Brilliant Yearbook Quotes From Our Future Leaders

By Psquared - April 19, 2019

High school was a transformative time for all of us. It was when we went from being children and adolescents to adults. Granted, we weren’t very mature adults, but many of us still aren’t nor will we ever be. But high school is when we started to figure out the type of people we wanted to be, and grew into ourselves not just physically, but emotionally as well. Maybe too much, if we’re being honest. All those darn raging hormones!

When looking back on high school, the yearbook has been the standard for keeping memories and acting as a time capsule for generations. One of staples of the high school yearbook is the quote you get to leave behind. This could be a brilliant saying by a famed author that could encapsulate your present understanding of the world or something to shed light on the human experience as a whole. Or… it could be used to leave a joke. And that’s what we’re here to show off! Told you we still weren’t mature.

How Profound


This is your chance to capture who you are as an individual at this particular point in time.

How can you concisely convey your hopes, beliefs and convictions? What will be the saying you look back on decades from now to remember how you used to be.

Oh… is that what you’re going with. Uh, sure kid. Why not. We ate a bagel one time, too. Actually we ate a bagel many times. We apparently weren’t as moved by the experiences as you were.

Future Of America Right Here


This is why we should stop telling children when they’re young that they can be anything when they grow up.

At the very least we should add a lot of qualifiers to that. Like, for instance, specifying what they mean by “anything.”

First off, they don’t really mean anything. Maybe say you can “do” anything. But even then that leaves to much wiggle room for them to say they want to carrot. Yup, carrot can be a verb. We can do anything, after all.

Flavor Saver


Reality can be whatever you want it to be if you have a healthy imagination.

The problem is that reality is yours and yours alone. To really get the most out of it, you have to share it.

This guy has the right idea. He sees himself as the next Tom Selleck in his prime, and he wants you all to know it. Are you seeing it now? Try harder. Now imagine him taller and richer. Who isn’t interested?



Life after high school can often be disappointing, but it certainly won’t be for her.

When your expectations are low, you’re never disappointed by anything. Does that sound like a pessimistic way to live? It sure is, but it’s also a happy one.

While all her peers are flunking out of schools they thought they’d succeed in or not landing the jobs of their dreams, she’s gonna toil away in the mediocrity she anticipated. Aim low and your dreams can come true, kids!

Fresh Prince Of Nigeria


“Hold on a minute, Segun. You mean to tell me that was you this entire time?

Man, I’ve been sending that prince, er, I mean you checks for years now. If you needed money so bad you could have just asked.”

“I know. And to be real, I actually don’t need the money. I’m just in love with the thrill of the hunt in these scams. By the way, I have this program you should try that’s totally not a pyramid scheme. Trust me!”



“Are you sure, though? I mean, we’ve been singing songs about it since elementary school.”

“For the last time, no, that wasn’t me! Let me categorize why all that is so wrong. First of all, it was “Old McDonald,” not “Joe.”

Second of all, even if I did live on the farm, it was Old McDonald’s, not mine. So someone would need to die or sell it to me for it to be mine.”

“So… are you looking to buy a farm? Cause my Nigerian friend has one he says is for sale. He seems trustworthy enough.”

Confidence Is Key


Have you ever heard the term “fake it until you make it?” This guy certainly has.

Confidence is a necessary key to making it in life, but if you don’t have it, gaining it can be quite difficult.

That’s where delusion comes in! Tell yourself you’re better than everyone. Not just a little bit, either. So much so that the most idolized people on Earth wish they could be you. Now you’re totally confident enough to juggle those chainsaws. You got this.

Right Good


And this person grew up, took on a writing pseudonym and produced the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

But in all seriousness, good for her. This is an excellent joke that is timeless. It’ll be funny for every generation that sees it.

Unfortunately, with the rise of technology and us having autocorrect on everything we use, we actually don’t have to learn as much about spelling and grammar, so future generations might not totally understand how or why this is supposed to be funny.

How Arrrrrrgh You Doing?


We don’t mean to be insensitive, but is that eye patch medically necessary for this lad?

Or is he just wearing this to sell the joke? Either way, it’s hilarious. Although, it raised another question in our demented minds.

