All The Uses For Hairspray (Besides Using It On Your Hair)

By Psquared - May 20, 2019

Are you having a good hair day? If so, you might want to thank your parents, because genetics may play a huge role in that. But if we’re being real, very few people can roll out of bed and look amazing. If the fur on top of your head look great, that’s no accident. That’s a lot of work. It takes care, maintenance and styling. And when it comes to styling your hair, we all have to give it up for hairspray: the not so secret weapon in our arsenal of grooming products.

But did you know that hairspray could be used for things other than, well… your hair? It’s true. Even though its name is literally what it’s designed to do, this styling projectile can be used for a number of different things. Click through and realize just how valuable that stuff really is, and how you may need to keep an extra can on you at all times for a variety of purposes.

Turn Newspaper Into Wrapping Paper


Your friends’ and family members’ birthdays are right around the corner. Then it will be the holidays.

Then there’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and International Pancake Day. So many holidays you need to buy gifts for people! That’s a ton of wrapping paper to purchase.

Recycle newspaper to use as wrapping paper by spraying it with hairspray. This will make it stronger and easier to fold and shape. This is a great way to save money and also upcycle.

Remove Ink


Do you fancy yourself a writer? Are you more old-fashioned? Instead of carrying around a laptop, you prefer a pen?

That’s romantic of you. Unfortunately, pens are full of ink, and unless you wear a pocket protector like a nerd you run the risk of having huge ink stains getting all over your clothing.

Ink stains are almost impossible to remove. However, hairspray can handle it. Spray it on the stain and then gently blot the ink up to remove it.

Straighten Curtains


There’s nothing better than getting to sleep in on the weekend. Unfortunately, sunlight in your room can make that difficult.

Luckily, you can hang up some curtains and block it out. Now you can sleep as long as you like! But what if those curtains get all wrinkly? Ugh, you have to iron them, right? Nope!

Want to straighten your curtains without taking them down and ironing them? Just spray them with hairspray. Then, just give them a quick fluff.

Remove Hair Dye From Fabric


Hairspray works wonders on your hair, allowing you to shape it to your exact specifications.

But did you know that hairspray also works wonders when it comes to removing stains? It’s true! What can’t this stuff do?

If you happen to drip some hair dye on your shirt, don’t panic. Simply spray the dyed area with hairspray. Then, gently blot the dye up to remove it. It protects your hair, but it also attacks the stuff that falls off it. Thankew!

Hold Zippers In Place


Many of us were teased and did some light teasing of our own while growing up.

As a result, we have PTSD and certain triggers for some of these pranks. One of the big ones was being told our fly was down.

Sometimes, zippers don’t want to stay up. That can be embarrassing. Keep your zipper in place by spraying it with hairspray. The hair spray will keep you zipper up so you don’t have to constantly check it.

Preserve Flowers


Receiving flowers as a gift is a great way to make you feel loved and appreciated.

You want to put them on display, but sadly, they always seem to die and need to be thrown away in just over a week. Is there a way to preserve them?

Drying them can make them crunchy and cause them to fall apart. However, you can preserve them by spraying them with hairspray. A few sprays and your flowers will look better and last longer.

Tighten Screws


Do you live for DIY projects? Good for you! That’s a great way to save money and feel accomplished.

The problem with DIY projects though is the fact that you are… doing it yourself. You might mess up. But there are ways to ensure things stay intact and safe.

Secure screws by tightening them as much as possible. Then, spray them with hairspray to hold them in place. This makes them even more secure and can prevent things from slipping or breaking. DIY mastery achieved!

Display Food Enhancer


Have you ever been in someone’s home and saw them use food as a decoration?

It’s such a classy and elegant way to add a little life to any room, but unfortunately, food spoils, so you have to replace those decorations constantly.

If you want to use real food as décor, you can spray it with hairspray to make it shiny and to make it last longer. No need to spend money on expensive plastic fruit when you can make it yourself. Just don’t eat it.

Save Chalk Art


Do you or your kids have an artistic streak? Do you enjoy creating huge tapestries on the sidewalk or on blackboards in chalk?

It’s a versatile drawing tool, unfortunately it’s aldoso messy. But even worse, it wipes off so easily. All that hard work… gone!

Consider spraying the finished masterpiece with some hairspray. The hairspray won’t let the chalk wipe off as easily, so you can proudly display it without worry. It’s a great way to make your arts and crafts last longer.

