All The Ways We Unknowingly Harm Our Bodies When We’re Taking A Shower

By Psquared - July 05, 2019

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so they say. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so you have to take care of it. This involves showering regularly. We don’t feel like we should have to tell you this, but if you’ve been to some outdoor music festivals or comic book conventions, you may have caught on that not everyone is as familiar with how important it is to shower. And that thing you caught on to was their overwhelming stench.

Hygiene is super important, y’all. If not for yourself, then please, please do it for those around you. Deodorant won’t kill you, and brushing your teeth and popping a breath mint every now and then is an act of charity that doesn’t take up a lot of your time. And above all of those, please bathe at least somewhat regularly. We’ll all thank you for it, and you will appreciate it, because showering feels great!



Doesn’t a nice, long, hot shower make you feel so good that you could sing, thus extending your shower even longer?

Well, before you do that, we hate to break it to you, but… showering isn’t that good for you if you’re doing it incorrectly.

Boy, after that opening diatribe, we have egg on our face… which we need to wash off now, but don’t know how to safely. If you suffer from any skin conditions like eczema, dry, itchy, or red skin, it may stem from your showering habits. Here are the ways you unknowingly harm your body in there…

Razors With Too Many Blades


If you’re going to shave your legs or face, you want to be thorough so you don’t have to shave that often.

That’s why we get razors with a ton of blades on them. It is true: razors work best when there’s more than three blades.

However, all those extra blades mean that there are more sharp metal edges cutting into you skin. Using too many razor blades will damage your hair follicle, causing razor bumps. Stick to three blades or less.



Thank goodness for loofahs. They allow you to get those sweet, sanitary suds all over your body.

You can even reach your back and get those areas that you’d usually need someone else to help you with. This makes you cleaner… right?

Not necessarily. Loofahs are sponges for soap, but also for harmful bacteria and other nasty stuff. Make sure to always change these at least once every month so that you’re not scrubbing bacteria or mold on your skin.

Washing Your Hair Daily


If you’re lucky enough to still have your hair, you want to be sure to take care of it.

For many people, this means washing it every day. After all, what better way to care for your hair than to wash it daily?

Well, it turns out if you wash your hair every day, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Health professionals recommend washing your hair twice a week in order to achieve moisture balance. Also, the coarser and thicker hair you have, the less you need to wash it.

Not Conditioning Your Scalp


And when you wash your hair (less often than you think you have to), make sure to do it correctly.

We tend to focus so much on treating on our hair that we neglect our scalp. Conditioner is needed for this part of your head as well.

You’re supposed to be conditioning your scalp as well. The follicles in your hair are alive, so when you condition your scalp, you’re essentially moisturizing all of your hair. So hit your scalp and those split end with the conditioner as well.

Products With Harsh Ingredients


Okay, so we’ve learned when to wash our hair and how to wash our hair more effectively.

But what should we be using to wash with? The best recommendation is to avoid anything full of harsh chemicals to avoid drying your hair and skin out.

And not all products that are listed as “natural” or “organic” will avoid stripping your skin and hair of natural oils. In general, avoid artificial colors, fragrances and parabens. Your skin will thank you for it.

Using The Same Products For Years


There’s more to product selection than just reading the labels, too. Variety is the spice of life, and also the secret to healthy hair and skin.

According to the owner of The Hair Management Group in San Antionio, Texas, if your hair is prone to breakage, you need to change your shampoo often.

They say, “For people 50 and older, hair strands require more TLC. As you age, the hair loses protein, elasticity and density. Safeguard your hair by using sulfate-free shampoos, which are much gentler, avoiding brittleness.”

Overly Drying


So harsh products can leave your skin overly dry. You know what else can? You!

Overly drying your skin with a towel can (surprise!)… leave you too dry. The key is to leave your body moist (we know you hate that word, but the feeling of it on your skin is divine).

After you step out of the shower you should moisturize your skin to prevent wrinkles and to keep it looking soft and healthy. Make sure you don’t wait too long to moisturize your body!

Showering For Too Long


As we already mentioned, there’s no better feeling in the world than a nice, long relaxing shower.

However, just because it feels good doesn’t mean it’s good for you. If that were the case, then French fries would be the ultimate power food. Sigh… if only.

Long showers dry you out. Experts say the optimal duration of a shower is said to be 10 minutes. Anything longer will dry out your skin, which may result in that itchy sensation you feel soon after.

Too Much Body Wash


As we’ve learned so far, everything we’ve been doing that we think helps… actually doesn’t.

The same is true of our body wash. Like with everything else we’ve seen, less is more. Want to be healthier and less dry? Do less!

We know… our body washes smell amazing and leave us feeling so clean. But using too much is harming the natural protective oil layer on our skin. Experts suggest washing your body thoroughly only once a week. It feels wrong… but it somehow isn’t.

Hot Water


We know that long hot showers can leave your skin dry. But it isn’t just the length doing the damage: it’s also the temperature.

Hot water feels heavenly, but it also makes your skin defenseless. Why are all the best things in life so bad for you? What’s wrong with hot water?

Well, it removes your natural skin oils and leaves your skin red, dry and flaky. It may feel soothing at first, but as your blood flow increases, your skin is at risk of inflammation and rashes.

Cold Water


So you shouldn’t be showering with water that’s hot. But if you love hot water, it can still help you… if you drink it instead.

Besides showering, there are other things we do that unwillingly harm our body. One example is drinking extra cold water. Turns out, warmer water is better for you to ingest.

Cold water is extremely refreshing on a warm day, but can make health issues worse. It can increase mucous, making colds last longer. It can also exacerbate headaches and even lead you to becoming more dehydrated if you’re not careful.

Applying Moisturizer


Speaking of staying hydrated, if you want to keep your skin from drying out, you should really be using moisturizer.

However, few people know how to properly apply it. You don’t need to forcefully rub it into your skin. Just tap it on gently.

It will absorb into your skin on its own and be much more effective. If you plan on applying makeup, wait for it to be absorbed first to get the maximum effect out of the product.

Eating Red Meat


Ever since we were little, we saw the food pyramid and were told that we should eat meat to complete a healthy diet.

While red meat is full of protein, eating it is associated with more risk than it’s worth.

For starters, it increases your risk for cancer, decreases effects of antibiotics, makes it harder to maintain your body weight, the raising of cattle leads to more air pollution and, oh yeah… that protein? It’s mostly lost with the heat of cooking it.

Eating Pizza


Lastly, and possibly the most important tip of all, you may have been eating pizza incorrectly your entire life.

How does this harm you? Because wasted pizza harms everyone, that’s why! Refer to this helpful image for the proper technique.

You always want to bend the crust just a little like this, causing it to form a bit of a U-shape, which supports the slice. This prevents it from flopping and losing toppings. Because as we all know, when that happens, you just want to take a long shower to wash off the shame. And long showers… not that great for you, apparently.