Dads Who Take Dadding To A Whole New Level

By Psquared - March 01, 2019

Dads are the best, aren’t they? Moms rightly get a lot of credit when it comes to parenting, but fathers bring their own unique flavor to the responsibility. You not only have to ensure their survival, you also need to teach them, shape their ethics and view of the world so that the next generation will be full of bright individuals, ready to make the world a better place for everyone.

Good dads take care of their kids and raise them right. But great dads? They do all that while also being fun and hilarious the entire time. Dadding isn’t a real word, but it should be. It’s the act of being a father and getting things done while also having that specific brand of dad funny on display at all times. If you’re confused, check out these guys, who are definitely dadding at an extremely high level.

Let Me Get That For You


One key ingredient to being a successful father is being able to multitask like a pro.

This dad right here? He’s a total pro. He’s taking his kid out for the day, and he needs to be fed to keep his energy levels up.

If this seems silly, that’s because it is. Don’t worry, it’s not like his baby will remember this. That is, of course, unless some website were to post this picture and capture this moment for all eternity.

Multitasking Pro


You thought that last dad was a multitasking pro? He’s a total noob in comparison to this guy.

Your baby is hungry, but those kids on XBOX Live aren’t going to own themselves, so what’s a man to do?

The answer: dadding. There’s something about having a child that unlocks the hidden potential in you. Maybe it’s the massive responsibility thrust upon you. Or heck, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation. Either way, this guy is winning at life, fatherhood, and Call Of Duty.

Style Sesh


Who says that moms are the only ones that know how to comb their children’s hair?

Morons, that’s who says that! We’re not even sure if that’s a thing that anyone believes, but if they do, here’s concrete proof against it.

This father has quite the eye for hairstyles, doesn’t he? If your baby is born without much hair, it’s hard to imagine what they’ll look like when it grows in. This dad couldn’t wait that long, so showcased several styles.

Problem Solved


Ohhhhhh. This is why some people might believe that doing their kids’ hair might be a job best suited for Mom.

Even still, this is pretty great. She needed her hair tied up in a ponytail, and that’s exactly what we see here.

Sometimes, you have to be super specific when asking a dad to take care of something. They either don’t get it or will take it as an opportunity to troll. Sometimes, it’s both. At least her “scrunchie” is unique.

Nice Lunch


Remember what we said about dads being trolls? This one is the master of all masters.

Why? Well, that Victoria’s Secret bag isn’t any ordinary Victoria’s Secret Bag. Today, it’s a lunch bag for Ryan. Congrats, Ryan, you’ve been trolled.

Did the dad do this to teach Ryan a lesson in humility? Is this some sort of punishment? Is the dad just doing this because he thinks it’s hilarious (which it is)? So many questions. This is truly a masterpiece.

Achievement Unlocked


When your baby is cranky, all you need to do is give them something to drink.

When Daddy starts to get cranky, sometimes all they need is the exact same thing. But it’s hard to do when their hands are full.

Luckily, dadding involves being able to multitask. As you can see here, this dad is dadding at a whole new level. Beer through a straw (sorry… two straws!)? Not a problem at all. Drink away, boys.

Diet Water


How could we possibly talk about dads without taking time to talk about the beloved/dreaded dad jokes?

There must be a chemical released in the male brain once they lay eyes upon their children that turns them into the corniest humans alive.

It’s endearing, though. Just look at the joy in this dad’s face when he found a bottle of “diet water.” Thank goodness pictures don’t make sounds. We can only imagine the litany of puns he’s making about it in this moment.

Fire Up Some Dessert


Dadding isn’t just trolling and corny jokes, you know. It also involves using the grill every chance you get.

Dads like to fancy themselves the master of cooking and fire. They take pride in it, and like to see how far they can go with it.

This dad had a a brilliant idea. Grilling is so much fun, but it’s so limited. All you can grill are meats and some veggies. But never desserts… until now. If you give a dad a cookie, he’s going to want a huge, roaring fire.

Friendly Competition


Dad’s can be so gentle, kind and nurturing. They can let you know that winning isn’t the most important thing in the world, having fun is.

Then again, a little competition never hurt anybody. Sure, dad can go light on you, but that would be doing you a huge disservice.

You think anyone else is gonna take it easy on you? Let dad get you ready for the real world. After all, having fun is important, as we just learned. And this dad looks like he’s having a blast.

Shared Interests


This seems like a sweet picture, doesn’t it? This father is encouraging his daughter’s interest in ballet.

At least, that’s what it looks like at first glance. But how do we know that’s what’s really going on here?

Maybe this dad is just as competitive as the last one. He’s showing off how much better he looks in a tutu, and he’s reading up on this art form so that he can dance fancy circles around his little lady.

Not All Dads Wear Capes


When you’re a dad, you’re your child’s hero. So shouldn’t you be allowed to dress for the part?

Again, this picture may not be what it seems. It looks like a dad dressing similar to his child to encourage him.

But how do we know that this dad doesn’t always wear a cape? Maybe the son is just trying to be more like his papa. Frankly, if it were socially acceptable, we’d all wear capes. This guy gives no effs either way, and that’s what makes him a hero.

Sharing Chores


Okay, this picture is exactly what it looks like. But that’s not a bad thing at all.

Let’s be real: pants are super overrated, aren’t they? They’re confining and in the summertime they make you get entirely too overheated.

This isn’t just a father teaching his child the importance of doing your chores. He’s teaching them the philosophy of pants off, dance off. It takes some of us decades before we feel this free. What a great dad to instill such confidence at an early age.

'60s Party


When you’re invited to a themed party, always make sure to read and then reread the invitation.

Also, make sure it’s actually a themed party. Most folks would be embarrassed to have made such a silly blunder. But not this guy.

Look at that grin on his face. We can’t even be sure this was an accident. It would certainly fit the dad joke M.O. for him to pretend to have misunderstood just for a laugh. That smile reveals an ulterior motive.

Some Things Never Change


Sure, dads can be stubborn. But that’s not always a bad thing. Take a look at this picture.

That dad believes his son will never be too old or too big to enjoy a ride on his old man’s shoulders.

And you know what? He’s totally correct. Sure, if you look at his face, the son doesn’t seem like he’s having the time of his life. But he had a similar face as a kid, so all his joy must be on the inside.

Dads Are Just Big Kids


Being a dad can sometimes be selfless work. You do so many fun things for your kids.

You look at how much joy it brings them, and you can’t help but feel a little jealous from time to time.

Thank goodness that there are other dads. Being a dad means being part of a brotherhood. Dads don’t even need to use their own dads to have dad fun, they can dad out with complete strangers. It’s part of the unwritten code most don’t know about.