Dumb Dumbs Who Got Caught In A Ridiculous Lie

By Psquared - June 19, 2019

“Honesty is the best policy.” We’re sure you’ve heard that saying before. It’s a great saying and one you should live your life by. And not even for any altruistic, do-goody reason. You should make this your personal mantra solely out of self-preservation. Sure, sometimes it’s convenient to lie. You can get ahead in life with a little fib or even spare the feelings of someone you care about by stretching the truth. But what happens when you get caught in a ridiculous lie? Nothing good, we assure you.

And in this day and age of information and research at our complete command thanks to Google being readily available on cell phones we can fit in our pockets, it’s easier than ever to fact check someone and call them out on their falsehoods. So for the love of all that is good and decent, save yourself the embarrassment of being called out online. Tell the truth, lest you wind up like one of these sad sacks…



Dating apps can be the best, because you’re given so many options to meet people you never would in day to day life.

They can also be the worst, because you get bozos like this bozo trying to drop weak game.

What kind of lame story is this to try and pull? Twice! We’re not sure if her response is a lie in and of itself. We hope it is and she’s just teaching him a lesson. Use lies to stop lies. Sounds fair.



In case you’re wondering what that acronym in bold stands for, it’s “Shaking My Gosh Darn Tail.”

Bow Wow is a dog-themed rapper, after all, so we’re gonna stay on brand when we say this: Bad dog! Very, very bad dog!

Why would you lie in such a public way, especially when you’re so easily recognizable? We get that it’s cool to show off your wealth, but there’s also a lot of respect that go to those who know when they need to stay humble.



“Come on, man. Why would you even bother posting something like this? We all know it’s a lie.”

“Oh, uh, erm, I uh… am drunk right now. That’s why I posted this. Once I left the party I came home.

And then alone in my house I drank all of the stuff in the picture I posted and said it was at the party last night so no one is concerned I drank alone.”

“Man, you have a problem… and it’s ain’t drinking.”

Woke Up Like This


There’s so much wrong with this that we almost just want to walk away without commenting on it.

Almost. First of all, what exactly is a makeup-less selfie going to accomplish for cancer, keyboard warrior?

Second of all, why would you cheat at the challenge? Did she realize that this wouldn’t do anything to fix cancer if she did it correctly, so she just decided to cheat? If that’s the case, then why even do it at all?

Sweet Ride


To be fair, they didn’t say that if you followed their advice you would get riches and material goods.

They just told everyone that they could help make their dreams come true. And their dreams are located in their mind.

Know what else is located in their minds? Their imaginations! So just use those imaginations and a Google image search and make whatever you want real (to you). Heck, pull up pics of Transformers and say you saved the world with them. Dream away!

Any Takers


Good lord. Look, we’re not happy when people lie to us. It shows a level of disrespect.

But to lie in such an obvious way that you know that we know that you’re lying? You’re just begging us to call you out at that point.

It’s bad enough they’re wearing the glasses they claim to have never been worn in the picture. But to say that they’re still in the box… bu showing them out of the box? Don’t ever talk to us or our fur children again.



Remember what we said earlier about making your imaginations reality by living in your head?

This lady is taking that advice a bit too far. She saw she scored well below average on an online IQ test and didn’t accept their findings.

That’s fine. They’re not the most accurate. But to increase your score by nearly 50 percent and boasting about it by putting the numbers side by side? You’re just daring folks to call you on your BS.



Well, on the bright side, this selfie doesn’t contain someone lying about not wearing makeup to help cancer.

On the negative side, whoever sent this selfie wasn’t the person that took it, and isn’t very good at hiding the evidence of their deceit.

If you’re going to try and catfish someone, make sure your bait isn’t obviously bait. Oh, and also, don’t try to catfish people. We guess the latter should be obvious, but if you’re going to try, don’t suck at it.

Nothing But Air


If you’re going to try and say you pulled a prank on an airline, make sure the joke, ahem… lands.

These folks were having none of this guy’s lies. We hope that it went further than just this exchange.

Because when someone is called out on a lie, they often dig their feet in and double down, hoping their confidence will carry their falsehood through. Then videos are shown, and then reality has to be acknowledged at some glorious point.

Virtue Signal Denied


It’s great when someone sticks up for those in need of defending. That’s an admirable trait.

