According To A Study, Here Are The Personality Traits That Make You ‘Fun’

By Psquared - July 02, 2019

Life is too short to spend it being bored. Of course we need to work, and work is super boring. So is paying bills, doing chores and all sorts of other things we have to do to survive in this day and age. But for those glorious hours we’re free of obligation and responsibility, we should try to live it up! But what are the best ways to enjoy our lives to the fullest and avoid that ever-present boredom always threatening to creep in?

Well, you can pick up a hobby. Why not learn how to scuba dive, fly a plane or go skydiving every other weekend? Those all sound exciting and fun. But they also sound really time-consuming and expensive. If you don’t have endless hours to devote to learning an exciting new skill or the money you need for it, then the best and cheapest way to have fun is to spend your time with people…

Fun People


Let’s give it up for fun people. They make our lives so much more, well… fun, don’t they?

We all have those friends that we can call up when we’re feeling low because we know that they can cheer us up in a hurry.

And you don’t even need to be doing anything specific with them. They can breath life into any situation and make it enjoyable for everyone around them. We have to appreciate our fun friends, because not everyone is like this…

Not Fun People


We all have those friends of ours who are fun and can liven the mood everywhere they go.

But we also have those friends who are total downers. They can find the negative in any situation and bring everyone down.

Why are we even still friends with them? Often, it’s out of obligation, because you’ve been friends for so long and are too afraid to do anything about it now. But here’s an important question: what type of friend are you?

Your Personality


We all would like to think that we’re the fun friend, but how can we know for certain?

Luckily, a study has shown the exact personality traits that makes someone fun. Because what’s more fun than a study?

Personality psychologists Nettle and Clegg often frame the essence of our personality structure as mapping onto five superordinate traits which they refer to as the Big Five personality trait dimensions. Turns out, all personality-related attributes map onto one of the Big Five personality trait dimensions, and they are as follows…



Extraversion is the tendency to be outgoing and high in social energy. If you’re extroverted, you thrive around people.

The exact opposite is introversion, meaning that you thrive more on your own, and tend to shut down when others are around.

Nettle and Clegg’s 2008 analysis researched not only the topic of personality traits and what they are, but also which are the ones that are most attractive when it comes to selecting a mate. Extraversion? This was considered more attractive than introversion.



We all know someone who deals with neuroticism. It’s the tendency to be anxious and to experience various negative emotional states.

The opposite of this is emotional stability, meaning that you’re more in control of your emotions and aren’t ruled by them.

According to Nettle and Clegg’s 2008 study, emotionally stable people are, all things considered, more attractive than neurotic folks. When taking all this into consideration, it’s starting to show which attributes are the ones that make someone fun.



Are you always up for trying new things, learning something new and expanding your horizons?

If so, then you’re a textbook example of someone who’s open-minded. The opposite is being close-minded, where you know what you know and do what you do and are extremely resistant to change.

Care to guess which of these personality traits are more attractive? We bet you can. It’s not that difficult if you think openly about it. Yup, being open-minded was shown to be more attractive in the study.



The most desirable traits aren’t just the ones that seem like they’d be great to have at a party.

This one seems like it’d be great to have if you’re working with them on a group project in school.

Conscientiousness is the tendency to be diligent, meticulous and organized. This was shown to be much more desirable than its opposite, having a disorganized nature where they live more in chaos. While chaotic people can be exciting, when it causes issues, it isn’t much fun.



Finally, this is the last of the Big Five personality traits. This one shows how kind you can be.

Those who are agreeable have the tendency to be friendly and supportive of others in their pursuits and lives.

And we don’t need to tell you that this was way more attractive than being disagreeable, putting people down and not supporting them in their endeavors. So now that we know the Big Five traits and which are the most attractive, what does it all mean?



If you’re alarmed that you have some elements of personality traits in you that aren’t seen as desirable, you can relax.

These are all on a dimension or spectrum. Everyone has elements of everything. It all just depends where you fall on it.

And you can be fun with any combo. There are hilarious neurotic people. Look at any sitcom ever. Remember Chandler from Friends? And as far as being conscientious, if you’re too organized, you can be super boring.

Extra Dimensions


Now we get to the meat of the matter. When it comes to determining if someone is fun, there are even more personality dimensions to consider.

One of which is sense of humor. It’s hard to not have fun when you’re laughing, after all.

Recent research has shown that while we do all fall into a spectrum on the Big Five personality traits, they’re not all there is to it. Humor comes into play, as well as this important characteristic…



Creative people have been shown to have a good sense of humor and higher than average intelligence.

Oh, and they’ve also been shown to be more fun. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. What do we do to have fun?

We watch movies, musicians, dancers, comedians, etc, etc, etc. And who are the people that do this? Highly creative people! So, with all of this knowledge, we can boil it all down and now finally tell you definitively the personality traits and what you need to do to be fun…

Be Extroverted


Extroverted people are easy to talk to and exciting, since they thrive surrounded by others.

It’s not that fun having a conversation with someone when you have to try and coax them out of their shell or hold their hand in social situations to get them through it.

Look, we’re not trying to knock introverts. Heck, we are introverts. But being outgoing is just more fun than being a homebody. But that’s okay, because you can be fun in other ways…

Be Open-Minded


Maybe you don’t like being in the midst of a bunch of people you don’t know and prefer a close-knit group of friends.

You can still be super fun if you’re up for anything with them. It creates all sorts of new adventures and memories.

Want to go hiking? Camping? Play capture the flag across a government building? Sure! Why not? That sounds fun, and you don’t need to be that party-going to do it. Know what else makes you fun?

Humor Production


We all know that having a sense of humor makes you fun. But this trait is broken into two segments here.

First is humor production. This means being able to do things that will make those around you laugh.

Because as we mentioned earlier, it’s hard not having fun when you’re giggling to the point of tears. So if you find those around you constantly laughing at things you say and do, then you put the “fun” in “funny.”

Humor Reception


The second portion of humor in a fun personality is humor reception, because laughing is a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

Being able to get and take a joke is just as and even arguably more important than being able to dish one out.

Can you think of anything less fun than someone that never laughs and isn’t in on the jokes? Being serious isn’t a crime, but when you’re stoic and grumpy all day every day, then you’re not a blast to be around.



We mentioned that the highly creative are the ones that keep us entertained, and being entertained is fun.

So if you’re not great at delivering a joke, then maybe you can come up with other ways to amuse those around you.

Perhaps you can dance. Or maybe sing. Or play an instrument. However, don’t be the guy who brings a guitar to a party. You may think you’re extroverted by playing “Wonderwall,” but you’re not. That’s a super old move, so try being more creative than that.

Have Fun!


So to summarize, our personality traits can be boiled down to the Big Five, and some are more desirable than others.

But when it comes to being a fun person, you want to look for five specific things as well.

They are extraversion, open-mindedness, humor production, humor reception and creativity. Like with the Big Five, these also fall on a spectrum. So don’t feel bad if you haven’t checked all the boxes. Don’t worry, because being needlessly neurotic isn’t the most fun way to spend your time.