Gadgets So Cool You’ll Be Bragging About Them To Your Friends

By Nat Baimel - November 28, 2018
Gadgets So Cool You'll Be Bragging About Them To Your Friends

These awesome inventions deserve more than just a humble brag…

Everyone knows that moment when you get a cool & new exciting product that changes your life forever. You also know that insatiable desire to share every little detail about its origin, how it works, and why they need to buy one for themselves immediately. Well, friends, we think we’ve put together one heck of a fine list of cool gadgets that you’ll be bragging about in no time.

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LED Flame Lamps






You will look like you’re an Olympic torch carrier when you get one of these flame lamps. And all you have to do is turn it on.

It’s not actually a flame, it’s just super cool light. People are making all kinds of incredible home decor & patio pieces, creating an almost fireplace like afterglow across your entire room.

Now all you need is some peaceful music, or even the crackle of a fireplace and you’ll truly be in another world. Also, you can brag to your friends that you have tamed fire.

Get yours HERE.

Color Changing LED Strip with Remote Control

Your house will be the envy of everyone else’s house because your house is the most lit of all the houses.

Just get these guys and stick them to a place in your house that you want to look more trendy or accent your furniture & kitchen. People love sticking them on the back of their TV’s too!Yep, that is literally all you have to do. You can even change the colors with your remote control to match your mood, or set it on color changing mode and watch your room light up in the most beautiful vibrant colors.

Get yours HERE.

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Universal Beverage Dispenser

This is the ultimate gadget for people who are lazy or have kids that would love a beverage dispensed without you worrying about spillage or harm.

All you have to do is screw this beverage dispenser onto whatever bottle you don’t want to lift, and simply start dispensing. The little built-in pump draws liquid from the bottle and pours it out in an even stream.You just press down and drink. Hurrah! Can it get any easier than that?

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18-in-1 Multi Snowflake Tool

This is a special snowflake for you, a special snowflake. Yes, this actually does contain eighteen tools in it.

You’ve got a bottle opener, a boxcutter, and as may screwdrivers as you could possibly need. If you need any more than that, then you’re probably going to need a power drill.  Be the handiest person around when you’ve got this in your back pocket. You’ll be ready as ever for any quick fix job while at your buddies house.  Just make sure to not actually sit on it.

Get yours HERE.


Power Scrubber Brush

Gone are the days of regular scrubbing. The days of power scrubbing are here.

You can scrub anything that you want to scrub. Scrub your tub. Scrub your…nothing else really rhymes with scrub that makes sense. But you get it. It’s got multiple attachments that’ll have you cleaning the hard to reach places with a click of a button. Next time you’re friend calls and asks how they should clean the crap in their syncs, you go on ahead and brag about this brush set

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Motion Sensor Toilet Bowl Light

When you go to pee in the middle of the night and you have to turn your lights on and blind the living daylights out of yourself, that’s not always the best. Especially when you can never get back to sleep and you’ve got to drive the kids to school 3 hours. This toilet bowl light will help you out with that, and give you total bragging rights.

You can choose which colors going to gently guide you where to pee, instead of sear your retinas. It’s also motion activated How delightful.

Get yours HERE.

Original USB Charging Anti-theft Backpack

Original-USB-Charging-Anti-theft Backpack

Do you wish you could keep your phone charged more easily while on the go? Do you worry about thieves and pickpockets getting into your bag? Those are oddly specific and seemingly unconnected concerns, but this item puts both those worries at rest. Now you can recharge your phone from this bag that’s zipper design wards off thievery like no other.

Find it HERE.

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Magic Toy Truck

This truck is run on magic, and induction power and an optical sensor feature. The toy truck literally follows any line that is drawn on the piece of paper. Draw a heart, draw a road, whatever your mind can imagine. This thing will run right along…

Come to think of it, this toy truck actually follows directions better than your actual child, so yes, it is actually magic. Kids will love the creative component to this, but they’ll be learning about how induction works too.

Get yours HERE.

Fully Automatic Sonic Toothbrush

Who has to brush their teeth at night and goes, “Oh yay I’m so excited?!” No one does that. If anyone does, then please email us because we need to hear from you.

Except now, you can sort of be a little excited about it because this toothbrush is fully automatic. Like, you can shove it in your mouth and have it brush your teeth — kind of automatic. It only takes ten seconds and has a whitening mode. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all.

Get yours HERE.


Wireless Car Charger Mount

A car phone mount that actually charges your phone, too? What will they think of next? We love when things are two things in one.

When you’re running your maps, you don’t have to worry about your phone battery dying because your trusty car charger has got your back. The one caveat is that your phone will need to have wireless charging capability, which most new iphones and androids do.

Gets yours HERE.

6 Pack Fruit Fly Traps

If you have flies in your home or backyard, one positive way of looking at it is that you must have a delicious smelling home. Or a dog… A more realistic way of looking at it is that you have freaking flies in your home. Yuck. These traps take care of that. Simply place them and walk away. You know.. Set it and forget it.. Each one lasts about 30 days, so it’s barely any work on your part. We know it’s super effective because we use them here at the office.

