AriZona Tea Is Now Going To Start Selling Weed

By Psquared - August 13, 2019

What helps you relax? Meditation is a great way to slow down the world around you. By focusing on your breathing, you can slow down your heart rate and lessen your anxiety. However, in order to do that you need to be able to find some time and the peace of mind to devote to this activity, so sadly, not enough of us do it. But that’s okay, because there are other options that require less thought and effort.

Tea is a great herbal remedy for all sorts of issues, stress included. It’s easy, too. You just brew some up or grab it from the store and indulge in it. And speaking of herbal remedies, marijuana has been shown to help you relax. And with it becoming legal in more and more states, it’s easier and safer than ever to get your hands on. But how relaxing would it be to combine these two? One company is way ahead of you and ready to sell the calming cannabis combo…

AriZona Ice Tea


As a state, Arizona is hot, dry and full of desert. Not exactly soothing or refreshing.

But as an iced tea? AriZona is where it’s at. You’ve seen their cans for years at the grocery store. Have you tried them?

They’re the best. Not only are they delicious and can quench even the mightiest of thirsts with all of their awesome flavors, but they come in extra tall cans and are usually pretty cheap, only recently raising their price above 99 cents.



We know that there’s a stigma attached to smoking pot. That’s because we’ve been told it’s the devil’s lettuce since we were young.

But it turns out that it isn’t as bad for you as we were told. In fact, it has some shocking positive medical benefits.

The rest of the country is starting to agree, as it’s being legalized in more and more states. And with legalization comes business opportunities, and AriZona Ice Tea is ready to capitalize on it.

AriZona Marijuana Ice Tea


According to the Wall Street Journal, you may soon be able to get that refreshing AriZona Iced Tea and get stoned all in the same gulp.

The Woodbury, New York–based company has signed a licensing deal with Dixie, a prominent cannabis company in Denver.

This agreement could eventually produce weed-infused drinks. So if you thought stoners liked these sweet beverages before, it’s about to reach Mountain Dew levels of worship in that particular community.

Preemptive Strike


If you’re in love with the idea of easily accessible weed tea, this is an exciting move, but don’t celebrate just yet.

The move is still in its early stages and depends on Dixie’s board’s approval before we’ll see this product on any shelves.

The company sees it as a preemptive strike. It’s a bet, much like predicting a stock. Well, considering how much people enjoy legalized marijuana and also love sweet drinks, this seems like it’ll be a pretty safe bet.

Nostalgia Factor


One of the main elements that AriZona is predicting will lead to success with this product is nostalgia.

Mainstream brands with nostalgic appeal and cannabis will have an intimate future, experts are saying. It makes sense if you think about it.

When you get high and want something to eat or drink, you tend to think of the brands you’re most familiar with and have been for a long time. This fact could lead to a flood of corporate pivots to weed in the future.

Best-Known Brands


And when it comes to brands that lovers of cannabis recognize and enjoy, AriZona is right near the top of this list.

The merger is less of a weird gimmick for a niche audience than it is a savvy business move that will pay off, as experts point out.

“It’s probably one of the best-known brands in the cannabis space, and a huge brand in beverages, getting together,” said Sam Kamin, a professor of marijuana law and policy at the University of Denver. “It’s huge.”

Future Brands' Involvement


Think of all the stereotypical foods and beverages that you get cravings for when you’re high.

It might not be too long until we see them coming out with their own line of cannabis consumer goods. Just imagine them.

Funyuns infused with weed would lead to a new boom period in the economy alone. How about Pop-Tarts? Of course, these won’t be available to children, so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s a bold new world, and AriZona is at the forefront of it.

Gen X Appeal


Jon Lowen is a co-founder of Surfside, a company that helps its clients advertise their cannabis products. He chimed in on AriZona’s move, saying,

“From a branding perspective, we definitely do see the trends in mainstream culture correlate to how products are marketed and positioned in cannabis as well.

Pulling from the nostalgia of the ’80s and ’90s definitely resonates with Gen X and early millennials.”

Marijuana may be potent, but there’s no drug stronger to our generation than nostalgia.

Brand Trust


Nam Tran is the brand manager of GoodFellas, a cannabis-focused creative, branding and sales agency. He made a similar point on the topic, saying,

“This is, of course, going to happen. Cannabis has only been legal in some states for a few short years and a good portion of the customers are new users or users that haven’t used in years.

Those customers don’t know what cannabis brand to trust, but they do trust brands in other industries.”



So, in a sense, these recognizable and trusted corporate brands are the gateway to what’s been erroneously called the gateway drug.

If you’ve never tried weed before, it may be a bit scary to try some from a store and from a company you’ve never heard of.

But if you see a McPot Shake, you’re gonna think that this mega corporation doesn’t want a lawsuit and did enough due diligence to make sure it’s at least kinda safe. Genius, in a corporate, soulless kind of way, isn’t it?



AriZona is really the first business of its kind to launch into this realm, and the one that can set a potential precedent for what lies ahead.

Well… technically, that’s only true if you don’t count alcohol. Last year, the owner of Corona beer spent four billion dollars to increase its stake in a cannabis company.

Heineken’s California-based Lagunitas brand also beat AriZona to this, as they recently created a sparkling water spiked with cannabis.



However, it isn’t as simple as making weed tea and putting it on shelves, as laws from state to state make this product tricky to transport.

“Dixie is licensed in a number of states, and these products would have to comply with regulations in every state that they’re sold,” Kamin said.

“Arizona Iced Tea is going to have to adjust to a situation where it’s making the product in the state where it will be sold, and that’s certainly a different economic model than most beverage companies are familiar with.”

Other Setbacks


Robert MacCoun is a professor of law at Stanford University. He thinks this shift to weed might increase AriZona’s number of consumers.

While you’d think this is a good thing for the business, he sees it as a potential setback, saying,

“Arizona Beverage Company is making a perfectly sensible decision when considered purely as a business decision. But one doesn’t have to be a ‘reefer madness’ hysteric to ask, ‘Hmm, a refrigerator full of reefer drinks on a hot summer day—what could possibly go wrong?'”

Personal Responsibility


Of course, if you get AriZona weed tea and keep it in your fridge in a home with minors, you need to be responsible.

Monitor that they don’t mistake it or take it intentionally to get a sweet buzz from it.

It’s new territory and will have hiccups along the way. But with loosening laws around the country, it’s looking more and more like this will be an inevitability. Colorado Governor Jared Polis even signed legislation that allows a publicly traded company, or outside investors, to buy into up to two cannabis companies in the state.

Final Thoughts


“You have states like Colorado realizing they’re going to lose capital to places like Canada, where this is fully legal, trying to attract capital.

And you see the legislature at least anticipating deals like this being done,” Kamin said, summing up his final thoughts on the matter.

So, what do you think? Are you in favor of this? Against it? Either way, you have to admit it’s a genius business decision on AriZona’s part… and the exact drink you need at the end of a stressful day.