A Texas Restaurant Made So Many Funny Restaurant Signs That It Is Now A Book!

By lgentile - July 29, 2019

The restaurant El Arroyo in Austin, Texas is known for its funny restaurant signs just as much as it’s known for its food. Maybe more for the signs, actually. Their signs are so clever and funny, they decided to compile them into a coffee table book. 

El Arroyo’s Big Book of Signs: Volume One contains 158 pictures of El Arroyo marquee signs over the years. The restaurant posts a new sign every single day. How do they come up with this stuff daily? And it isn’t like the hostess comes into work and posts what she thinks may be funny, these signs are way more thought out than that. In fact, the signs are discussed via email by a group of about 15 people that are connected to the restaurant, including managers and even the owners. They even let their customers submit their sign ideas via a submission page on their website if you’ve got a good one!

The Circle Of Life


Do you think that you have what it takes to come up with a joke like this great one here?

Submit and see! El Arroyo told Austin 360 that the signs are “generally picked based on how hard we were laughing reading.”

Treat your mom to a margarita. You’re probably the reason she drinks. They are right but guess what? She is the reason why you are at the bar in the first place. The circle of life.

Math Problems


So, why don’t you see if you can make them laugh and submit one of these jokes yourself? What have you got to lose?

Look at this math problem one. It’s great. Hey math! Grow up already, will you?

Actually when math grows up it grows into Calculus and Mathematical Physics and Logic. I think we will stick to baby math like some light Algebra!

God Has A Flan


They say that god has a plan and he certainly does. His plan is creamy and delectable and sweet and delicious AF. 

What is god’s plan, you ask? Flan, so much delicious ooey gooey flan. It’s a great plan! 

Flan makes everything better. Whenever you are looking for answers just look to this sweet treat. It will always save the day! Or at least make you feel better for a few minutes. 

Send Help 


This send help sign is super clever. What do you think that they are choking on? 

Perhaps some chips a guac? Maybe a queso dip? A burrito? A taco? A quesadilla? What??

Whatever they are choking on, they should just grab an ice cold Corona and wash it down. They will be ready for another bite in no time. And now who is in the mood for some Mexican food?

Hakuna Ma'Tequila


This one comes right in time for the release of The Lion King and this was actually the originally title of the song “Hakuna Matata.”

They wound up changing the name of the song to make it more kid friendly. But this sign was actually the original lyrics.

Then in the movie, Simba, Timon and Pumba wound up passing out and waking up not remembering what happened and how they got there. It didn’t go over well in the test screenings.


A Different Kind Of Cardio


If this is considered to be a new kind of cardio than let’s keep eating, shall we?

We can call it The Struggle Workout? How about The Jean Shuffle Workout? How about the Hop It Out Workout? We will find a name for it.

Here is a pro tip: Don’t wear tight jeans when you go to a Mexican restaurant or the day after. Let it all hang out in comfort. You are going to need leggings after all those chips and salsa.

For The Gym Rats


And speaking of working out, this sign pretty much says it all. If you are a gym fiend, good for you, but it doesn’t mean that we need to hear about it.

We want to hear about it if someone farted in your yoga class, or if you ate it in front of the entire gym floor.

Let us know if your your pants fell down while you were in a low squat, but anything else, save it for yourself.


Introducing Brotox


Here is today’s sign of the apocalypse: The word Brotox is now a thing. TBH, we have seen worse.

You know what is worse? That there is a word for men who love My Little Ponies. They are called Bronies. That’s a real sign that the world is going to end and we deserve it.

A. What adult is still super into My Little Ponies? B. What man is so into them that they have a name for it and conventions and Meet-ups and festivals? C. What is happening on this planet??

Eyes On The Road


This sign is not wrong. The plan is for people to look at the sign, that is what it’s there for.

But also people should be keeping their eyes on the road. Life is so, hard isn’t it? Why are you putting distractions in our face that are funny and cute. Why would you do this to us?

Here’s a pro tip: Throw a sign in your car that says, “Smile if you’re not wearing underwear,” and watch what happens. Seriously, do it. It’s amazing.

