A Woman Totaled Her Car After Seeing A Spider While Driving

By lgentile - June 20, 2019

How do you feel about spiders? Maybe you don’t mind coming face to face with a spider every now and again. Maybe you are able to see these eight-legged freaks as little helpers around the house. Did you know that some spiders can help curtail certain diseases from spreading? Spiders feast on many household pests that can transmit diseases to humans. They munch on mosquitoes, fleas, flies, cockroaches and a host of other disease-carrying critters. Pretty cool, right?

So, if you aren’t into spiders, can you get behind them now? Some of you may be able to, but some people are so afraid of spiders that they will never ever be able to see them in a good light. Arachnophobia is a real thing and you know that if you have it. When you have arachnophobia, one appearance of a spider in your home will make you want to burn it to the ground.

Arachnophobia Is Also A Thing


Arachnophobia is a real thing. We aren’t just talking about someone who thinks spiders are gross.

We are talking about being deathly afraid of the thought of a spider being anywhere near you. Or even living on the same planet as you.

As with other phobias, arachnophobia can develop in a person because they see the reaction to spiders of others with the phobia. Perhaps they once saw a family member shriek in terror and run out of the house at the very sight of a cobweb. Sounds about right.

Distracted Driving Is A Thing


So, arachnophobia is a real thing and you know what else it? Distracted driving. If you have ever driven a car before then you can’t deny that that is true!

We all know that when we are on the road, our eyes should be on nothing but the road.

We shouldn’t be looking at our phones or rummaging through our bags or singing BYE BYE BYE with our friends while doing all the choreography. Sorry but it’s true.

Terrified Of Spiders


And sometimes the distraction is completely out of your control. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and bam!

You find yourself unable to keep your eyes on the road and it is completely out of your control.

And this is where spiders come back into our story. We can’t say whether or not arachnophobia played a role in this story, or if it was just that this a spider popped up and surprised the poor driver at the wrong time.

And Suddenly...


What would you do if a spider just started crawling along your dashboard as you were driving your car?

Or even worse, what if it was on the steering wheel and staring right into your eyes with its eight eyes. How could you still keep your eyes on the road?

A SPIDER HAS EIGHT LEGS AND EIGHT EYES. How could you not have arachnophobia? It is so common that there was even a movie about it starring John Goodman in 1990. Remember that?

Let's Start From The Beginning


We can just picture it now. There you are, driving along. You are minding your own business and singing a happy tune.

You’ve got the windows down and you are feeling the breeze against your skin. Life is so amazing, isn’t it?

You are carefree and happy just like this guy in this stock photo here. Can’t you just imagine it? Just are enjoying your day, just driving your car without a care in the world. And then, everything changes.

A Spider Riding Shotgun


Just as you feel like you are killing it in the game of life, something comes into the picture and takes it all away.

In a split second, something pops up that can cause you to swerve or slam the brakes or get into a car accident that causes you to completely total your car.

In this case, in case you weren’t following along with our subtle foreshadowing mentioned above, that “something” is a spider.

Pull Over Please


And this is a true story. Here is the unofficial police report from the Town of Cairo New York Police Department’s Facebook Page commenting on the incident.

It is pretty great to see the local police take a humorous tone in their account of the accident. Maybe someone on the police force has arachnophobia?

Look, car crashes are no joke and at least she wasn’t seriously hurt. We wish we could say the same thing about her poor car though.

You Are Not Alone


And apparently, whoever was driving this car is not alone in their fear of spiders.

Others on Facebook chimed in in the comments sections to poke fun at friends for letting it all go at the sight of an eight-legged creature.

What is it about seeing a spider that can just make you want to drop everything and run. Or drop everything and cry. Or scream in terror. Or jump off a bridge. Why do we let them affect us like that!?

Frisky Little Spider


For example, here is Susan. Susan was just minding her own business, living her best life when BAM!

A spider dropped down into her blouse and started making a home in there. NOT COOL SPIDER. NOT COOL AT ALL. You can tell that Sharyn totally agrees.

Thankfully Susan and her car got out of the situation unscathed. We can’t say the same however for the person who this article is about who totaled their car.

A Conspiracy Theory Over Here


And then we have Sir Buzz Killington over here with his conspiracy theory that perhaps she didn’t see a spider at all.

Perhaps she was just texting and driving and swerved and got into an accident. Perhaps she only made up the spider story to get sympathy from others who suffer from arachnophobia?

If this was made up, 10 points for her for coming up with the best excuse possible. We will also accept, “there was a bee flying around in my car” as well.

Others Agree


And while we are so concerned about the person driving the car, but what about the spider? Did the spider make it through the crash?

Why don’t we have any updates on whether or not the spider got out alive? And while we don’t know the answer, we do have a feeling that it survived.

Can’t you just see it now? The car was totaled and then the spider crawled out unscathed without a scratch.

Kill It With Fire


When in doubt go ahead and kill it with fire. Just burn it all to the ground and start over.

If there is any chance the spider got out and is in your car or bag or in the glove compartment or in a shoe just burn it all just to be sure you’ve ended its life.

Sorry to any spider enthusiasts out there. Is it possible that we aren’t giving spiders a fair chance at life?

No Laughing Matter


Nope. I think we are allowed to hate spiders seeing what just a small little spider sightings did to this poor car. Oh, wow. This is bad.

That is a lot of damage. Ouch. We wonder where it was. Was it on the steering wheel? Crawling up their leg? How did it all go down? We need to know!

It must have been really dramatic to cause such a scene. This is painful to look at.

An Almost Deadly Spider


When the crash occurred, Cairo police responded immediately to the call, They towed the total car away and the driver got the medical attention that they needed.

It is amazing how much chaos a random encounter with a spider can lead to.

We hope it was a really big spider. Maybe that would make this all a little more worth it? Or it would just create more nightmares. There is no winning in this scenario.

Be Safe Out There


So we know that distracted driving means eating and driving, texting and driving and talking on the phone while driving.

Now we know that it can mean so much more. Always check for spiders and bees and anything else that can take you down emotionally before you put your foot on the gas.

And if you do come face to face with a spider, take a deep breath, keep one eye on the road and try to pull over to remedy the situation.