A lot goes into the design of a logo, and you’d be surprised how detailed and creative many logos are. Some of the world’s biggest companies have logos that are way cleverer than you could have imagined, and that’s why their designers get the big bucks.

I’m willing to bet you never knew the secrets lurking in some of these recognizable logos. But once you see them, you’ll never forget them. So get ready for a crash course in genius marketing.



We’ll start with the Tostitos logo. You would recognize this logo anywhere, wouldn’t you? And what’s better than chips and salsa? Chips and salsa and friends, of course. That’s what the center of this logo represents. Sharing is caring, after all. At least until you get down to nothing but the crumblies at the bottom…then it’s every person for themselves.



Perhaps the most famous logo on Earth, McDonald’s initially had no hidden meaning intended in their famous golden arches. However, when they thought about changing it in the 1960s, they were dissuaded by consultant and psychologist Louis Cheskin, who convinced them to keep it, as it represented the Freudian symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts.

I can kind of see it, and feel slightly ashamed for trying to see it. Now every time you drive by a McDonald’s, all you’re going to be able to think is boobies! You’re welcome.

Baskin Robbins


Here’s an easy one that you may have never really thought about. Notice anything striking about the parts of the letters in pink? They showcase a “31,” as in the number of flavors that Baskin Robbins offers. Yeah. This is a pretty darn genius logo.

Mind blown yet? Yeah, well, we’re just getting started. Keep reading to see more insanely clever logos that will change the way you see all of the companies around you on a daily basis.



Here’s another easy one. The ‘G’ in Goodwill is a secret smiley face.

If you never noticed that, it might be because we’re so used to seeing smiley faces slanted the other way. 🙂



This delicious chocolate company is from Bern, Switzerland, also known as the “City of Bears.” As such, they’ve hidden a bear in the mountains.

Hopefully this is a perspective shot and not actually a mountain-sized grizzly.



I’ve always thought this arrow was supposed to be a smile. Then I noticed the origin and destination of it. Clever, Amazon.

You really do have everything from “A” to “Z.”



Ever wonder why the famous Adidas stripes on the logo are arranged like that?


Cross your eyes, and it kind of looks like a mountain, the type of thing you’d need — oh, I don’t know — a certain athletic footwear to hike across.



Remember: “keep it simple.” Nothing too fancy about the FedEx logo…until you notice a forward-pointing arrow between the “E” and the “X.”


No need for fancy graphics when you know how to properly utilize negative space.



You want subliminal messaging? If you look at Wendy’s collar, you can see the word “mom.” This is supposed to make you think of mom’s cooking. I assume this only works on people whose mothers cooked them homemade Baconators.

Best to avoid subliminal messaging as it can backfire, as Victoria’s Secret recently found out.

Sun Microsystems


Forget subliminal messaging: Here we have clever liminal messaging (I’m sure that’s a real word). If you look at the squigglies in the diamond Sun logo, it actually spells “Sun” in all directions.


Repetition is how you get name recognition in our minds, after all.



Ever wonder why the Hyundai slanted ‘H’ logo looks so odd? Well, it’s supposed to represent a salesman shaking hands with a satisfied customer.


Guess they both just have weird posture.

Sony Vaio


This might be the most clever one yet. The first two letters of the Vaio logo represent analog, while the last two represent binary, in the form of a one and a zero. My inner computer nerd is geeking out over this.


Not enough to want to switch from my Mac to one, but still, pretty cool.



You may have noticed Pepsi changed its logo in 2008. It might seem like a tiny shift, but in actuality, this is a hidden message that contains the pinnacle of the universe.


At least, that’s what the ad agency told Pepsi to justify the millions of dollars they charged just to mess with the white line a little.



Lastly, the T-Mobile logo looks like the Deadpool logo. I doubt this was intentional, but you can now never unsee it.


Love these optical illusions? Check out more, and have a blast when you see it.

Hope for Africa

Credits: Digital Synopsis2

I SEE IT. If you look closely there is an “adult figure” on the right side looking upon a child on the left side.


Super clever logo and for a good cause! (I assume? I dunno!)


Credits: born realist

I had never thought about this logo being anything other than a “B” but it’s also a roundish red dude with EARPHONES ON!


Do you see it? WOW. The world is a strange and beautiful place.


Credits: bornrealist

Formula 1 is a sport enjoyed by many around the world. It’s like NASCAR but enjoyed by Euro-trash (European rednecks). It’s a lot more fun than NASCAR though, trust me.


Oh yeah and there’s a “1” hidden in the logo in case you’re an infant and didn’t see it.


Credits: born realist

I’ve always hated the BMW logo and the douches that drive them. Did you know that the middle part signifies a plane propeller?


Ummm okay? Put me down as I don’t care.

Why Though?

Credits: vauly

NBC’s logo is so-so until you realize that it’s actually a peacock and the colors are its feathers. The rainbow signifies gayness perhaps?


Not sure why they went with a peacock and it’s really none of my business.

Gimme a kiss?


I think this is a bit of stretch wouldn’t you say? Chances are someone on the internet found that and the executives were like “oh yeah, that was planned.”


Realt talk: Hersey kisses are just a gimmick. It’s regular chocolate wrapped in annoying tinfoil.


Credits: digital synopsis

OMG WHO CARES. Just an elephant right? WRONG. Look again, son. You’ll see a RHINO and a Giraffe in WHITE.


You’re welcome. I just want people to like me.

Pepsi Fat Guy

Credits: red bubble

HAHHAHAA k… I had to throw this one in, you know it. Some guy sketched the pepsi logo into a fat guy as you can see.


I doubt Pepsi had anything to do with it, but this speaks volumes of truth. Yes, Pepsi will make you a fatty.

I See It!

Credits: Digital Synopsis

So if you looooooook clooooooosely you’ll see a dude biking in the logo. The orange circle is the front wheel and the “U” is the guy’s butt.


The main point here is that France is terrible. Don’t go there unless you like the smell of pee.

Coke, Bro

Credits: banner box

So we all know and love Coca-Cola (screw you, Pepsi fans). But did you know that there is a shoutout to the Danish flag between the O and the L? I was like WTF, what do Danish people have to do with Coke?


It turns out that it was just a marketing strategy from Danish people. Coke was cool with it.



If you want to think of a big bad evil corporation, think of Unilever. They own everything. If ever you wanted to know what they actually do?


Just look closely at their logo. It’s all there!