After A Fight, A Girlfriend Left A HUGE Tip On Her Boyfriend’s Credit Card

By Psquared - July 22, 2019

Love is the greatest thing in the world, if the topic of 95.6% of songs ever written is any indicator. If you find that special someone, you not only found someone to eventually split rent with (which is good enough on its own), but you also found someone to do things with. Oh, and they also make you feel less alone, understood and can even make you learn to love yourself, even your faults because they’re a part of you and if this amazing person can love even your faults, then darn it, you can learn to as well.

That’s the power of love… when it’s used for good. Because not all of those 95.6% of songs ever written are about how wonderful and conflict-free love is. A good portion of them (51.4%, so roughly half, while we’re throwing out made-up numbers) are about how much love can hurt. But while some people only write a song when they get their heartbroken, several others? Well, they get even…



Breaking up is hard to do. We know because that’s literally the name of a song our grandparents rocked out to.

While the mature way to breakup is to have an adult conversation and realize you’re simply incompatible and part on amicable terms, there’s nothing fun about that.

And we only share the fun stories with you, and hooooo boy, is this a fun one. It takes place in Florida (naturally) and stars Serina Wolfe. It all started with an argument with her boyfriend…

Long Distance


If you think a regular romance is tough, try carrying on a long distance one.

Yes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, but after a while, you just want to date someone that’s actually in your area code.

Well, Serina is from Buffalo, NY and was dating Michael Crane who lived in Florida. As much as we like poking fun at Florida natives for being crazy, Michael seems like the sane one. Serina got insanely mad at him for refusing to pay for her flight back home to New York.

Clear Sky Beachside Cafe


Now, asking someone to pay for your plane ticket is a pretty big request, so she shouldn’t have been too upset he turned her down.

However, part of the reason she may have been upset is because she felt like he could afford it.

How did she know? Well, we’ll get to that in just a second. Before returning home, she decided to grab a bite at Clear Sky Beachside Cafe in Clearwater, FL. And Michael was kind enough to pick up the tab.

Credit Card


There was just one tiny little problem, though: Michael didn’t know that he was going to be buying her meal.

At some point, Serina had stolen Michael’s credit card. If he wasn’t going to buy her a plane ticket, the least he could do was buy her a nice lunch, she thought.

And you know how when someone else is paying for your meal, you tend to be self-conscious about spending too much and seeming like you’re taking advantage? Serina didn’t have that issue.

The Bill


Between food and drinks, Serina rang up a tab of $55.37. That’s a pretty expensive lunch for just one person.

Now, the restaurant seems nice, so we’re sure the food must have been delicious, but we’re only guessing on that front.

But here’s something that we can be absolutely positive about: the service there must have been incredible. How do we know? Well, why don’t you take a look at this picture of the receipt and see how much Serina left for a tip.

Five. Thousand. Dollars


That’s not a mistake. Serina actually tipped the server $5,000 on the $55.37 bill for a grand total of $5,055.37.

We’d say she’s being generous, but technically, Michael’s the one being so giving, and he didn’t even know about it!

Normally, if a server does a great job you leave them 20%. But this? We did the math, and that equates to a 9,030% tip. What, did she also get a massage or something? Either the server was great, or (most likely), Serina just wanted to stick it to her recent ex.

The Server


The server was confused, but immensely grateful for this sudden massive income of unexpected cash.

The server had recently put their dog down, so this was certainly one way to lift their spirits. And you want to know the crazy thing?

Clear Sky Beachside Cafe had already paid the tip to the server by the time it was reported as fraudulent. Oh, yeah. Michael totally freaked out when he noticed his credit card was missing and saw the activity on his statement.



Michael reported the charge as fraudulent to his credit card company after Serina denied making the purchase.

It was apparent she was the one who did it. Michael said in the affidavit he thought she “was drunk or trying to get back at [me.]”

Well, when you spend $55 bucks on lunch, a lot of that must have been alcohol, and alcohol tends to prevent you from making the best decisions. So, Serina got arrested and sent to Pinellas County Jail.



Mugshots are usually low points in the life of anyone who has to stand in front of that camera of shame.

But that look on Serina’s face? That’s the look of someone who’s thinking, “It was totally worth it.”

