A Woman Who Thought Her Husband Was Missing Found Him In A TikTok Video

By Psquared - July 18, 2019

There’s nothing worse in the world than losing a loved one. Death comes for us all at some point, and while we all know that, when it happens, it’s never any easier. We can never feel fully prepared in the face of this inevitability. But even worse than having a loved one pass away is having a loved one go missing. As terrible as death is, there’s a finality to it. You get a measure of closure, knowing what happened to them. That isn’t the case when someone goes missing, unfortunately.

The never ending uncertainty is unbearable. You hold out hope that they will be found safe, but the more time that passes, the less hope you have for a happy resolution. But even when a loved one has been missing for several years, and all logic would lead you to believe they are no longer alive, you can’t help but hold on to some hope. Not often, but sometimes that hope is rewarded. Here’s the story of a missing loved one who was found alive, and that’s when the issues became even deeper…



We all know about Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but there are more than just those three social media sites out there.

A newer one is TikTok. It has millions upon millions of users from around the world, but don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it.

It only launched in 2017 and the app exploded in popularity around the globe. What do you do on it? It’s essentially a platform where users can make short-form videos, many of them comedic in nature.



Okay, so we said that this was going to be a story about a missing loved one.

How exactly does this new social media app play into it? Well, besides being a place to have fun, there’s been some controversy around TikTok.

A politician in India claimed that this app is secretly used by the Chinese government to spy on India. No doubt, having people record videos of themselves can lead to a lot of information coming to light…



And that’s what brings us to the story. It begins with a man named Suresh from Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu, India.

He was married to a woman named Jayapradha, and the couple had two children. All seemed normal from the outside.

However, that would all change in 2016. One day, Suresh went missing. As you’d imagine, this devastated Jayapradha and her children, and they began a long search to find out what happened to him. Where could he have possibly gone?



It’s one thing to lose a family member to death. That’s terrible, but this may have been even worse.

After a period, they realized that Suresh was missing intentionally because he actually abandoned his family. It then went from a missing person search to a manhunt.

Jayapradha told the police her suspicions, and they agreed. However, they had already been searching for him without any luck. He was eventually declared “lost” and the search for him was called off entirely.

Three Years Later


Jayapradha would then go on to raise her children for the next three years all by herself.

She had given up all hope of finding their deadbeat dad and was resigned to never seeing him again. However, that would soon change.

One day, a relative of Jayapradha contacted her with some startling news. She claimed that she found Suresh! She rushed over to meet with her relative and see if this could possibly be true. How did she manage to find him?

Lucky Accident


Jayapradha’s relative wasn’t out searching for Suresh. She found him completely by accident on (you guessed it) TikTok.

She was just scrolling through videos and happened upon one featuring a man that looked just like her relative’s long-missing husband.

Jayapradha watched the video and sure enough was able to confirm that it was indeed him. She brought this information to the police. Before too long, they were able to track him down and finally give Jayapradha some long-awaited and well-deserved answers.



It turns out that Suresh had actually abandoned his family because he felt that certain household issues were unsolvable.

So he fled, leaving no traces behind and wound up working for the past few years as a mechanic in Hosur in Tamil Nadu, India.

But was he the one who posted the video that led to him finally being discovered? No. He had apparently begun a relationship with a transgender woman, and she was the one who took the video.

Tracked Down


Once Jayapradha gave this video to the police, they were able to track down his exact whereabouts with the help of a transgender association familiar with the woman.

The police arrived, took Suresh into custody and actually sent him back home.

“We asked him whether he wanted to go back to his wife and kids. He agreed to go back. Therefore, we sent the couple back,” said the police officers. So now that he’s home, what’s going to happen?



Amazingly enough, despite everything that’s happened, the couple have decided to try and get back together.

They’re receiving counseling to try and fix their relationship. After all the two of them have been through, it’s clearly not an easy road ahead.

This was obviously not the resolution that Jayapradha wanted or expected when Suresh went missing. But he’s back, and she should consider herself lucky for that. Because not everyone who goes missing gets the closure of knowing what happened…

The Yuba County Five


In 1978 five friends with intellectual disabilities ended up driving into the wilderness for no apparent reason and four of their remains were later found there.

One was extremely emaciated and had taken a long time to die in a ranger’s cabin where food and other essentials were readily available.

The others were outside and not enough was found to determine how they died. They didn’t leave even though their truck was still functional. There are currently no theories on what could have happened to them.

Elisa Lam


Surveillance video of Elisa Lam exists moments before her mysterious death. She was staying alone in a downtown L.A. hotel.

She vanished after this footage of her in the elevator. Some time later, hotel guests complained that the water tasted gross.

They investigated and found Lam’s body in the rooftop water container, which was locked from the outside. In the video, she was acting strange, as if she may have been drugged. The case is still unsolved to this day.

Asha Jaquilla Degree


Asha Jaquilla Degree was nine years old when she went missing in 2000. She packed her backpack with multiple sets of clothes the night before she went missing.

Early in the morning (before 4 A.M.) Asha left her family home in North Carolina, despite the heavy wind and rain outside.

A passing motorist noticed her walking alongside the highway. At this point, she ran into a wooded area. Her backpack was later unearthed from a construction site, near where she entered the woods, but Asha has never been found.

Lost Dutch Girls


Two Dutch girls went missing in Panama after they had gone off a hiking trail and possibly one of them had fallen and gotten injured.

The other girl went to go find help, but it was already dark and all she had to light the way in the pitch black jungle was a camera.

The two girls most likely died of exposure out alone in the wilderness, but there has been speculation of outside foul play contributing to their disappearance.

Heather Teague


In the ’90s, a girl by the name of Heather Teague was sunbathing on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River near Evansville, IN.

A witness was watching from across the river through his telescope. He was being a creep, but what happened next was much creepier.

A man walked up from out of the woods behind her, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back to the woods. To this day, no one knows what happened to her or who took her.

Brandon Lawson


Brandon Lawson ran out of gas on the highway in the middle of the night and called his brother to come help him.

Shortly after he called 911 and reported that someone had chased him into the woods and that he needed police assistance.

His brother and a police officer arrived at the scene and found his truck abandoned. Brandon called his brother and said he was bleeding and was 10 minutes away from his truck. That was the last anyone ever heard from him.