Food Puns That Are As Funny As They Are Tasty

By Psquared - March 11, 2019

There’s nothing better than a hilarious pun. Wait, scratch that. There’s nothing better than a delicious snack. Wait, now scratch that. Ugh, why do we have to decide which is better? On the one hand, you have something which elicits laughter, which is food for the soul. And on the other hand, you have food, which is food for the stomach. If only there was a way to combine puns and food so we wouldn’t have to choose.

Lucky for you, we went through the effort of finding food puns, so that you can laugh as you hungrily gaze upon tasty treats. So whether you want to chuckle or to chow down, this is your one stop shop to feed your hunger and your hilarity. So we hope you have a big appetite for these types of jokes, because these are sure to give you more than your fill.

Therapy Helps


When it comes to seeking help for what’s causing you stress, sometimes you need to think outside of the bun.

You don’t have to keep those problems of yours hidden under all that gooey cheese and toppings, Nacho.

We all know you’re very layered, but there’s no need to be salty about this. Taco is just trying to help you on out. You may feel like you’re only his side piece, but he wants to treat you like his main dish.

Get It?


What’s better than a pun? A mouth full of delicious carbs. Mmm, you can almost taste the starch.

Do you get the pun that’s happening here? You don’t need to be some kind of robot to decipher the meaning.

Tell you what, while you try to figure it out, I’m gonna grab a snack. But don’t worry… I’ll be back. Boy, if you’re still having trouble, maybe you should just terminate this challenge and say goodbye. But you know, say it in Spanish.

Marvel's Next Phase


Robert Downey Jr. has probably made the single greatest comeback in the history of Hollywood.

He was a promising young actor, then fell off the map while dealing with his personal demons. Then seemingly out of nowhere, he returned.

…As a Brownie! Yeah, Iron Man is cool and all, but who cares when next to a dessert? Desserts are always better than anything else. Our sweet tooth knows no bounds. If you want to keep our attention, there needs to be a Marvel Confections Universe, lead by Iron Flan… though an iron flan would be difficult to chew.

Never Let(tuce) Go


Some say the Cucumber was the greatest ship ever built. It was unsinkable, they said.

Oh, what fools they were. It hit the iceberg, broke into pieces and settled into the salad, drowned in Ranch dressing and croutons.

It was a tragedy… because who wants a salad that bland? You have to throw in some bacon bits, ham chunks, fried chicken and garlic bread. And yeah, some say that defeats the purpose of having a healthy salad, but who are they to talk that way to the king of the world?

You Charmer, You


Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to make terrible, hilarious puns to strangers?

Look, corny pickup lines are definitely embarrassing for all parties involved and illicit eye rolls and make us all cringe.

But if you dropped this on someone, complete with a peeled banana and what looks like an Elvis hairdo made out of chocolate, well, they’d at least have to admire your commitment. And commitment is super important in relationships, so off to a good start.

Ain't Nothing To Mess With


Flan is a creamy, soft dessert, yet this is the hardest sweet treat you’re ever gonna see.

What other dessert rap puns can we come up with? How about “Cake” instead of “Drake?” Or “Fudge Daddy” instead of whatever Puff Daddy is going by these days.

Ooh, or how about one for Eminem. Though… I can’t really think of a dessert that would go along with M and M. Hm… well played, Mr. Mathers. You’ve stumped us this time, sir.

Friendly Lunch


I sure hope that my condiments are this friendly with everything I pour them over.

I’d hate to think that my hamburger has a beef with my mustard… ha, you see what I did just there, right?

Or what if the hot dog doesn’t relish it’s time with relish. Sorry, all these puns are starting to get to me. And make me hungry. Be sure to have a snack with you, these will only make you hungrier as you go along.

Mother Approved And Removed


Here’s a hot take for all of you: the crust is actually pretty darn great.

I’ll never understand all the people that refuse to eat the crust on the pizza. It’s just bread that has cheese and sauce remnants on it.

Enjoy it! And as for crust on the sandwich, that’s delicious! You love the crust on the brownie, so stop acting all afraid of the edges on bread. Grow up and stop asking your mommy to remove it for you.

A Starch Reminder


Look, we know this is a simple joke meant to make us all laugh, and it did.

But this is also an excellent deal. You mean every time I share my feelings, I’ll be rewarded with pasta?

Yeah, I’ll take that exchange each and every time. More people would be in therapy if this was the reward we could expect at the end of every session. It’s like how we used to always get ice cream after playing little league, but even better.