She was held on $1,000 bond. That’s a pretty pricey bill. It’s a shame she doesn’t still have Michael’s credit card, although to be fair, we assume he canceled it by this point. If you think this story of getting revenge on your ex is nuts, take a look at some of these…

Petty HOF


When you’ve gone through a messy breakup, the best advice is to just try and move on.

Although, it seems that expression should have been more specific and mention that you should move on farther than just to the house next door.

And look, we think being petty is childish and never a good look… but when you spend this much time and effort and even bring modern art into it, well… that’s actually pretty dang impressive, so well done, dude.

Burn It Down


We here at Sarcasm Society don’t condone or endorse setting fire to the belongings of others.

That said, this is absolutely hilarious. Do you think they got this text message, it sent them into a rage and they set their possessions on fire then?

Or do you think they had already set their stuff ablaze days ago and were just patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to drop this photo? Either way, we salute you, and again state we aren’t cool with any of this. Nope… not at all.

Caught On Tape


What is it about going through a breakup that makes you want to set all of their worldly belongings on fire?

This woman was caught in the act of setting her ex’s car on fire. The most shocking thing here is how lackadaisical she looks while doing it.

She has the same body language as someone watering their house plant. This means either whatever he did was so heinous she has zero pause for guilt, or she’s done this enough times with other lovers it’s just routine at this point.

Return Policy


We should remind everyone that while emotions are running high during breakups, you shouldn’t take any wrongs against you as an excuse to set things on fire.

It’s best to just return their items to them in a timely manner and get them out of your lives ASAP.

That said, we should also probably clarify that it’s best to return the items separately. This woman damaged his car, but to be fair, this was a convenient way to return everything all at once.

Return On Investment


You know, destroying your ex’s car might feel good in the moment, but there’s a problem with it:

It’s over way too quick! They take it into the shop and their insurance will likely cover it. End of story. But this guy? He knows how to prolong the misery.

Imagine the level of hatred he must have felt to do all that paperwork and concoct a plan this evil. She’ll be paying this off longer than her student loans, and cursing him the whole time.



Cars don’t even need to be destroyed or used to make the person go into utter poverty.

Sometimes you can just use vehicles as a canvas to convey a nice message… that the person is about to go into extreme poverty.

Also, what is it about cars being used in revenge on ex’s? Why is it always the go-to method? Slashing tires is a classic, as is keying a message into the paint. At least this one is less violent and more legal.

Honk Me


Remember how satisfying it was as a kid to put “Kick Me” signs on someone’s back?

This is the adult equivalent of that, and even better, it’s not a bullying tactic but instead a way of getting justice in an unfair world.

Imagine what other drivers must think when they see this? They may cause an accident trying to get close enough to read all of this, but to be fair, when you go out sleeping around with strangers drunkenly every night, accidents are bound to happen.

Drag Him!


While it feels good to slap a message on the back of their car, the problem is once they notice it they’ll just take it down.

If you really want to drag them, why not put up a sign that they won’t be able to take down with a construction crew?

Sure, billboards can be expensive, but they’re the ones paying for it (in more ways than one). This is way more satisfying and also more legal than stealing their credit card like Serina did.

What A Deal!


Are you a savvy shopper? Do you wait until Prime day to get things on Amazon and train all year for Black Friday?

Well, here’s a money-saving secret that most people don’t know about: scorned ex yard sales are the ultimate destination for delicious deals.

But what if you can’t wait to drive around endlessly to find one of these? Simple: just frame every married man in your neighborhood for adultery, and then reap those rewards! It sure beats cutting coupons.

Timing Is Everything


If your relationship isn’t working out, the best thing to do is end it as quickly as possible so as to not drag out the inevitable and waste each others’ time.

That said, you should never dump someone using something as impersonal as a text. And more importantly, never do it before Christmas, Valentine’s Day or your birthday.

This dude just lost himself a free trip to an NFL game. He took this L harder than the Cowboys probably did in this game.



In a world where everyone is insane, the rational ones are the only people who seem crazy.

Yes, based on this face she looks like she’s a few nuts short of a proper winter food storage, but hear us out.

Everyone is either setting things on fire or sending their ex’s into debt. But her? She’s thinking way outside of the box and using animals, that leave no evidence. If you loved someone for being unique, you have to expect their revenge to be one-of-a-kind as well.