Donkeys Serving Beer At Wedding Receptions May Be The Hottest New Wedding Trend

By lgentile - August 02, 2019

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of the union between two people who love one another unconditionally. Weddings are also meant to be a chance for friends a family to get together and celebrate love and life and happiness. But thanks to social media and the art of showing off, weddings have become more than just a spectacle. 

Weddings are now more about photo booths and funny mustaches on a stick and less about love. More about obnoxiously cute name hashtags and less about union. More about a Bloody Mary bar, a grilled cheese station, taco carts and phone charging stations then about celebrating the love between two soulmates. But hey, who is complaining? Everyone loves grilled cheese and that charging station will come in handy when your phone dies from Instagramming all night. Wedding trends come and go but some are here to stay. There is a new wedding trend that is blowing up in Texas and California that you will certainly get a kick out of. Will it stick? Only time will tell!

A Super Weird Wedding Trend


While everyone is constantly trying to outdo one another on their super weird wedding reception ideas, this one will be hard to beat. 

No we aren’t talking about the bride crowd surfing on the dance floor. While that is great, this is weirder than that. 

A flash mob dance number with friends and family? It’s been done before. We are talking about beer burros. Let us explain.

Meet The Beer Burros! 


Apparently, couples are now hiring donkeys, aka beer burros, to serve cerveza and other drinks at their wedding reception. 

When interviewing the donkey’s involved, they told us they were quite happy with this new form of employment. 

Just kidding. Donkey’s don’t speak. But we hope their “Hee haw. Hee haw” meant “We are good and happy.”

Yeeee Hawww!


This trend is currently hitting the wedding circuit in Texas and California so if you are planning a wedding, this could be a great option for you! 

These little guys will walk around the wedding reception serving drinks and snacks in their little satchels that are attached to them. 

The donkeys are known as “beer burros” although we are a bit disappointed that they didn’t go with the name “booze mules.”

Booze Mules


Whether you want to call them “beer burros” or “booze mules” or “drink donkey deliverers,” they certainly are the cutest wait staff in town. 

Why hire servers and bartenders, when you can have these four-legged friends instead?

We really hope that they are happy with that job though. Do they have an agent or a booker we can talk to about this? We tried to talk to them and… crickets. 

Robots, Anyone?


Also, do we think that they smell like a barn? That adds a fun element of surprise, doesn’t it? 

If you are in need of one of these little guys, there is currently one company in Texas that can arrange these furry and cuddly bartenders.

Texas Hill Country Events is responsible for this adorable trend. What’s next? Robots? Puppies? Monkeys? FYI Two of those three things are already a thing. 

Coachella Ready


The owner of the company Texas Hill Country Events also owns a ranch and had clients who began requesting the cute little donkeys on her ranch for their weddings.

The donkeys wear custom sacks to carry their drinks and snacks. Don’t worry; we also see the flower lays in their little mane as well. 

Do you call that a mane? A coat? Who knows! Whatever it is, they are clearly Coachella ready. 

For The Gram!


And for those of us who are concerned for the little donkey’s wellbeing, according to Texas Hill Country Events, the sacks are never heavy. 

They are more for show than anything else and more of a photo app for social media. Anything for the gram! 

They also get lots of cuddles from the happy couple and their guest as the wedding goes on. 

Custom Wedding Crocs


And if you think hiring donkeys to serve your drinks is weird, than you have no idea what you are in for. 

Here are some super weird wedding trends that unfortunately won’t go away. Like these wedding Crocs. 

Whoever thought that wearing wedding Crocs was a good idea, should have their head examined. How could those be comfortable to dance in? We don’t buy it and we would never buy those Crocs! 

Lifesize Wedding Cakes 


And what about the weird and totally narcissistic trend of the wedding cake that is a life-size replica of the bride?

Who thought that the entire wedding party would want to eat a cake that looked like the bride? It’s so odd, isn’t it?

It’s weird, it’s cannibalistic and it doesn’t make any sense. We don’t think Uncle Ted wants to eat a piece of his nieces boob. Just saying. 