Sweet Memories


Look, if you don’t like fruits, you can also be buried in vegetables. That way, you can rest in peas.

This is probably the sweetest way to be disposed of. Why be buried in a harsh, wooden casket?

Instead of being entombed in a structure made from a tree, why not get covered in the sweetest things that can grow off of trees? Make a pile of apples, pears and even avocados and stick me in there after I expire.

Fishy State


Something fishy is going on here. I don’t know why I’m concerned about it, though.

It’s not like I have any skin in the game. The scales of justice will likely prevail in the end, anyway, so why worry?

Also, gills, fin, rod and kelp. There, we’ve officially exhausted just about every fish pun we could think of. Coming up with all of these puns off of this pun can be exhausting. It feels kind of like trying to swim upstream.

Spicy Meme


Like the greatest nachos, this pun is actually multi-layered. Here, let’s point out the genius of it.

First, there’s the obvious pun of it sounding like it’s saying that it’s none of your business, and frankly, it isn’t. Back off.

But there’s also the stroke of brilliance of adding in the word “nosey.” Because spicy food make your nose run. You see? Or maybe we’ve just read too many puns in a row and are starting to become delirious.

Don't Adjust Your Screen


Yup, we’re officially getting woozy from all these puns. We’re not even able to see straight anymore.

Wait a sec… ohhhhh! That’s another pun. Remember that song “Blurred Lines?” Well, what if it were “limes” instead of “lines?”

Actually, that would be a much more appropriate and less creepy tune. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice lime, even if it is a little fuzzy. Fuzzy fruits are great, too. Peaches and kiwis are delicious, and don’t you try to say anything different.

Cuddly Carrots


If that last pun made you worried about your eyesight, you should try to get more Vitamin A in your diet.

The absolute best source of Vitamin A out there is in carrots. But be gentle when you get them.

You may not think so, but they can be quite sensitive. They’re also very shy. After all, they live in the ground. So if you’re going to pick one, be sure to at least introduce yourself first, you animal. And by animal, I mean bunnies.

Watch Out For This One


Remember that Elvis banana from a few pics ago and how great of a pickup line that was?

This one is even better. The level of commitment here is even higher. Also, you have to have a steady hand.

By walking up to someone and doing this, you show that not only do you have a powerful sense of humor and commitment, but that you also know something about seasoning food. So between your cooking and personality, nothing about you is bland.

You Sure Are, Pal!


This is the cutest thing ever, isn’t it? And not just because of the adorable drawing or the pun.

This is so cute because if that little fella actually is cold, that means he should put on a jacket.

And he needs a jacket that fits him, which means he needs a teeny tiny little chili jacket. There’s nothing cuter than smaller versions of regular-sized things. Am I overthinking this? You bet. But it makes the world cuter, so let me have this!

The Food Abides


Puns are fantastic. Food is obviously wonderful. But we also have a love for classic movie quotes.

We’ve already combined two of these interests, but could we possibly fit in a third? Do we dare even try?

Of course we do! We may be flying too close to the sun on this one, but here we are. Make a stuffed bun and call it “The Big Le-bao-ski.” Or put those ingredients in a pho and serve it in a “Big Le-bowl-ski.”

Makes You Want To Dance, Doesn't It?


Ellen Degeneres is one of the nicest people in Hollywood, and perhaps one of the coolest humans on the planet.

So how could she possibly get any sweeter? What if she was a watermelon? This is a question this artist answered for us all.

Don’t you just want to take this onto every one of your picnics? Be careful, though. Even though she seems very nice, you may not want to trust her. She literally has a seedy underbelly.

Meatless Meet Cute


Okay, remember the thyme and the banana pickup lines and how great we thought they were?

They’ve both been topped. This is the ultimate corny pickup line, because it is literally corny. This is punny on so many levels.

It also shows off your great qualities. It shows you like to have fun, have a great sense of humor, aren’t afraid to commit and best of all, you’re a listener. Whoever came up with this, I’d definitely date them.

Et Tu?


Finally, we end on what is perhaps the smartest food pun out of the whole bunch.

You need to know your history and even your Shakespeare to appreciate the hilarious brilliance of the work on display here.

Of course, you need someone to say the name to get it. But even if no one’s around and you just walk onto a salad covered in knives, that also makes sense. This is what a salad consisting of nothing but lettuce deserves.