Brilliant Uses For Pickle Juice Besides…You Know…Storing Your Pickles

By Psquared - May 10, 2019

Pickles are a bit of a divisive food. While they make a wonderful side to a sandwich or addition to a burger, many think that a little goes a long way. You just need enough for the taste and you’re good to go. However, some people just can’t get enough of pickles. They snack on them, eating them whole as if they were bananas. And some even enjoy drinking the juice pickles are stored in as if it were a delightful fruit punch.

The idea of drinking pickle juice might turn your stomach, but actually, it can be used for a number of different ailments, in your body and around your home. So once your jar of pickles is devoid of the briny treats, save that juice, because there are all sorts of brilliant uses for it that will make you gain a whole new appreciation for it. For example, did you know that pickle juice can…

Kill Weeds


That’s right. If you’ve got a green thumb and a garden you’re proud of, then save this green substance.

Pickle juice is great for killing weeds. It’s also a great pesticide alternative, so you can get rid of those pesky critters without having to use harsh chemicals.

However, if you do use pickle juice, make sure to dilute it. Too much pickle juice can dry out our soil. But by diluting it, that just means it’ll last longer for this purpose!

Melting Ice


Pickle juice is great for helping your garden in the summer and spring, but it can also save you a lot of frustration (and even physical pain) in the winter.

When your sidewalks get icy, pour some pickle juice over it. The salt in the liquid will help melt it.

You can also use it to stop ice and snow from bonding with the ground by splashing it around preemptively. It’s even better for the environment than salt, since it releases less chloride.



Pickle juice is comprised heavily of vinegar, which you may or may not know is a great cleaning agent.

So while your typical store bought cleaning soap is good for removing food from your pots and pans, if you want a deep clean, go with pickle juice.

If you have copper pots and pans, this substance works wonders at getting out deep, tough stains and making them shine like they were new again. Then, you can clean them with soap to remove that pickle smell.

Cooking Fish


Pickle juice has a very strong flavor, so if you’re put off by drinking it straight, try cooking with it.

Pickle juice is a perfect liquid to cook your fish in. Instead of using water or vegetable broth to poach your seafood, use this instead.

It will permeate the fish and elevate the flavor. Dill is a wonderful spice to add after cooking, so why not add that flavor during the cooking and let it permeate throughout the whole dish?

Curing Hiccups


Life Hack: you can cure hiccups by drinking a glass of water while tightly covering your ears.

If that seems too difficult (you only have so many hands, after all), you can also try having someone scare you or holding your breath.

Although we wouldn’t hold our breath when it comes to being hopeful for that to work. But you know what works every time? Yeah, we’re guessing you can guess by now: just go ahead and sip on some of that sweet



Steak is one of the most victorious meals you can eat, but prepping it can be a gigantic chore.

Especially when the steak is needlessly tough. You can grab a spiked, metal mallet to use to tenderize your beef.

Or, you can take the much less physically assertive and violent path and use pickle juice instead. Just rub some on the cut of meat. The natural preservatives will help soften your steak, so you can have a much easier time cutting and cooking it.

BBQ Sauce Additive


Okay, so now you have a perfectly tender cut of meat ready to throw on the grill.

But once it’s cooked, how are you going to serve it? If you want to take the flavor up a notch, add some BBQ sauce.

But if you want to take that “up a notch” up another notch, throw some pickle juice into the BBQ sauce for an extra hit of tangy and sour. It’s the perfect addition whether your sauce is homemade or store-bought.

Bad Breath


Do you have chronic bad breath? Do you have to travel with pockets full of mouthwash, chewing gum and an industrial sized tin of Altoids?

You don’t need all of that. You only need… can you guess? We’re pretty sure you know what’s coming.

That’s right. Pickle juice actually kills the bacteria in your mouth that causes those smells. Now your breath will only smell like pickles, which you can cover with one of those 9,036 Altoids you have.

Pickle Pops


Are you starting to think that pickle juice is the coolest? Now you can show it by making that statement quite literal.

If you’re a fan of pickle juice and need to cool down during the blazing summer months, pour some pickle juice into an ice pop mold.

If you want to get fancy, you can even put some shredded or whole pickle slices in there as well. Heck, cucumbers are a fruit, and pickles used to be cucumbers, so this is basically a fruit pop, too.

