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Awesomely Rare Photos Of Famous People Before They Broke Big

By Sarcasm Society - January 07, 2019

Stars, they’re just like us! (Because they also have had childhoods.) Stars of the big and small screen seem larger than life, but they are human just like us. And they weren’t always celebrities. They didn’t hatch from some egg in a production facility where Hollywood churns out their stars. No.

Hollywood didn’t open that star production facility until 2009, and the biggest name that came out of it was Chad Nebula (Who?… Exactly. Such a flop). The celebrities you know started like most of us, as total normies. Here we’ll get to see images of famous folk before they broke big.

Sarah Silverman

Credits: http://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/2gtmx0/sarah_silverman_in_new_york_at_open_call_for/

Here’s Sarah Silverman at an open call for Gypsy in the late 1980s. Silverman is sixteen in this photo. Only a few years after this photo was taken, Silverman would make a deal with a magician so that she would never age.

Honestly, she looks exactly the same 30 years later. They say that laughter is the best medicine, but apparently making people laugh is an even better medicine, as it completely halts the aging process and keeps you young forever.

Bill Clinton

Credits: https://www.history.com/photos/bill-clinton/photo3

Here we have a teenage Bill Clinton meeting his idol President John F. Kennedy. Around this time, Clinton decided he wanted to become an elected official. Some people say they want to become President of the United States, and other people actually do it!

It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to accomplish your dreams, and it’s nice to see the beginning of that idea and how it was actually accomplished. Very inspiring.

Tommy Lee Jones

Credits: https://abcnews.go.com/

Take a look at Tommy Lee Jones in 1965. The actor played offensive guard at St. Mark’s School of Texas. Can you even imagine the star of Men In Black and No Country For Old Men ever being a young man?

It seems like he’s been old for so long he must have been born that way. Well, no, Tommy Lee Jones was not “born old.” Here is photographic evidence that he was at least somewhat younger at one point.

Michael Jordan

Credits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jordan#College

We’ve seen a young comedian, a young president and a young movie star. Let’s look back on a young athlete by the name of Michael Jordan. Here he is in college hanging out in his dorm room in 1982. Jordan majored in cultural geography at North Carolina.

Yet another college graduate not using their degree! But I’m sure he was able to pay back any student loans he picked up along the way. I hear he did all right.

Jim Carrey

Credits: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1rd0ls/a_young_jim_carrey/

Before he was the amazing rubber-faced star we all knew and loved, he was just an unknown, fresh-faced youngster. This is the one and onl Jim Carrey in the 1970s. The Canadian-born actor would eventually become an international superstar.

But looking at that fresh young face, who knew he would later become famous for pretending to talk out of his butt? You never know the talents some people have until you give them a platform… and ask them to talk out of their butt.

Steve Carell

Credits: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/82612974391964423/

Steve Carell in costume during a school play his senior year of high school. Carell played Grandpa Vanderhof in his school’s production of You Can’t Take it With You. We hope he wasn’t as much of a ham as Michael Scott! Or maybe we do?

Turns out he’s always been a great dramatic actor. We know him more for comedies, but we shouldn’t have been so surprised at how great he was when he played serious roles. He has prior experience.

Vin Diesel

Credits: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/photos/photos-famous-11334609/image-vin-diesel-24604630

This might be the very best one yet. Thank the heavens for whoever found this yearbook photo of Vin Diesel from his senior year of Anglo American School in 1985. Yes, he once had hair. No, you should not make jokes about it!

His revenge upon you will be… well, it’ll be quick and angry. Or maybe speedy and mad. Perhaps it’ll be expedited and irate. Hmm, why don’t those sound quite right? I’ll have to watch a Fast and Furious movie to find inspiration.

Brad Pitt

Credits: http://www.coleman-rayner.com/

A 14-year-old Brad Pitt playing for the Cherokee Rejects in Missouri is pretty darn cute, isn’t it? The basketball team was organized by Pitt after they were rejected from the first-string basketball team. Although, it’s pretty impossible to think of Brad Pitt as being rejected for anything!

Makes you feel a little better about yourself, doesn’t it? Even Brad Pitt has faced struggles and hardships in his life. Even the perfect aren’t always perfect after all.

Morgan Freeman

Credits: http://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/2hfosd/morgan_freeman_sporting_a_wicked_afro_in_the_70s/

Morgan Freeman is in the Tommy Lee Jones camp of “Have They Ever Not Been Old?” Well, buckle up and prepare to be shocked, because apparently Mr. Freeman was actually younger at one point. I know, I was just as shocked as you were when I found out about this.

He appeared on the PBS kids’ show The Electric Company. We dare you to try to not read that sign in his voice. It’s impossible, right?

Queen Elizabeth II

Credits: http://www.history.com/news/8-things-you-may-not-know-about-queen-elizabeth-ii

We know Queen Elizabeth had to have been younger at some point due to the fact that there were kings and queens that came before her. Also, because we’ve been binge watching The Crown on Netflix.

Here she is in uniform during WWII. The Queen (then only a princess) is the only female member of the royal family to have served in the army. And she did it with style, too! What a wonderful monarch.

Vladamir Putin

Credits: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/5017264/Did-Vladimir-Putin-meet-Ronald-Reagan-as-an-undercover-KGB-man.html

Ronald Regan is at the forefront, but he’s not the person you should focus on in this picture. It isn’t even the boy going for the handshake. Do you recognize the man in the left in the striped shirt with the camera around his neck?

It’s Vladamir Putin! The current Russian president met the then President of the United States Ronald Regan when Putin was working as a KGB spy. His mission? To embarrass the leader of the free world.

Bob Ross

Credits: http://imgur.com/mryyGbc

This isn’t a trick, we assure you. This is Mr. Happy Little Trees himself. Bob Ross is almost unrecognizable without his trademark fro and easel. The painter served in the army as a drill instructor. He must have been the most soothing drill instructor ever!

Can you imagine it? All of the recruits must have felt so motivated and loved. Why can’t all drill instructors be so parental and encouraging? What a lovely world that would be.

Christian Bale

Credits: https://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/1z05z2/christian_bale_playing_an_atari_2600/

Some actors get their start by landing a role in a huge movie. Some get their start by landing bit parts in commercials. Christian Bale is an example of the latter. Take a look at him and that hair playing video games circa the late 1980s.

Empire of the Sun was one of the actor’s first movies. Wonder how much weight he had to gain or lose for that role? Hope he didn’t yell at anyone on that set.

Ben Stiller

Credits: https://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/215blj/ben_and_jerry_stiller_in_ny_circa_1978/

Celebrities weren’t always famous (obviously), but some of them were used to fame before they broke big. This is because they’re related to a celebrity. This is the case with a pre-fame Ben Stiller with his famous dad Jerry Stiller in New York City circa 1978.

The two are seeing The Gin Game on Broadway. Eventually, Ben would become more famous than his father, the student becoming the master. Although his father becoming most famous for playing someone else’s dad must have been weird.

Steve Buscemi

Credits: http://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/2xcf5n/steve_buscemi_fdny_1976/

Steve Buscemi was a firefighter in 1976. The actor was in the NYFD, and rejoined after 9/11. The only thing better than being rescued from a fire is being rescued from a fire by your favorite actor.

Can you imagine that? You were in a life or death scenario, then all of a sudden one of the most recognizable faces on Earth saves your life? You would have assumed you didn’t make it and this was Heaven.