Stop Art From Smudging


Chalk isn’t the only artistic drawing tool that can smudge easily. Come to think about it, almost any artwork can be ruined by carelessness.

If you make art with markers or ink, it can easily become smudged. Protect it by spraying the dried surface with hairspray.

No more smudges! Now your art can last longer and look more professional. Hang it up and feel secure knowing that it’ll stay preserved as long as you give it a spray every so often.

Keep Shoes From Slipping


You know what size shoe you wear. Heck, you’ve been the same size for years at this point.

So it’s frustrating when your shoe slips around. It’s the right size, but it doesn’t fit properly because it’s been so worn in.

If your shoes are rubbing on your heels and slipping off your feet add a little hairspray to the inside heel of the shoe to keep it in place and avoid blisters. You also could spray the bottom of your feet.

Preserve Leaves


We’ve seen that hairspray can work wonders when it comes to preserving all sorts of different objects.

You can use it on chalk, ink (and to remove ink!), fruits and even bugs. Here’s a fun idea for something else you can use it on.

Want to preserve some leaves for an art project or decoration? Trust us, you do. Spray them with hairspray to bring out their natural colors and to protect them. Your leaves will look better and last longer.

Remove Stains On Leather


By now you’re probably wondering what hairspray is made out of. How can this magic elixir do so many things?

We don’t know what’s in it, we just are thankful it works. We’re not even done yet! Here’s yet another thing that it can clean.

If you have leather shoes or furniture that have some marks or stains on them, hairspray can remove them. Spray some on the stain, and then use a clean cloth to wipe them down. Your leather will look as good as new.

Stop A Run In Pantyhose


Hairspray can keep your hair looking great and prevent it from becoming a mess while you’re out and about.

But did you know that it can also keep your clothes looking great and prevent them from getting all messed up?

Few things are as frustrating as a run in your hose. You can stop a run from getting worse by spraying the hose with hairspray. The hairspray bonds with the hose, so they are less likely to rip any further.

Thread A Needle


You know how if you use too much hairspray it can make the threads of your hair all stiff?

You can use this to your advantage! Are you having trouble getting a frayed thread through a needle?

Spray the end of the thread with some hairspray. It will stiffen up and be easier to get through the eye of the needle. Now you can sew on those buttons twice as fast. Even its weaknesses can be exploited as a strength!

Lint Removal


Hairspray is great at removing stains, but did you know that it can also be used for other cleaning purposes?

Lint can be difficult to remove. But if you spray a towel with hairspray, it picks lint up much more easily. No picking and peeling for hours.

Just spray it on. It makes the lint all wet and sticky, clumping them together. Then, simply wipe it up. It’ll all come off much more easily. That’s it! You’re now done.

Pet Hair Removal


You shouldn’t use hairspray on your dog. Yes, we know it’s tempting, especially when you imagine how adorable they’d look after a stylish makeover.

However, you can use hairspray on your dog’s hair once it’s off their body. It’ll make your life much easier, in fact. Pet hair can be hard to remove from furniture and clothing.

To make it simpler, spray some hairspray on a towel then rub it on the furry areas. The towel will pick up hair much easier and will remove it from any surface.

Petrify Insects


We all have our hobbies. Some of us like to collect stamps or coins. Boring, yes. But we enjoy it.

Then there are those who enjoy collecting insects. Hey, we all have our thing. If you are making an insect collection and need to preserve the insects.

Spraying or soaking them in hairspray can help. The hairspray will kill them quickly and also keep them looking great. Your bug collection will be much easier to complete with this simple hack.

Light A Fire


We hope you already know this, but just in case you don’t: hairspray is super flammable.

So you don’t want to let your hair near a fire if hairspray is in it. But this flammability can be used to your advantage if you need to light a fire and have nothing else to start it with.

Simply spray some hairspray over the flame from a lighter. You can easily catch wood or paper on fire this way. This can be dangerous, so be careful.

Self Defense


Hairspray and a lighter makes a homemade flamethrower. That’s great for self-defense… if you’re cool with potentially burning yourself and everything around you down as well.

If you don’t have pepper spray and need to fight off an attack, spraying hairspray in a person’s or animal’s eyes can give you enough time to escape.

If you don’t have pepper spray, hairspray can save you in a pinch. Just don’t forget to keep a small bottle in your purse or car. It saves your hair and your well-being? This stuff really is magic!