All The Ways A Used Tea Bag Will Make Your Life Better

By lgentile - May 29, 2019

A warm cup of tea is good for your body and is also good for the soul. There is nothing like coming come from a long, stressful day and curling up on the couch with a warm cup of tea. It is both a restart for the rest of your night and can also mellow you out and help you sleep.

And while we already know that tea is extremely therapeutic, it has additional uses that you may not even know about. Instead of throwing that old tea bag away, you may be able to put it to good use. So drink your tea and hold onto the bag. There are 20 different ways you can use that old tea bag. You will be so amazed by all the uses, that you will become a regular tea drinker just to get your hand on those tea bags. Finished with your cup of tea? Pour another one and put that teabag to good use.

For Oral Care


Don’t you just hate going to the dentist? Getting work done on your teeth is the absolute worst!

Next time you have to get some work done on your teeth, try this little trick. After a dental procedure, most dental surgeons will shove some cotton balls in your mouth and call it a day.

Next time, instead of those uncomfortable cotton balls or gauze, try plugging up your gums with a few used teabags. Not only are they absorbent, but they also have healing properties that will sooth your mouth.

Treat That Gnarly Sunburn


Did you overdo it in the sun and need a little help getting rid of that gnarly sunburn?

Getting an extreme sunburn is the worst. You not only have to spend a few days sporting a lobster look but it’s painful AF.

Next time you get fried in the sun, rub some black tea onto the affected areas. The tannic acid from the leaves will help sooth the burns and will make the recovery process a little more bearable.

Cleaning Your Dirty Dishes


Don’t you just hate doing the dishes? If you leave dishes in the sink too all the grime and grease gets stuck on them and it can be a real chore.

That is, until now. Next time you are soaking your dishes, throw some tea bags in the mix.

Once you are ready to rinse, you will see that the grease just slides off because the tannins in the tea will help loosen any food that may have dried on the plates.


An All Natural Mouth Wash


Look, Listerine will do the trick better than anything else can. But, the alcohol found in Listerine and most oral rinses are not really the best for your overall health.

Next time you need to refresh, try tea instead. Boil some green or mint tea and let it cool a bit.

Swish it around, and you’ve created your very own all natural mouthwash. Don’t believe that it will do the trick? Why don’t you try it for yourself?



Stinky Feet


Do you suffer from stinky feet? Yes, that’s a technical term. Next time your feet make your shoes smell funkier than funky, try this trick.

First, take those stinky shoes off and let them breath. Then throw a few tea bags into each shoe and let them sit for a bit.

The leaves will help absorb any foul odors in the and even the stinkiest shoes will smell great again. Well, at least better.



Healing Your Feet


Speaking of funky feet, if you suffer from the funk, this might also be a great solution for you.

If you have some foot funk, ditch the fungal creams or foot powders and go all natural with some tea.

Soak some teabags into some warm water and start to soak. Not only will the tea get rid of the odor, but it will also absorb into your feet and will give you a nice boost of anti-oxidants.




Foot Soak: Foot odors are often dealt with using anti-fungal creams and foot powders, but savvy DIYers can make an odor-killing foot soak with just some warm water and few tea bags. Not only will the tea eliminate the smell, but it’ll also absorb into your feet, giving you a nice boost of antioxidants.

Old Timey Art


Do you or does your child have an art project that needs to look weathered or old or even ancient?

Well, you can make that paper look decades or even centuries old without breaking the bank with just a few used teabags.

It’s really easy to make. Just wet those bags and use the tea remnants to dye the paper. Crinkle it up and burn the edges for some extra credit and you will have everyone fooled.

A Substitute For Botox


Do you have tired eyes and big puffy bags under your eyes? Do you want to fix it but you are not quite ready to dive into the world of botox injections and steroids creams?

Well, good news. A little tea might so the trick. All you have to do is chill a few used tea bags and place them under your eyes.

This will allow the anti-inflammatory properties of the leaves to reduce the puffiness.

Pest Control


You know what they say: “When you see one mouse in the house, that means there are more.”

Well, don’t you worry about a thing. Here is a humane way to get rid of those mice without uses any traps at all.

For some reason, mice hate the small of peppermint. Therefore, you should buy some peppermint tea and put it in a spray bottle. Then spray any cracks that you suspect that mouse may be living in, and there you have it!