Bridal Diapers 


Did you know that there are actual diapers on the market so brides don’t have to hike up their wedding dress during their special night. 

Nothing says holy matrimony like peeing in your pants on purpose on your wedding day. 

There just has to be a better way than wearing an adult diaper. We must think of a better way, because this is too much. 

Robot Officiants


We told you that robot officiants were a thing and now here is proof! You can now hire a robot to officiate your wedding. 

Do you think the robot stays and dances on the dance floor? They can give your cousin Steve a run for his money when it comes to doing The Robot. 

What’s next? Robots taking all of our jobs? Oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happening in this scenario.

A Flying Veil


We aren’t really sure why veils are even still a thing, but if you are going to have a veil you may as well go big or go home. 

These flying veils are all the rage in China but you can find them on Amazon if you feel like you have to have one. 

They are designed to fly in the air and land on the bride’s head. Let’s just hope that’s where it lands because this is clearly an accident waiting to happen. 

The Flying Bride 


Speaking flying, in 2015, there was a bride who got married in Italy who had the wedding entrance of all wedding entrances. 

Chirine Sabaiti Mahmassani got married in Italy and flew in to her actually wedding via a cluster of balloons. 

“Initially, I was asking about paragliding in or even skydiving in but due to the tall trees surrounding the venue, we had limitations in doing so.” They certainly made it work! 

A Retail Wedding


People are ditching the traditional wedding and having them in stores and restaurants instead. We are looking at you, Costco. 

Taco Bell will even throw you a wedding in one of their Las Vegas locations. 

For the low price of only $600, the wedding package includes a ceremony in the chapel inside the restaurant with an ordained officiant, a private area for a reception, a bouquet made of taco sauce packets and a whole lot of merch. What are you waiting for?

Bridal Party Plastic Surgery


When you sign on as a bridesmaid, you know you have to buy a dress and shoes and pay for a million things before, during and possibly after the big day. 

The shower, bachelorette party, wedding gifts, it’s a lot. But now some bridesmaids are being asked to lose weight and get plastic surgery??!!

It’s all too much and it may be time to get better friends. Just saying. 

Doggy Wedding Attendants


Sure, having your favorite pooch at the wedding as a guest is all fun and games. That is, until the dog poop on the floor. 

Better yet, what if they they bite a child or eat the cake before you cut it? It’s best to have them come and just make an appearance. 

You’ll end up wrangling them the whole time, and while they are super cute, having to watch them the whole wedding isn’t. 

Themed Weddings


It’s your special day and all you want is to marry the Minion of your dreams. 

Wait, what? Couples are having themed weddings more and more these days. Star Wars, Disney, Jurassic Park. These themes turn a wedding into a spectacle. 

Think of your wedding photos as you would think of a tattoo. Those pictures are going to be around forever so have a wedding that is timeless or you’ll look back wondering WTF were you thinking.

Puppies Galore


Instead of holding flowers, some bridesmaids are now holding puppies and some of these puppies are rescues and are even adoptable!

Others are just super cute. Way cuter than a bouquet of flowers. 

We blame the movie Bridesmaids for this whole puppy thing. Actually we should probably thank them because while this trend is a little obnoxious and pulls focus from the bride, it’s really really cute. 

The Magic Show


And if all else fails in your wedding planning, hire a magician and call it a day. 

By hiring magician, your guests will get dinner, a dance party and a magic show! That will make all the money spent and the miles travelled worth it. 

Let’s just hope that the magician doesn’t accidentally make the bride or the groom disappear. That wouldn’t be a good look. 

And In Conclusion...


So, what did we learn from these trends? We learned that you can just have a wedding for $600 at a Taco Bell in Vegas if you are on a budget. Sign us up! 

You can fly in on balloons if you are looking for a more extravagant entrance. You can have puppies instead of flowers and a veil that can fly if you are fancy.

You can also have donkeys serve you drinks if you are into that kind of thing.  Sure they can bring you beer, but wouldn’t it be more fun just to cuddle them and give them lots of love? Why don’t we leave the bartending to humans, shall we? Then again, let’s just make the robots do it.