Sunburn Relief


Speaking of the scorching summer, temperatures rise, and so do your odds of getting a gnarly sunburn.

Those are the worst, aren’t they? You’re not only in agony because of the burn, but you’re also itchy from all the peeling skin.

You can go out and get a bunch of expensive ointments. Orrrrr… you can just slather yourself in pickle juice. It will help soothe you wherever you need it. You can also skip the middle man and just swim in it instead of water.

Dill Pickle Bread


Pickles are often thought of as a food that pairs best with meats for some reason.

You always see them served at BBQs or on the side of deli sandwiches. But what if you’re a vegetarian? What’s the best way to enjoy them then?

Well, you can bake some dill pickle bread. Tiny pieces on pickle throughout the bread is a nice touch. But if you want even more pickle flavor, replace the milk or water in the recipe with that sweet juice.

Pickle Something Else


Pickles are just cucumbers that were soaked in a brine concoction. But just because you’re out of pickles doesn’t mean that brine can’t be used to pickle something else.

Save the juice and use it to pickle anything else that you want. Eggs? Sure. Pig’s feet? Gross, but if that’s what you’re into, go for it.

This is the best type of food recycling. Heck, you can even just throw in some cucumbers and replace those pickles you ate.

Hangover Cure


Did you have a little too much to drink the night before and now the morning sun is splitting your brain and your stomach is doing a Cirque du Soleil routine?

Most people use dry toast, coffee, a Bloody Mary or a combination of different medicines.

But all you really need is pickle juice. Drink a little and you’ll start feeling better in no time. The thought of drinking pickle juice might make you nauseous, but it can actually cure that feeling, too.

Workout Wonder


Yes, that’s a college football player drinking pickle juice in the middle of a game.

He’s not doing that because he wants a snack, he’s doing it because it’s a secret weapon to improve your athletic performance in the middle of a workout or a big game.

Cucumber water is great at hydrating you, and what are cucumbers besides pre-pickles? Pickle juice is full of electrolytes, so down some and get back out there and conquer the day, you champ!

Post Workout


Pickle juice isn’t just great to have in the middle of a workout. This marathon runner could have used some.

But it’s not too late to enjoy the benefits of this miracle liquid. Pickle juice is a marvelous post workout beverage.

It helps alleviate soreness and cramps. So while an important aspect to exercise is the recovery, pickle juice helps reduce the amount of time you’ll need to rest and heal up, so you can get back out there quicker.



Are you so impressed with pickle juice right now that you want to give a toast to it?

You can, and while you do you can use pickle juice in another ingenious way: making the alcoholic beverage “pickle backs.”

These are whiskey shots with a chaser of pickle juice. Or for a more classy option, you can try a pickletini, with teeny tiny pickles on top. Pickles are great to improve business around your home, but they can also be used for parties!

Sore Throats


When you have a sore throat, there are a number of remedies to cure that pain.

Hot tea and honey is great, but an old option you often hear is to gargle warm salt water. But you know what’s better than that? Pickle juice.

The natural saltiness and vinegar in the briny liquid works more effectively and will make your throat feel better quicker. Gargling pickle juice can cure your throat, but drinking it can actually cure a number of other things.



Acid reflux and heartburn is no joke. If you’ve ever had it, you know how painful and debilitating it can be.

When it hits, you don’t want to find yourself scrambling to find where you left the medication and waiting for it to kick in.

Just take a shot of pickle juice. How is this substance so magical? It can seemingly do anything. It can cure a sore throat and heartburn? And those aren’t the only health afflictions it can clear up…

Stomach Ache Aid

Yup, you can help ease a queasy or even pained stomach with a little bit of pickle juice.

Remember how it helps alleviate hangovers? You can also alleviate stomach issues that have nothing to do with consuming too much alcohol.

Heck, sometimes we consume too much Taco Bell (yes, even when we’re sober. We know, we’re animals), and it can lead to tummy issues. Just make sure to have some extra pickle juice around, and you’ll feel better soon.

For Real?


Does this sound like a load of BS? It isn’t. In fact, here’s one more thing pickle juice is great for.

If you’re constipated and having trouble making the ‘M’ in ‘BM,’ all you need is some of that sweet, miraculous P.J., and we don’t mean “pajama.”

It’ll help loosen up whatever is blocking you, and you’ll be regular again in no time. So what have we learned? When you’re done with pickles, save that juice, because it can do literally anything!