A Woman Claims She Gets Energy From Breathing, Stops Eating Solid Food

By lgentile - July 22, 2019

Every few months a fad diet makes the rounds and people jump on board in hopes that this will be the answer to helping them lose weight. There’s the Keto diet currently making the rounds. There is The Zone Diet, The South Beach Diet, the Beyonce Cleanse (that’s what we are calling it over here) and Atkins where people just shoved bacon into their mouths and thought they would still lose weight. 

Each diet promises that it will be the magical cure that will turn you into a Victoria’s Secret model and fast! And while some of these diets make sense, like The Whole 30 and The Mediterranean Diet, there are others that are so weird, it’s amazing that people will even try them out to begin with. One weird one that is making the rounds these days is the Breathing Diet. And when we say “making the rounds” we know of one person who is doing it and she swears by it.

A Breatharian


Audra Bear is what we call a breatharian, a person who claims that food and in some cases water, are not necessary in order to survive. 

Breatharians believe that humans can find sustenance solely by prana. What is prana, you ask?

In Hinduism, prana is seen as a universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body. Aka, prana means your breath.

Kiving A Pranic Lifestyle


When a person is a breatharian, they are living a pranic lifestyle and live through the energy that they breathe in. 

They also believe that they survive through the energy that they absorb from the nature that surrounds them.

Wait. So they believe that we only need air in order to survive? And air doesn’t have any calories so this could be worth trying if you are looking for a new diet. Calorie free! 

Daily Breathing Exercises


Audra Bear is a 25-year-old from Minnesota who does daily breathing exercises for one to three hours a day. 

She will occasionally eat solid food when she goes out to eat with family and friends and she will eat solid foods for celebratory reasons. 

She claims, however that she once fasted for 97 days straight with no problem at all.

Food Gets In The Way


She fasted for that long because she believes that food gets in the way of her being able to enjoy her life. 

Bear has also tested many different ways of living over the past few years. 

She once tried veganism and even more extreme, raw veganism. See, it’s a slippery slope and veganism is officially a gateway diet. Vegans beware. This could be your future. 

Taking Up Breatharianism 


After trying a few things to help her maintain a healthy lifestyle, eight months ago she took up breatharianism. 

Now her daily diet consists of tea, smoothies, pureed fruit and vegetables, and air. So much air. Thank goodness there is a lot of air to go around. 

This doesn’t really seem like enough food for the body to be able to function properly, does it?

A Dangerous Diet 


While Audra Bear swears by it, others agree that breathanism it not necessarily a healthy way to live your life. You don’t say?

Some people have also suggested the diet is nothing but a dangerous hoax that deprives the body of the nutrients it needs.

As far as we know air doesn’t have any nutritional value. No offense to air, but that is the truth. 

A Lack Of Understanding 


Joy Stephenson-Law is the founder of Proactive Health Labs (pH) and co-author of Minerals – The Forgotten Nutrient: Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy. 

In an interview with Fox News she said breatharians have a fundamental lack of understanding about how the body works.

You mean that someone who believes that they can just eat air and live a happy life doesn’t understand how the body works? Really??

A Dangerous Practice


She went on to say, “This is a dangerous practice and perhaps stems from a fundamental lack of understanding of how the body works.”

“There are six basic nutrients we need to live healthily. We need water, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.”

Air is not even on that list and while we are aware that we need it to survive, that doesn’t mean it’s a nutrient. 

Maintaining The Right Balance 


She continued, “We get these nutrients from the foods we eat or drink and we need them in the right balance.”

And while breatharians believe that they are getting all that they need from just air and some liquids, Joy Stephenson-Law believes otherwise.

“Depriving our bodies of these six categories of essential nutrients will cause us to be physically and mentally imbalanced and ultimately die.”

Needing Supervision


The National Health Service looks at breathanism and Audra’s eating habits a little differently. 

They see her eating habits as a very low-calorie diet that is normally adopted by someone who is obese. 