What isn’t great is when someone is obviously trying to flaunt how good of a person they are and shame others as a way of getting points for themselves, with no regard (or even communication) with the person they’re supposedly concerned with defending.

Maybe they should have reached out to Megan Fox about how she felt before blasting Jimmy Kimmel for how they think he made her feel.

Cool Story


One cool thing about Twitter is that celebrities are on there, so you can actually interact with them.

One not so cool thing is they can also interact with you, and call you out as the fraud you are.

But don’t worry, it’s only not cool if you try lying about them. So don’t do that and we can all be cool. Cool? Cool. Let’s all head forward from this moment with this in mind without straying from the path. Move forward in One Direction, if you will.

One Star


Do people on the internet not realize that people can respond to the wild claims they make?

It’s as if they think it’s a void they’re screaming into that will just evaporate and nothing will come back to bite them.

If you’re looking for sympathy, talk to your friends and family in person. Don’t go to the page of the police department that you had the interaction with, considering how they were there for it and know what really went down.

Cute Noodle


Reddit is a weird and wonderful place. It has all sorts of content you can upvote and enjoy.

However, don’t be tempted by the pursuit of gaining internet karma. It can’t be cashed in for real life prizes.

So why would someone claim someone else’s picture and work? Especially don’t use it on the site, because as big as it seems, it’s smaller than you think, and they love drama. Stealing content? That’s some juicy drama, so enjoy your dragging, friend.

Shots Fired


This picture is cute because the idea is that the person won’t allow themselves any shots.

You know… “shots,” like from a gun? And Neo here is stopping all of the shots because he has an immune system?

Actually, the immune system doesn’t stop the shots. It stops the diseases. And vaccines help in that, pal. Also, you have had your shots (thankfully), and your momma wants everyone to know. Though you’re not that bright, you’re healthy, which proves they work.

Do Your Research


“Ugh, open your eyes, sheeple! Why are you just automatically accepting whatever you hear from virtually every medical professional out there?

Didn’t you read the one article from the .biz website I sent you a link to that infected your computer with malware?

And yeah, it’s a bit ironic that the site about not needing protection from disease gave your computer a disease, but seriously, I know I’m right. Because I want to feel like I know something you don’t. So there!”

Hard Truths


It’s never easy hearing that one of your heroes wasn’t as good of a person as you thought they were.

It’s especially hard hearing this when it isn’t true and is used as propaganda spewed out by a vile, hypocritical organization.

If you were a fan of PETA, this may be a hard truth to swallow, but they are the worst. How do we know? Because they try dragging the dead to prop up their dying reputation. Not very nice (or effective).

Dang, Wendy's


It’s somewhat ironic that a conversation about something being frozen ended with this guy getting severely burned.

What were they trying to accomplish here? They may have betrayed their true intentions at the end there when they said that McDonald’s won.

Was this a shill from that clown Ronald sent over to try and discredit the Queen of fast food burgers? Well, when you take your shot, you better not miss, and this person missed so bad they wound up shooting themselves in the foot.

Sweet Abs, Yo


“Hey, buddy. I saw your picture you posted about your abs. Amazing you got those in only one week. Mind if I see them here in person?”

“Oh, uh… I can’t really lift my shirt right now. Exposing my abs to air might ruin them.”

“Yeah, you’re right. That’s definitely how stomach muscles work. By the way, I need some help photoshopping something. Do you know anyone who could help? Not you, though. I suspect you’re not too good at it.”

Sweet Butt


Yeah, we all know that the Kardashians are famous for having gigantic and lusted-after backsides.

But none of them have a rear so amazing that it literally warps reality around them. Just look at the dimensions of this woman.

And when we say “dimensions,” we mean realities, because she’s existing between planes of existence. Alternate worlds are opening portals to try and keep her proportions in check. That… or it’s just a poor photoshop job done by a liar. Probably the former, though.

We Believe You


You know what? After all the lies we’ve been fed, it’s nice to finally be able to believe someone.

Of course, that someone is a dog. Because dogs are pure and innocent and would never lie to us.

Yeah, they would never lie to us because they can’t talk, but hey, good enough. Their owners on the other hand? Why are they trying to frame and publicly shame such a good boy? Shame on you, naughty owner. Shame. Shame. Shame.