An Ice Cream Man Charges Influencers Double If They Ask For Free Cones (And He’s A Total Hero)

By lgentile - July 18, 2019

These days, social media is less about being social and more about selfies, self promotion and influencing. You can’t look at Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook without seeing some hot girl on a yacht doing an ad for some special tea that will make your tummy super flat. Did you buy it because you wanted to look just like her? Hey, we won’t judge. How about when you find yourself scrolling on Instagram and you come across a gorgeous girl with a killer body promoting some stacked burger and fries and it looks so good that you have to have it. Hey, if she can eat burgers and maintain that killer bod why can’t you? Everywhere you look online there is an influencer influencing. And while most places would happily comp a meal for an influencer to come in and post some pictures of them eating off their menu, this ice cream man couldn’t care less about influencers.


The City Of Influencers 


The city of Los Angeles is full of palm trees, green smoothies, avocado toast and influencers. 

On every street corner you are bound to find an influencer or a wannabe influencer taking pictures of their food. 

Take a look around and you’ll see an influencer in an cool outfit or holding a cool product and guess what? That’s all promotion, all the time. It must be nice to have that as your full time job, huh?

Best Job Ever?


And influencers must love their job! And why wouldn’t they love it? Wouldn’t you want to trade in your job for being an influencer? 

They get to look hot all the time and they get freebies galore for simply posting a picture of them with whatever they are promoting to their gazillion followers and everybody wins. 

All this talk about influencers kind of makes you want to be an influencers, doesn’t it?

Not Buying It


And whether or not you think being an influencer is rad,  the owners of CVT Soft Serve in Los Angeles are not buying the whole “influencer” movement. 

When influencers kept asking the food truck for handouts in exchange for tags and posts and hashtags, CVT put their foot down

Going against what any other business would probably do in this day and age, they decided to try something a little different.

They Said No


And when we say that they did something a little different, we mean that they said no. 

And not only did they refuse to give out free cones to those who wanted to post about them online, they took it a step forward. 

Recently, the ice cream vendors posted on Instagram that anyone who asks for free food will now have to pay twice as much as everyone else. It’s a savage move, isn’t it?

Influencers Pay Double


And you may be thinking, “Oh damn, that’s harsh!” But is it? Why should they give out free cones? They have a business to run, don’t they?

A photo was shared with co-founder Joe Nicchi holding a sign that reads “Influencers pay double.” 

Influencers love all that free stuff so this sign seems like it will be just the thing that will definitely keep them away.

Proving Their Point


And when they posted the photo they wrote, “We’ve decided to make this thing official with signage. We truly don’t care if you’re an Influencer, or how many followers you have.”

And as if that wasn’t clear enough…”We will never give you a free ice cream in exchange for a post on your social media page.”

But they weren’t done making their point yet. They had a little more to say…

Influencers Are Gross?!


Just in case an influencer wasn’t getting the point he ended the post with, “It’s literally a $4 item…well now it’s $8 for you. #InfluencersAreGross”

Influencers are gross? Wow. He is taking a side and he is doubling down, isn’t he?

And this isn’t the first picture that they posted about their disdain for influencers. A few days before he came out with that caption, the ice cream truck posted a picture of just a sign from their truck.

'Ouch!' If You Are An Influencer


The sign on the truck reads, “We couldn’t care less about how many followers you have, and we’re super embarrassed for you when you tell us.”

Do you think that they aren’t fans of influencers? We can’t really tell. Can you? 

We would love to hear about how influencers are feeling about all this. If we were influencers we would probably stay away from their ice cream truck, that’s for sure!

Going Viral


And since they posted those two posts on their Instagram account, it is no surprise that they have gone viral. 

Wait a minute! They went viral without the help of influencers? Wow. What a concept. But technically they did get help from influencers. 

See, they wouldn’t have gone viral without their disdain for influencers and therefore, do we give these influencers all the credit?

Give A Little Credit


Maybe we should give influencers just a little credit for helping CVT Soft Serve get some extra press just to be fair. 

Since the original post, CVT Soft Serve has shared several screenshots from news sources writing about their new “no influencers” policy. 

And while most of the comments on the posts love their idea against influencers, CVT just wanted to clear up some things since they did in fact go viral.

Another Kind Of Influencer


“Of course the irony of this situation isn’t lost on me! I’m thrilled for the press, but my true excitement comes from exposing ‘Influencers’ and their fake followers.”

Can it be that Joe Nicchi has become an influencer without trying to be an influencer by just making fun of influencers? Damn, that is meta. 

Either way, this move made their company go viral and that is as influential as it gets.

A Special Visit


With the help of the press and word of mouth of course, they have already had famous customers like Bill Murray, who once stopped by for a nice cold treat in the Los Angeles heat.

Well, Bill Murray is the best kind of influencer there is and nobody would ever turn Bill Murray away. He is what influencers are supposed to be! 

Joe Nicchi is pleased about all the press, and no matter how much press he gets, he still stands by his “no influencers allowed” rule.

From East Coast To West Coast


Joe Nicchi started CVT, which stands for Chocolate Vanilla Twist,  in 2012 with his wife Taylor. 

The two of them wanted to open up an ice cream truck that would bring East Coast soft serve to the West Coast. And they did! 

CVT offers just chocolate and vanilla and sprinkles. At this ice cream truck you will find no other toppings and no nonsense. Clearly.

Do You Know Who I Am?


Nicchi told Newsweek that being an influencer is today’s version of asking “Do you know who I am?” but for people without talent.

“I came up with the policy after being burned out on people trying to get free ice cream in exchange for their posts.”

He went on to say, “ L.A. is full of so-called ‘influencers’ with large followings that are actually fake because they most likely paid for likes and follows. Anyone can have a following if they want to pay for it. Google ‘social media bots.'”

Taking Down The Culture


So, to any of our influencer readers out there, maybe you should try another spot for a freebie in exchange for an Instagram post?

It doesn’t look like Nicchi is going to change his mind about influencers or budge anytime soon so you have been warned. 

Look, maybe it’s time to take down influencer culture, one hot blonde in a bikini at a time. But then again, who would we look to for skin care advice?