Foolish People Who Were Hilariously Caught In The Act

By Sarcasm Society - January 04, 2019

Nobody’s perfect. We’ve all done things we shouldn’t have done, and some instances are more serious than others. Is there any feeling greater than that sensation of relief when you do something you know you’re not supposed to do and then get away with it? The thrill of knowing you might be caught and then the waves of calm that come when you realize you will face no consequences can be addictive. But don’t make it a habit, because eventually you will be found out. The folks you’re about to see were totally caught in the act. They can try to deny all they want, but they’re busted.

Meta Advertising


Coca-Cola Executive: “We need more subversive ways to let people know our product is better than Pepsi. Any ideas? We’re desperate here. Anything will do.”

Advertising Expert: “I… have a plan.”

So, it’s possible that this whole thing is just an elaborately established ruse, but it’s also possible that some people just prefer certain drinks over the other, no matter who they happen to work for or what kind of car they happen to be driving.

Who we kidding? We all know Coke is better. Fight us in the comments!

Meta Advertising Part 2


Taco Bell Executive: “We need more subversive ways to let people know our product is better than Chick-fil-A. Any ideas?”

Advertising Expert: “I… have a plan.”

Taco Bell Executive: “Wait, weren’t you just at Coca-Cola?”

Advertising Expert: “I get around.”

You can’t really blame the driver, can you. Taco Bell cures all the munchies inside you way more than Chick-fil-A ever could. It’s science. Look it up.

Damn you, Taco Bell. Your tacos are just so addicting.

Woeful Waterfall


Kids cause so many hilarious moments. Other peoples’ kids, I mean. When they’re yours, you have to clean up the mess, which isn’t funny at all. It’s a tragedy. So let’s appreciate other unruly children, cause we are the ones who don’t have to deal with their crap (literally).

We’re actually not sure if he’s a genius and peed his pants and is now using the water cooler as an excuse to hide it. We’d give him props if that was the case. We’d have never have thought of such chicanery. Bravo, little bastard. Bravo.

Lara Croft: The Early Years


Are you good at hiding things? You may think you are, but then again, you’ve never been against a kid like this. This kids wants candy and they want it right damn now. This is some next level stuff right here. Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout  looks like a punk compared to this kid.

“I know! We’ll just hid the candy at the top of the fridge. There’s no way she can get up there!”

*Toddler overhears this and chalks up her palms.*

Can You Place These Back In Their Correct Spaces?


Why? Why would he do this? According to that look on his face, he’s not even sure himself. He was just compelled to as if by animal instinct. Remember what I said earlier about it being tragic if it’s your kid?

Thank goodness we get to sit back and enjoy this from our laptops and phones, free from worry of them being mauled by an infant. And let it remind you that if you do have an infant to keep them away from your electronics. Not for their sake – for YOURS.

Pick Paw-cket


Scientists have said that your dogs’ guilty looks don’t mean what you think they do. Except this one, of course. That guilty look is exactly what it appears to be. That isn’t him trying to tell you he needs a walk.

That’s a look that is begging for mercy because he knows he’s been caught red-pawed. He wants you to remember him for as he was, not as he now is. Please still think of him as a “good boy.” He needs this.

Laundry Thief


A favorite pair of socks had mysteriously gone missing. No one could figure out the mystery. Then they eventually found the culprit:”Et tu, Brute? I knew we shouldn’t have named you ‘Brute.’ I wanted to go with ‘Waffles’ or even ‘Socks,’ but no.”

“Mike just had to show off how clever he was, and give you a fancy name. Well way to live up to it, you scoundrel. I guess if I named you ‘Socks’ this could have also happened, but we didn’t, so this is all on Mike.”

They JUST Cleaned Him


“Playing in the mud? What? Who, me? No, of course not. What on Earth gave you that idea? This muck all over my face? Why, it’s because I have a cold. Yup, it’s just mucus. My breed has mucus that looks like this.

And judging by the pile of it in front of me, you can see it’s a mighty bad cold. I deserve pity, not condemnation and I would thank you for exercising some empathy right now. Stop shaming me, Sir.”

Busted, Buster


“Oh, uh… hi. So, this is awkward. I know this guilty look on my face might look bad, but did you know scientists say it doesn’t mean what you think it means? Oh, you’ve heard that excuse already. Damn.

Well, in that case… would you believe this is actually a cold symptom? No? You’ve heard that one, too? Jesus, you are well informed. In that case, um… look! Over there! A squirrel! Wait… how are you not distracted by that? That alway works on all my friends!”

Ruff Play


“What, you think I’m annoying them? They love it! Don’t you, Whiskers? [Whispering menacingly to Whiskers] Tell them you love it or so help me I’ll give you a reason to act miserable.” This doggo has the right idea.

If you get caught in the act, instead of denying, just own it. Live your truth, even if the truth is that you’re a jerk. In for a penny, in for a pound. We’re talking about weight here, not the dog pound. They’re not going to take the dog to the pound over this, and judging by that smile, he knows it.

Never Been So Happy To Be Stuck


This doggo was caught red handed. And by “red,” I mean orange. And by “handed,” I mean “faced.” Sometimes getting caught is less scary and more embarrassing. Luckily, getting caught can also mean getting help. After all, in a situation like this, having someone with opposable thumbs comes in handy.

And you just know that this little fella will be so grateful once you get him out. He will love you for days…well…hours…well…minutes…well, unttil about the time he discovers the toilet seat lid is up. Then all bets are off.

Never Been So Happy To Be Stuck... Again


Ever wonder what your dogs dream about? Sure you do. Well, many folks have their theories. But if these last two images prove anything, corn-based cheese-oriented snacks are what dance through their adorable minds. MMMM…corn-based cheese-oriented snacks. Damn, they are going through my mind now too!

We love our canine fur babies, but they can get into as much if not more trouble than our actual, human babies. I think it goes to show that if you’re a parent of any kind, it’s a smart idea to pay better attention to those little ones in your home.

No Coming Back From That


This guy offered to clean the house for “husband points” while his wife was out of town. So he hired a maid but didn’t check her work. Big mistake. HUGE. We’d say he should know better, but husbands are stupid like that.

If you’re gonna be that lazy, don’t be so lazy about being so lazy. It takes a lot of planning and hard work to avoid planning and hard work. And to think, all of his schemes were foiled by a simple sticker. He was so close, and yet so far off the mark. Typical hubby behavior.

Truth In Advertising


Bender is known in Futurama for being a petty thief. If you kept him in your pocket, what did you think would happen? Seriously, this is on you. You should have known that toys come to life. Have you never seen Toy Story?!

These figures are becoming more and more accurate. You can’t blame him, though. Expecting Bender not to steal would be like expecting a fish not to swim, an eagle not to soar and an Uber driver not telling you how this is just a temporary gig until their band starts to take off.



It is so appropriate how the “Done” button is right next to the phone in the mirror. You got busted. And you are, indeed, now done. Over. Finished Finito. And any other word that means “done.” I’ll never understand these types of people. What kind of long con are you planning?

What is the end game with lies like this? Internet points aren’t that important, folks. You can’t trade likes to your landlord to make rent. Just live in reality like the rest of us and try to learn to enjoy it.

Or, you know, be better at lying.