They also believe that a diet like this should be clinically supervised by a medical professional. So while they think fasting is okay here and there, they believe you shouldn’t do it alone. 

A Time Limit 


They also believe that if you are going to try the diet which is basically just fasting, you shouldn’t be on this type of diet for more than 12 weeks. 

The healthy way to do it is by trying the diet intermittently. They believe that fasting 2 to 4 days a week is a much safer option. 

They also stress that this should not be the first option that people turn to when it comes to losing weight.

The Less I Need 


But no matter what the professionals say, Audra believes she is living a perfectly happy and healthy lifestyle filled with a lot of very deep breaths.  

She said in an Instagram post: “The more I breathe, the less I need.” If only life and weight loss were that easy, right? 

In another post on Instagram, she gave an in-depth update on how breathing changed her life. 

The Power Of Breath Work


In the post she wrote, “If you’ve had any sort of conversation with me lately, you know you cannot shut me up about the power of breathwork in my life.”

“3 months ago I was $13K in credit card debt, binging to stuff my emotions, drinking every night, an [awful] friend to those around me and living in a place that was not in my alignment.”

This must be where the air comes in. Cue the intense breathing story. Ready… and… GO!

Becoming Debt Free


She continued, “I learned that the breath is the source of all abundance and I became debt free for the first time in years…”

Wait?! Being a breatharian is good for your wallet too?!?! This seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

“…I stopped drinking and eating completely, moved to one of my favorite states, and I’m experiencing more love and abundance than I ever could [imagine] – it’s simple and everyone has these tools inside them, don’t underestimate the power within.”

Should We Try It? 


Do you now feel like you now need to try being a breathanian for a few weeks and see how it feels? It can’t hurt, can it? Well, actually it really can. 

If air isn’t really your thing, here are some more super weird diets in history that will make eating air seem totally normal. 

Don’t believe us? Keep reading and see for yourself, will ya? 

The Tapeworm Diet


Why waste your time meal prepping and counting calories when you can eat a tapeworm and infect your body with parasites?

At the turn of the 20th century, tapeworms were sold in pill form for dieting purposes. Their believe was that if you ate the tapeworm you could eat more and still lose weight.  

When baby tapeworms grew to 25 feet long and started causing seizures, meningitis or dementia, the U.S. government outlawed their sale. Just the price you have to pay to look fabulous, right?

The Cotton Ball Diet


Are you feeling hungry but you are looking to go calorie free? Pop a cotton ball into your mouth and start chewing! 

They are zero calories and they taste great! That is, if you like the taste of nothing or the taste of fine hair. Yum yum yum! 

At least they are bite-sized, because you know that they definitely don’t taste good! Let’s keep the cotton balls out of our mouths, shall we?

The Cigarette Diet


In the 1920s, people who were hungry were encouraged to grab a cigarette instead. Why eat food when you can just suck on a death stick?

And it wasn’t just a thing that people were doing to suppress their appetite, doctors actually prescribed smoking cigarettes to their patients. 

Too much food can kill you in many ways, but we can’t say that smoking cigarettes instead of eating is a healthier option! 

The Drinking Man's Diet


There is nothing like washing down a nice big steak with an ice cold martini with a twist. 

Robert Cameron sold The Drinking Man’s diet pamphlet in the 1960s, for the low price of $1. 

In the diet, alcohol is required at every meal and there are no restrictions on gin and vodka. You can now buy a Kindle edition for just $3.99. What a steal! 


The Vinegar Diet


Lord Byron was known to have both anorexia and bulimia, but that didn’t stop him from popularizing the vinegar diet in the 1820s. 

Here is the basic idea just in case you are crazy enough to want to try this for yourself. 

Drink plenty of vinegar throughout the day as well as one cup of tea and one raw egg. The side effects include vomiting and diarrhea so try this at your own risk. Or don’t and just eat anything you want in moderation.