Now you can tell your friends to come to your house.

Find it HERE.

Dual USB Solar Charger

This is the phone charger that does all the things. It’s solar powered, so you don’t actually have to charge it, you just have to leave it out and let it soak up some juice. (You can charge it, if you want, but you don’t have to.) Clean energy man…

And once it’s got the juice, then it can charge two devices at once. Great for camping. Did we mentionAnd it’s waterproof, so you can throw it in a lake and still use it.  (But you probably don’t want to do that.)

Get yours HERE.


Grout Pen

Is the wall of your shower a disaster? Are the tiles in your home looking worse by the year. Are you afraid there’s nothing you can do short of hiring an expensive professional to just gut the whole thing and run up a tab for a couple hundred/thousand dollars? You don’t have to, as you can literally write the problems away with this grout pen. It covers and eliminates blemishes, making your shower look brand new again. Grab some 409 sprays and clean the tiles while you’re at it, you’re guest will think you hired the professional.

Find it HERE.

LED Cabinet Lights

Light up your kitchen cabinets with these super-easy to install cabinet lights. Stop getting your stuff lost in an abyss of blackness. Especially for those midnight snacks or necessary water. These lights are your answer.

They also look really cool if you have glass cabinets. So your kitchen will immediately impress, without you having to do anything else other than turn these on. They activate when the cabinet doors open and use efficient LED’s so you won’t have to replace them for a while.

Get yours HERE.


Ultimate Electric Fly Trap

What’s this thing, people will say. Don’t touch that! You will say. But then they will realize. It is the ultimate electric fly trap. Yeah for some reason we’re pretty stuck on flies right now (it must be the season where we are)

Hopefully, your friends are larger than flies so they don’t get caught in the fly trap. But they probably are, so you’re good. It attracts them into the chambers, and then lets them hang out there until you release them to where they’re meant to be: not around you. R

Get yours HERE.


Remote Control Air Swimming Fish

It’s literally a flying fish. You can get yourself a flying fish. Or a flying shark. Whatever you wish. You can control where it flys using the remote control. You should’ve seen when we had this thing going in our office, it was terrific. It scared a few people, but was worth it all the wa

You can get a clownfish too and pretend you’re in Finding Nemo. But even if you just have one, you literally have a flying fish. So that’s cool too.

Get yours HERE.

Portable Juicer

Let everyone know that you’re healthier than them when you take your portable juicer around with you.

The portable juicer will let you juice anything. Well, anything that’s meant to be juiced. And you can tell all your friends about your super healthy juice cleanse and convince them to join the movement with you. Heck, this might even be a trend so hop on it!

Get yours HERE.

Xiaomi Band 3 Fitness Smart Bracelet

If you don’t feel like doing things for yourself anymore, then you can get this bracelet to do things for you. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to actually exercise. But it will monitor your exercise and keep a log for you to get performance detail

And it will monitor your sleep. And tell you when you’ve been sitting down too much. And measure your heart rate. And allow you to set alarms. We’re telling you, it does a lot of things.

Get yours HERE.

Solar Powered Led Motion Security Light

You can feel safer all with this super handy solar light. You don’t ever have to replace the batteries, because the sun is the batteries. Oooo. What a day and age we live in.

This is no ordinary light though. It’s got a lot of coverage and will light up your entire driveway, entranceway, or backyaEven your intruders will be impressed. They will be so impressed that they will know not to mess with you.

Get yours HERE.


Waterproof Solar Powered LED Disk Lights

Stick these bad boys in the ground and you’ve got lights for days. But like, literally for days because these are solar powered and you can always count on them to light up.

They’re waterproof so stick them wherever you want to stick them. Stick them in the ground, stick them on your porch, just stick them where the sun don’t shine because they’re powered by the sun.

Get yours HERE.


Portable 106W Wet-Dry Vacuum

If you want to keep your car spic and span instead of having last week’s crumbs littered all over it, this is the vacuum for you. It handles precision detailing and gets into every crevice your car can throw at it. All you have to do is plug it into the outlet in your car for it to get as clean as it’s ever been. Comes with multiple attachments so you can reach those black hole areas that we drop everything into. (And never take ou

Get yours HERE.

1080P Full HD Night Vision Dash Cam with WiFi

If anything ever happens to you while you’re driving, how do you prove it to the insurance company? You can’t, that’s how. Unless you have a dash cam. Record the glories of your driving, and maybe the errors too if you ever get in trouble.

Some insurance companies will even give you a discount by just having a dash cam. So it could pay for itself. Seriously, look into it. Some insurance companies told us they’ll cut a few hundred dollars off the insurance premiums every year.

Get yours HERE.

Oversized Enter Button

Work is frustrating. Make it less frustrating by smashing things. A big thing. How about a Big Enter Button?

You might as well have a purpose in your smashing. Smash this enter button, and you’ll actually click enter. Hook it up to your computer, and have a really ridiculous way of sending emails. We all know how you feel about the email you’re sending anyway.

Get yours HERE.

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