An Owner Reunites With Her Lost Dog Two Years Later

By Psquared - July 11, 2019

We here at Sarcasm Society pride ourselves on being mostly educational and hilarious. That’s kind’ve our bread and butter when it comes to the content we publish. But every now and then we come across a real tearjerker of a tale that we think is worth telling. Although this is more of a “tail.” Okay, sorry, just had to get that pun out of our system, because this one is gonna leave you a blubbering mess, so get those tissues ready.

But don’t worry. This isn’t the type of story that’s gonna leave you depressed and losing more faith in humanity. This is just the opposite. They will be ugly tears of joy, reviving your optimism in the human species, as well as another particular species. Which one? The one that is best friends with ours. So if you have a pet, grab them and hold them tight, because your bond with them is way stronger than you may even realize…



We don’t mean to disparage any cat, ferret or fish people out there, but dogs are the best.

Also, to clarify, if you’re a reptile person… we don’t mind disparaging you. Snakes a lizards are weird pets to have and we all judge you.

But dogs? Just look at those little treasures. Is there anything more pure and sweet in the world? And as much as we love them, they somehow love as back twice as much. See? The best.



Unfortunately, as much as we love dogs, they’re not all taken care of as well as they should be.

Some are found lost and abandoned or even worse. Luckily, there are good people out there looking to take care of dogs of all shapes and sizes, no matter the issues they’re dealing with.

Shelters are places where strays can be nursed back to health and eventually find a loving, new home. However, this story involves a dog that found a loving old home.

Rescued Dog


In June of 2019, an animal shelter in Ukraine found this dog and rescued it.

He was absolutely filthy and it was obvious he was neglected. He had been living on the street for a while by the time they found him.

The poor boy was emaciated and was covered in mange. But despite the poor shape he was in, he still had a lot of life in him, and they could see his will to survive in his piercing blue eyes.

The Search Begins


So the shelter cleaned and nursed him back to health. After a lot of food and medicine, he was as good as new.

Their next move was to find a loving home for him. They thought it would be difficult.

After all, this was an older dog that was in absolutely rough shape not too long ago. Who would want to take this dog home instead of a healthy, young pup? But still, the shelter made a post on their Facebook showing him off.

Dog Love


If there’s one thing we can all learn from this story, it’s that you should never underestimate the internet’s love of dogs.

The shelter was looking for someone willing to adopt this dog, and his piercing blue eyes garnered a lot of attention.

The Facebook post was shared hundreds of times. Before too long, he was sure to find a new home. But it was then that something amazing happened, and they learned how he got into the rough shape he was in.

His Owner


After two days and more shares than they could count, a woman reached out to the shelter.

She was interested in taking this dog home as soon as possible, mainly because she suspected that he was her dog to begin with!

Even though he was much skinnier and a little worse for wear, she instantly recognized those blue eyes of his. Was she some kind of terrible person that abandoned the poor pup and wanted him back now that he was internet famous?



Not at all. Apparently, this dog’s name was Lord, and he was actually stolen from her yard in 2017.

Why would someone do something so terrible? Who knows. But this poor woman never stopped looking for her missing friend.

“She’d been looking for her dog for two years,” shelter worker Galina Lekunova said. And now, she thought that she found him. But was this in fact Lord? And if it was, would the traumatized dog remember his original owner?



The woman arrived at the shelter the day after she contacted them, eager to reunite with Lord (assuming this was actually him).

They were given space for their reunion. They approached each other, slowly and hesitant to begin with.

But then suddenly, the dog’s tail started wagging and he leaped onto the woman, hugged her and covered her in kisses. The woman instantly started crying tears of joy. She had been looking for Lord for two years, and here he was!

Watch For Yourself


Dang it, what have we told you about chopping all those onions? You know our eyes can’t handle it!

If that wasn’t enough to melt you into a little pug puddle of emotions, the shelter actually captured this emotional scene on camera.

There’s a video of this joyous reunion you can watch from their Facebook page (the same one that reunited these two!). Be warned, though. There are piles, and piles of onions chopped throughout the whole thing.

Tears Of Joy


If you’re leaking liquids of joy out of your eye holes, don’t fear, because you’re not alone.

The shelter gave their own reaction to the video on their Facebook page, saying, “Fantastic Monday! Tears of joy in the morning.

All this time, the owners were looking for him, posted photos in groups. And here it is – a miracle. Thanks to your repost the dog was seen by a family friend living in Australia as well!!! I called the owners and they rushed for their treasure!”

Life Was Saved


What are the odds that this dog would be able to have a happy reunion with their original owner?

As much as we like to bag on all the stupid stuff that goes down on social media, this is proof it can still be used for good.

The shelter expressed their gratitude to everyone for making this possible, saying, “We thank everyone who shared our post. Thanks to you, the dog’s life was saved, and peace returned to his owner’s soul!”



As you’d imagine, several people who saw this video couldn’t help but share their feelings.

One user wrote, “I think that I would die in my heart if my precious Peaches was stolen. This dog took a moment and then it was, sniff sniff sniff, wait I think I know this person.

Yes! I know you! ” you are…mom?”, ” MOM?! ” “MOM!!!” “It you! You found me!” “Mom! Mom!! Mom !!!!!” I am cried happy tears as I type this. Thank you for getting this family back together.”

Dog/Owner Relationship


Just look at the expression on both of their faces in this image. Is there any love more pure than that of a dog and its owner?

Another user pointed out just how excited Lord must have been to show this much affection.

“Even with how weak the dog is, he still got up on his hind legs to greet his human.”

Heck yeah, he did. Not to get all Huey Lewis And The News up in here, but that’s the power of love.

Take Care Of Your Pet


This is also a reminder that your pets are living creatures, and they need love and care.

This poor woman had Lord stolen from her, but many owners aren’t as compassionate and dedicated to their animal friends as her.

Never adopt an animal if you don’t have the time or accommodations that they need. It’s a huge responsibility that’s absolutely worth it, but you need to be willing to put in the work. And yes, this even goes to you snake and lizard owners, too.

Thank You


And of course, we’re not saying this to try and scare you off from owning a pet.

We just want you to know the realities of it. In fact, the world could use more pet owners, as there are countless shelters full of good boys and girls in need of a good home.

So take the story of this woman and Lord as an example for the kind of rewarding love you can experience when you adopt. Just watch out for all those dang chopped onions.