Crazy Facts That Will Completely Change The Way You Watch Disney Movies

By Sarcasm Society - February 07, 2019

Do you ever stop to think how fundamentally different you would be as a person if you didn’t grow up watching Disney movies? I believe you’d be a very different person. When you were bored or lonely, you wouldn’t break out singing, “I wanna be where the people are.” You wouldn’t use the phrase “hakuna matata” in everyday life.

And you probably wouldn’t think it was romantic for two people to eat the same strand of spaghetti from different ends and wind up kissing. As much as you think you know about Disney, there’s a lot you don’t. For example, did you know the voices of Minnie and Mickey were married IRL? Read on to find out other crazy Disney facts!

Your Childhood


Disney movies helped shape our view of the world growing up, which is one of the many reasons we have such strong feelings about our favorite Disney classics…and even the new Disney movies. The Disney machine just knows how to create incredible stories.

They weave into our culture, which is why we want to share with you some facts that will change the way you look at Disney movies. Be warned, some of these are amazing, and some of these will blow your mind.

'The Lion King'


Remember the opening song to The Lion King? What a silly question. Of course you do. You’re probably singing it in your head right now, but have you ever thought of what it meant?

You might think it’s something really deep and meaningful, but it’s not. It’s simple, really simple. The translation to “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba, sithi uhm ingonyama” is “Here comes a lion father, Oh yes, it’s a lion.”



Tangled was a great flick, but you might not realize just how costly it was. And we mean really, really reeeeeeally costly. This cost more money to make than each of these famous movies: Avatar, King Kong, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The 3D animated film cost $281 million to make!! Holy cow! It was worth every penny though since it gave us songs like “When Will My Life Begin” and “Mother Knows Best.”

'The Little Mermaid'


Disney is known for hiding things in their parks. If you’ve ever been to Disney World or Disney Land, you know that you can find hidden Mickeys all over the place. But did you know they also hid things in their movies?

It just makes it interesting and a bit more special. Well, in The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy make a short appearance! Keep an eye out in every Disney movie because you never know what you may find.

'Beauty And The Beast'


Did you know Gaston was the FIRST male villain to appear in a Disney princess movie? That sounds completely unbelievable, but stop and think about it. It was all evil queens and stepmothers before him.

Looks like no one male-villains like Gaston! The second male antagonist after him is Jafar, the third one is Governor Ratcliffe, the fourth is Shan Yu, the fifth is Doctor Facilier and the sixth is Prince Hans. Thanks for busting the testosterone evil bottle, buddy.

Disney Love Is Real


Disney movies often get criticized for portraying an unrealistic and unobtainable version of love that none of us will ever achieve. But did you know that behind the scenes, Disney love turns out to be as real as portrayed in their fairy tales?

The man who voiced Mickey Mouse for over 30 years was married to the woman who voiced Minnie Mouse! Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor were married for almost twenty years until Wayne passed away in 2009.



Neysa Bové, who was a visual development artist for Moana, made sure the characters’ clothes were historically and regionally accurate. She only used materials that could be found on Moana’s island in that time period.

While not every Disney movie has been 100 percent historically accurate, it’s nice to know that moving forward they’re making more of an effort to be. As if these movies couldn’t have gotten any better, they went and found a way.

All's Well That Ends Well


Remember before how we mentioned you always have to keep an eye out in every Disney movie because you never know who might show up? This might just be the most darkly hilarious cameo of them all.

Scar from The Lion King had his very own cameo in Hercules…as a throw rug. Kudos to Disney, because this is sneaky and hilarious! It also suggests these characters all live in a shared universe. No wonder they bought Marvel; they knew how to handle a cinematic universe already!

'Atlantis: The Lost Empire'


You might want to sit down for this one, because your mind is about to be blown to pieces. Remember the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire? Remember how there was an Atlantean language in it? Well, guess whaThe Atlantean language in the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire is real. It might not be easy, but you can learn it! It was actually created by Marc Okrand, the man who created the Klingon language for Star Trek.



The prince in Cinderella was never given a name. You might think that’s a lie. He was clearly named “Prince Charming”… right? Are you just imagining that? Actually, you kind of are. That was never official.

Even though many refer to him as Prince Charming, he was never called that in the actual movie. Later, Disney France revealed his name to be Henry, but then in 1971 Disney on Parade named him Prince Alto August Ferdinand, so… there’s that.

Mickey's Real Name


Did you read the title of this slide and have a bit of an existential crisis? If Mickey’s not Mickey… then who is he? While Walt Disney was in the process of creating Mickey, he originally wanted to name him Mortimer Mouse.

However, his wife Lillian Disney convinced him not to. Years later, Mortimer was created as a new character, an antagonistic rival of Mickey Mouse. Mortimer’s character constantly tries to steal Minnie away from Mickey.

'Robin Hood'


Disney’s 1973 animated film Robin Hood was the first Disney movie that didn’t have any human characters. It was also the first feature that began production after Walt Disney’s death.

Elements from Walt’s Reynard the Fox were taken, but it was ultimately the first Disney film to be in production without his involvement. It must have been a scary time for the studio, but looking at where they are today, it seems like they did sort of oka.

Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter


Okay, so we have to talk about this. Growing up, you likely heard all the rumors and myths about hidden sex messages in Disney films. The most prevalent among them all was the priest in The Little Mermaid having an erection.

That isn’t the case. While it looks like he might in one shot, if you look at him from a different angle, that’s clearly his knee. So get your mind out of the gutter, because Disney would never do something like that.



Actually, remember where we just said Disney would never put anything sexual in one of their movies? Yeeeeeeah, that hasn’t always been the case. The film The Rescuers actually has a very brief glimpse of an image of a topless woman.

If you blink you’ll miss it, but it’s absolutely there. The animators must have thought no one would notice, but they did, and it caused quite the controversy. So if you think they’d do something like that again afterwards, think again.

Truly Magic, Right?


Where would we be without Disney films? We loved them enough already, but who knew there were so many hidden details and fun facts crammed into every one of their iconic films? These are films we already re-watch over and over again.

We do that just because we love them. But now while watching each one for the millionth time, we have something new to look for. These truly are the films that keep on giving. The Disney magic is real after all.