Flavor Your Pasta


We bet you never thought about flavoring your pasta or rice with some used teabags, but it makes complete sense!

If your pasta or rice tastes bland, you can kicks things up a notch. Want jasmine rice that actually tastes like jasmine? It’s so simple!

Just boil a few tea bags in your cooking water before you toss in your grains. Toss in the grains once your water comes to a boil and there you have it!

Tenderize Your Meat


Vegetarians, put on your ears muffs, please. For the rest of us meat eaters, don’t you just love the taste of tenderized meat? It can be tough to get that meat just right.

Here is a little tip for you. Next time, you are going to cook beef, marinate the meat in tea.

This will allow the tannins to break down the fibers that make the beef tough. It’ll also give it a nice rich flavor.




Tenderize Meat: Tired of wailing on your sirloin until it’s tender enough to grill up? Marinate the meat in tea to allow the tannins to break down the fibers that make the beef tough. No more long nights in the meat locker for you!

Treating Acne


Do you have acne that just won’t go away? Have you tried everything to help clear your skin? You may think that you’ve tried it all, but maybe it’s time to rub some tea on your face.

So if you are currently treating your acne and it doesn’t seem to be working, ditch those medicated creams and just try a trusty teabag instead.

A tea bag’s anti-inflammatory properties will significantly reduce the appearance of acne so you can think about the more important things in life.

Tending To Your Garden


Did you know that teabags can help you with your gardening by acting as a fungicide?

If your plants are often being plagued by fungus, try using some teabags. Because the teabags will lower the pH balance in the soil, they are a great way to prevent unwanted spores from popping up. Great, cheap and environmentally safe, that is.

Will they also get rid of squirrels who won’t stop eating plants from peoples gardens? Asking for a friend.

Some Puppy Pampering


Have you taken your dog to a puppy spa lately? Why not? They probably need treatments more than we do. Especially on their little feet.

The pads on a dog’s feet go through a lot throughout the day. They walk on hot concrete and they frequently step on sharp objects.

A little tea treatment can really help your dog’s tired feet. Black tea is believed to help strengthen your dogs paws so take that old teabag and give them a little foot rub.



Air Freshener


Sick of that clunky neon tree hanging from your rearview mirror? The smell has be overpowering and can hit you right in the face.

If you want a more natural and subtle air freshener in your car, try using a tea bag instead. It’s super simple. Take a dry tea bag and add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice onto the bag.

This will not only smell nice, but the tea bag will also help absorb any bad odors that may belingering around.


All Natural Hair Dye


While teas won’t permanently dye your hair a completely different color, they will help stain your look.

Use the tea to rinse through the hair, or soak your hair in the tea and leave it on for lasting results. The tea will create a nice glossy look and really make it shine.

You can also use coffee to help stain your look. Just make sure you cool these liquids before applying or you can cause some serious damage.




For Staining And Polishing


If you are a woodworker looking for a natural alternative to wood stain or polish, look no further.

You don’t need to go to the store to find a substitute, you just need to open your own kitchen cabinet.

Use a small cloth or rag and dip it into some steeped tea. Then lightly dab the spot that needs staining or polishing. You can even safely use this trick on antique wooden furniture and floors.

Covering Up A Bad Smell


You know when you are cooking and for the next step you have to chop an onion and that smell of onions just sits on your fingers for days. Why is that?

That smell is almost impossible to get rid of, no matter how many times you wash your hands.

Next time try rubbing a wet tea bag onto your hands to help eliminate the smell. Go ahead and try it. You won’t be disappointed.

For Hair Loss


Losing your hair is something that we will all most likely have to face someday. Especially to our male readers. Sorry, but it’s true. Well, now you can say goodbye to expensive hair-loss treatments and reach for a bowl of steeped tea instead.

The caffeine in a caffeinated tea will help block dihydrotestrone, the hormone responsible for hair loss.

Give your hair a few rinses a week and you should be able to see so results.

As A Cleaning Product


Do you ever think about the damage that we are doing to our bodies and the environment when we use Lysol, Windex and bleach?

Tea can be a great natural alternative to chemical-laden cleaning sprays. First, make some tea and let it cool. Then, fill an empty spray bottle and stay spraying. Your windows will look amazing.

So there, you have it! 20 different ways to use a pain old tea bag. What are you waiting for? You better drink up and fast!