A Town Is Being Terrorized By 100 Feral Chickens, Freaking Everyone Out

By Psquared - July 17, 2019

Do you like scary movies? Most people don’t like being terrified, but some find it fun, hence the giant film genre. Tales of ghosts, vampires, zombies, werewolves, masked slashers and all other manner of terrifying ghouls exist to thrill us. However, no matter how scary the movie is, we’re always left with the reassurance that it’s not real… it’s just a movie. This is the real world we’re in and we don’t have to worry about the terrors depicted on the screen.

But what happens when the horror comes into our world? Worse yet, what if it’s a nightmare that all the writers in Hollywood couldn’t have come up with, so there are no movies to watch and arm yourself with of the knowledge of how to stop these creatures? Well, that’s what happened to this town, which was overrun by monsters of a very real world variety, and they don’t know what to do about it…

Jersey (The Other One)


This story takes place in the quiet, peaceful town of Jersey. No, not that one.

The Channel Island of Jersey in the U.K. is the type of idyllic setting you’d expect to find in a horror movie. It’s a lovely place, and surely nothing bad could happen here.

But bad things have already been happening. And apparently, it’s been happening for quite a while. You see, the entire place has been entirely overrun by creatures causing agony to everyone that lives here…



Yes, chickens. Jersey is being taken over by a group of feral chickens. Surprised? They were.

While one or two chickens might not seem that menacing, they are truly monstrous in large numbers. And there are estimated to be over 100 of them.

Of course, as with any animal, you have the proponents. Some (tragically naive) locals say that the chickens aren’t much of a problem and are actually quite friendly. In horror movies there are always the skeptical, and they’re the first to go…



The majority of the residents don’t appreciate the pets that have been forced on them and consider them to be quite the nuisance.

Chickens are noisy animals. Just one can cause quite the headache. Multiply that by 100 and you have an issue.

Residents have been regularly woken up by these soulless beasts at 4 A.M. every morning. We’d call this a nightmare, but in order to have nightmares you need to be able to sleep, so this is something much worse.



And this is during the seasons where they are less active. During the summertime, all heck breaks loose.

They become more brazen and come out in larger numbers. They’re not shy at all about taking what they want.

They create traffic hazards, and even destroy people’s gardens. Blocking escape routes? Destroying food sources? Just what are these fowl creatures planning? And yes, that “fowl creatures” pun was intentional, sorry, we get punny when we’re terrified out of our ever loving wits.

Chasing Joggers


Okay, they can be annoying, but it’s not like these chickens are attacking anyone, right?

Wrong! According to a local resident who’s seen these demons up close, “Contrary to the cowardly stereotype, this cocky bunch have even been chasing joggers.”

Just imagine that sight. You actually motivate yourself to get out of bed and go for an early morning run, thinking it will be good for you. Then you turn and see a flock of these beasts chasing after you. That settles it: we’re never exercising ever again.



There have actually been two culls enacted in an attempt to deal with this growing problem.

What exactly do they mean by “a cull”? Well, we’re no wildlife experts, but we assume it looked something like this picture here.

However, like any true horror movie villain, it’s never that easy. Despite their attempts, the chickens keep reproducing. They were abandoned pets and have no natural predators, so their numbers continue to rise. It looks like more finger-licking solutions may need to be proposed.

No Answer


Jersey’s Environment Minister John Young made a statement on this growing problem, saying, “We are now dealing with very large numbers.

The culls that happened were quite modest. We are in a situation where we have got animal lovers on the one hand and where we have got those who are experiencing a nuisance on the other.

I can’t pretend to sit here and say I have got an answer to that.” Well, we hope an answer arises soon, otherwise Jersey may be completely overrun.



Jersey isn’t the only place that’s been invaded by winged menaces. Feral parrots have invaded the east side of Los Angeles (and parts of the San Fernando Valley).

However, they aren’t new to the area and they aren’t alone – there are 13 different species in the greater LA skies.

The parrots were first spotted in LA in 1960s, according to the Havasi Wilderness Foundation. A 1961 Bel Air brush fire may be responsible, when it’s believed many bird owners released yellow-headed parrots so they could escape. Now they loom overhead watching… and waiting.



On the Cape Peninsula in Cape Town, South Africa, there are now around 500 baboons living in 16 groups.

The animals search through trash cans, loiter at garbage dumps, steal from shops and markets and prowl around picnic sites.

They’ve even broken into apartments by scaling the buildings, prying open windows and plundering anything that’s inside. Worst of all, they’re protected by the government, so there’s no legal way to get rid of them for good. Those darn, dirty apes.



After all this horror, let’s hear a story about a creature and wings that’s more adorable and less intimidating…

Four koalas were loaned to Singapore by Australia to mark the city state’s 50th independence anniversary, and they were given star treatment by Qantas airline.

The animals were offered hot towels, and eucalyptus leaves in a photo shoot staged in an airplane’s cabin though they will actually be traveling in crates. Hopefully they won’t escape, otherwise it’ll lead to the cutest infestation yet.

Sea Lion


Here’s another story of an animal found where it shouldn’t have been: a sea lion found itself in the back of a police squad car in Imperial Beach, San Diego, California in April 2015.

The pup wandered away from the shoreline and waddled five blocks to Mar Vista High School. School staff called in San Diego County sheriff’s deputies to “investigate.”

In a news release, sheriff’s deputies jokingly said, “While deputy sheriffs attempted to interview him as to his activities, he clammed up and requested his lawyer.”

Mountain Lion


This just may be the scariest animal unexpectedly found yet. A Los Angeles mountain lion named P-22 was trapped in the crawl space of a Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

California Fish and Wildlife tried to coax him out with a tennis ball launcher and shooting a few beanbag rounds into the crawlspace, but they failed.

Eventually, the large carnivore left on its own. Turns out he had been in the area since at least 2012. Luckily, he didn’t cause too much trouble.



A coyote was seen above L.I.C Bar on Vernon Avenue in New York City in April of 2015.

Police and animal control officers responded and tried to capture it, but it got away. It’s still out there, and hopefully won’t be coming back to the bar with friends.

“I’m hoping that’s the last of it,” the barkeep said. “There’s a lot of people walking those streets – a lot of people walking their dogs, a lot of kids.”



And here we have the worst of the worst unexpected animal invasion. Where else could it take place other than Florida?

In March of 2015, the Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, FL bore witness to this gator, nicknamed “Goliath.”

According to Myakka Pines’ general manager Mickie Zada, two senior members were playing the course on March 6 when they came upon the gator “who appears to have taken residence on our White Course number seven hole.” Yeah, best to just move on after you see something like that.

Animals Everywhere


Look, we don’t want you to get the wrong idea. We love animals. We’ve got tons of content on how cute and clever and sweet they can be.

However, finding them where they’re not expected or wanted? It can be a bit startling, okay?

Even these chickens in Jersey. Considering how many buckets of KFC we’ve consumed in our lives, it’s not that crazy to think they may be out for a little revenge. So next time you go for a job, watch out behind you. You never know what might be wanting to play a game of chicken.