Before And After Pictures That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

By Sarcasm Society - January 05, 2019

The internet is just chock full of some interesting things, and before and after pictures are certainly an experience. There’s basically nothing as satisfying as a good before and after picture. Actually, what would be more satisfying is a before and after picture of your own. After you’ve hit the gym for a few months and you’re rocking your new incredible bod. But that’s ridiculous.

You’re not going to do that. Neither are we. But some people do that from time to time, and the transformation process is incredible to behold. So, we’ve collected a bunch of these processes. Now… behold!

Time Changes All things


Despite what some say, time is not a construct. Here’s proof it exists and can change us all. These are sometimes inspirational and sometimes terrifying. The message to take away from all of these is that nothing is permanent and everything changes after enough time. But don’t fear change. Embrace it like a cute little puppy, a super comfy quilt, or a 12-scoop hot fudge sundae. (Okay, maybe we went too far on that last one.)

From Man To Woman In Under 60 Seconds


This image has been around the internet for a very long time. People are easily fooled by the fourth image in the picture that they completely forget about the fact that under the makeup is a man. Not only is this hilarious, it’s also a skill that most men and women wish they had access to.

You have trouble covering up a zit on your face. This guy has transformed himself into a different person entirely. No big deal.

A Lover And A Fighter


Many people know Barack Obama for his quick wit and calm demeanor in almost every situation. However, in the course of his two-term presidency, age certainly caught up with him in a big way. In the beginning we were blessed with a young and vibrant looking Barack Obama.

The stresses of this country surely made him age quicker than we had anticipated. Being president never seemed like an easy job, but this is a stark reminder of what the stress can do to a person.

Chubby Chris


It’s a lot of fun watching celebrities lose weight. When it comes to Chris Pratt, his is one of the most notable and rewarding weight loss transformations. Women worldwide were probably already swooning over Chris Pratt, and falling in love with Andy on Parks and Rec.

A sense of humor can go a long way, fellas. But now they’ve got something more rewarding to look at…washboard abs. His secret? Just stop drinking so much beer, obviously.

Tatted Up


Often times, people try to hide their tattoos from society. Zombie Boy on the other hand found solace from showing off his ability to hide his entire body tattoo. He came to prominence for his unique, signature look.

No one really knew what he appeared as without all his ink. A makeup commercial showed (first of all, how great of a product it was) what he would look like with all the tats removed. What a difference.

Joining The Plastics


Nothing quite like going full-on surgical with your looks. Apparently this was done as a method of Korean plastic surgery. Personally, she looks good either way. Crazy to think what modern technology can do these days.

At least she stopped here. Some folks go even further with their plastic surgery. Those before and after pics are a lot more shocking, but in a much sadder way. It’s your body, do what you want with it, but be careful.

Straightened Out


Who says money can’t buy you happiness? Well, I don’t think money can buy you happiness. But at least Tom Cruise has something to be happy about. That is if you can count that smirk as a full-on glamour shot smile.

Some celebrities that have become ubiquitously know as smoking hot can actually look like entirely different human beings with a simple makeover. Or, a makeunder, in some cases. So you see? There’s hope for all of us, yet.

Cover Up


There are few things worse than getting a tattoo and quickly discovering that the tattoo didn’t come out the way you wanted. Luckily, modern technology saves the day again with a beautifully done tattoo cover up. It’s truly amazing what these artists can do with a little needle and some ink.

There are countless talented tattoo artists around the world, doing phenomenal work in covering up more than the names of your ex-lovers you regret inking into your skin. Touch up work is quite popular, and can save your self-esteem.

8 Years of Bush


One cannot describe what the country was like under a George W. Bush presidency. Most of us can barely remember much of what it was like. It feels like a million years have passed since then, and his presidency felt like a million years in and of itself.

Much like Barack Obama, George W. Bush also spent a good long eight years within the White House. His age has certainly caught up with him. That’s what two million years will do to you.

The Hots For Harry


Let’s be honest with ourselves: We’re all extremely ecstatic that Emma Watson turned out to be a total babe. While this stunning actress was an awkward child in the early days of Harry Potter, she certainly grew into her looks. Looks and brains? There’s nothing better

That’s what a degree in advanced wizardry from Hogwarts can do for you. And sure, you might say magic isn’t real, but look at these two pictures and tell me you honestly believe that. Didn’t think so.

A Rocky Beginning


It is crazy to look back in our artistic careers and look at the first things we ever did. The process of that growth is such an amazing thing both emotionally and physically. Don’t ever be discouraged when trying something new if you’re not immediately good at it.

Most people aren’t prodigies. It takes patience and dedication to develop skill. Talent is often nurtured and grown, not bestowed upon you at birth. Keep working toward your goals.

A Drastic Change


Perhaps the most notable before and after photo that ever surfaced on the internet would have to be of the late Michael Jackson. Many people in this world watched this change unfold. His dance moves kept up with him, however.

His facial features changed drastically due to many plastic surgeries, and his skin color even changed due to a skin condition called vitiligo, which created light patches. As much as he changed physically, his voice was always the same.

Brace Yourself


Can we just take a moment and appreciate the modern miracle that are braces? Sure they are reviled by kids, but look how much good they can do. Time was, if you had crooked teeth, that was something you just had to accept and deal with.

But now? You can change the shape of your teeth with these contraptions. Sure, they used to be clunky and awkward, but we wore them in our teens when we were all clunky and awkward, so no one noticed. Today, they’re cheaper and sleeker than ever before. And as you can see, they

Jordin Sparks


Just look at how different Jordin Sparks looks after dropping 50 pounds. Her talent is still undeniable, but you can tell she has an all new swagger about her. And just look at those calves. Those are the legs of an athlete, and she’s just a singer.

Some people are talented in so many arenas. Doesn’t this just make you want to get up and change yourself for the better? You know… after just 12 more episode of that Netflix show you’re binging.

The Opposite


Sometimes it is also important to acknowledge the way that social media can fake you into thinking someone has an awesome before and after picture. Unfortunately, the more social media plays a part in our lives, the more this kind of thing happens. Sad, but true.

Let’s remember that life isn’t a bunch of pictures on our Instagram, and we can love ourselves for who we are in reality. Try your best to not compare yourself to anyone but yourself. If you’re better than you were yesterday, a week ago or even 20 years ago, then you’re winning.