Is this eye patch medically necessary, and did he get it to sell the joke? Like, did he think of it, realized they wouldn’t let him wear something over his face unless he needed it, so he just really committed to the bit?

Be Prepared


Let this be a lesson to any high schoolers reading this: always have your senior quote ready in advance.

If you can’t provide one, one will be provided for you. It’s kind of like public defender attorneys that way.

And like public defender attorneys, the one that’s provided to you won’t be of the best quality. So do your best to show up with a Green Day lyric or something, less you wind up just like Connor over here.

Did He Stutter?


For what it’s worth, which is probably very little to you, we absolutely adore your name.

Granted, you just have one name twice, but we enjoy it immensely. So must your parents for them to saddle you with that moniker.

It sucks now, but imagine how great it was growing up. Remember how tough it was to learn to spell your first and last name as a kid? He only had to do half the work! Plus, his signature must’ve been easy to figure out as well.

Solid Advice


Finally, the first bit of useful information we’ve come across in all of these pictures.

This is the greatest way to look on the bright side there is. Anything that leads to you being safe while also eating cake is a winner.

So the next time your parents or friends come to you concerned with the way you’ve been eating cake for every meal, just remind them you haven’t been kidnapped, so your plan is obviously working as it should.

Say It Out Loud


He must have had a lot of fun each and every time a substitute teacher called attendance.

With a name like this, you have to do your best to get in front of the mistake you know everyone is going to make.

His middle name should be legally changed to “TheSIsSilent,” but even then they’ll have already mispronounced his first name, and likely his new middle name, since seeing that without any spaces in it is super duper confusing.

Styling And Not Lying


There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a young person get to be themselves and be proud about it.

Also, what if he isn’t just being figurative and is also being literal. What if he’s a super fan of The Chronicles of Narnia?

He spent all that time in the closet looking for the portal to that fabled land, and while he was in there he figured out which items pair best with others. Whatever works for you. We won’t lie, he does look good

Told Ya


The problem with a lot of kids in this generation is they aren’t that great at looking to the future.

In the era of social media, everything is all about instant gratification, so we can’t look ahead further than five minutes and a handful of likes.

Not this guy. He’s thinking about his future kids and the conversations and arguments he’s gonna have, and he’s planting the evidence he’ll need decades in the future. He’s going places, and he knows exactly when and how long it’ll take to get there.

Citing Sources


You know how some teachers used to say that when you cheat the only person you cheat is yourself?

Well, if she didn’t cheat, she would have never come up with this quote and it would have cheated us out of a chuckle.

So you see, cheating does pay off! Copy off the kid next to you, even if you’re smarter than they are and you know for a fact all their answers are wrong. We just proved cheating is hilarious. Be hilarious.

Find The Lie


LeBron James is a contender for one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

But what he isn’t a contender for is having the greatest hair of all time. His hairline is receding and retreating up his forehead like the ocean at low tide.

So if you have similar hair to his, that’s a tough break, especially if you’re still young and in high school. Is there a bright side? There sure is… just make sure no one sees it. This could be a joke and he could have glorious Kit Harrington hair. The mystery is real here.

Solid Liquid Joke


72 percent is a C, which is passing, and that’s just the bare minimum of him.

This is an excellent pickup line. It shows how clever and funny you are, and also tests how intelligent they might be.

Also, there’s the obvious wet and thirsty jokes to be made, but hold onto those until later. Don’t ruin a perfect science gag with your filth. Maybe you can tell them how they must be protons since you’re positively attracted to them.

False Advertising


What, you thought is was gonna be all singing, dancing and Zac Efron flashing you his winning smile?

A good rule of thumb is to realize that what you see in TV shows and movies won’t reflect reality.

For example, we once visited Smurf village, and they weren’t friendly or happy at all. Granted, it’s because we accidentally stepped on their village while trying to find it, but still. Not at all like we remembered from all of the cartoons.

Great Question


Flat Earthers have a hard time convincing others of their theories for a number of reasons.

First and foremost… they’re wrong. Hard to convince folks to believe something other than the obvious. Their other main issue is they’re not asking the right questions.

Instead of peddling theories of floating discs and an ice wall guarded by NASA (yes, this is what they actually believe), they should get asked questions like these and try to convince folks the Earth is flat so their dreams can only plateau at worst.