Kids Are Taxing


Truer words have never been said than the caption on this sign. Kids are taxing. Plain and simple.

And while those who have kids will tell you that it’s all worth it! Having children changes your life! One look at your kids and you know that you were meant to be a parent.

You know what else changes your life for the better? Tacos. One look at a row of tacos can bring clarity and meaning to your life.

Warning Signs


We love this sign because it is so true! Now every time you see a warning sign, you’ll wonder how it got there and why.

“Don’t Climb The Fence,” for example. Now we want to know who climbed the fence and what happened that was so bad that they had to make a sign about it.

Maybe they got stuck hanging upside down and a goat came up and ate their clothes and they wound up hanging naked for the whole town to see? It’s possible!

Higher Than Willie Nelson


You never thought you would see the day where anything in the world could be higher than Willie Nelson.

Well, housing prices have officially surpassed Sir Willie Nelson in his highness. Now that is IMPRESSIVE.

What else is higher than Willie Nelson? Gas prices are definitely higher. That is one thing, for sure. And now some people are consistently higher because weed is legal in many states. Thanks to Willie Nelson for paving the way. We couldn’t have done it without him.

A Selfie A Day


A selfie a day keeps everyone away, yet doesn’t this sign promote selfies? How many selfies do you think are taken in front of that sign every day?

A selfie a day keeps their restaurant relevant. Whether you love the days of social media or you hate it, this restaurant sign out front is basically selfie waiting to happen.

Sorry we got to go. This lighting is banging and we need to take some selfies so our 14 followers on Instagram can see!

Brunch Without Booze


A brunch without booze??? What do you mean that would want to have brunch without booze??? What is that???? It’s a sin, that’s what!

A brunch without mimosas or a full Bloody Mary bar isn’t a brunch at all. It’s sad. That’s what it is. It’s mean!

Go ahead and have breakfast without booze. We are totally okay with treating yourself to lunch without an alcoholic beverage. But brunch without booze is not okay ever. Do you understand?

Life Before Coffee


Look, mornings are tough enough as it is. But mornings before having our morning coffee, just try to stay away.

Nothing good with come out of our mouths before we get a taste of a nice hot cup of comforting coffee, especially for those of us who are not morning people. OUCH.

Don’t take it personally, just let us warm into the day. Both of our lives will be much better, your day with go much smoother and everyone wins.

Keep Austin Weird


And this is what everyone loves about Austin, Texas whose motto is “Keep Austin Weird.” Oh, it’s weird alright.

They are liberal and weird and funky and fun but they are also country! You go to Austin to attend South by Southwest and while you are there you can dabble in some line dancing.

Have you ever gone line dancing? Head over to The Broken Spoke for some live music, boot-scootin’, beer & chicken-fried steak. Yeeeee Hawwwwww!

Candy Crushed


Dear people who invite us to play Candy Crush, thank you. No, seriously. We appreciate the invite.

You are seriously the best and we don’t know what we would do without you.

While Candy Crush seems super cool, we are going to have to decline. We just have a lot going on right now. We are busy and this all seems like a distraction but we still think you are great!

Thanks again,

Someone Who Has Better Things To Do With Their Time

Bobby Pinned


You know the old trick of leaving a pair of earrings at a dude’s house so you have a reason to have to see them again?

And guys do it too with wallets or watches or belts. These are all ways to say, “I’ve been here and it was fun and if you want to see me again, now you have a reason to reach out.”

Another way to make it happen is bobby pins. Leave them in his car, near the bed, in the bathroom and every time he sees them he will think of you. Let’s just hope he likes you.

Bad Grammer, Good Sighn


Nothing says womp womp like a misspelling or a grammar mistake on a sign that is meant for all to see. EPIC FALE. We mean, FAIL.

And spelling and grammar is seriously everything and you should always double and triple check before you go public.

“Shoplifters will be Prosecuted” is a much different sign and meaning than “Shoplifters will be Prostituted.” Both are bad in all the wrong ways, but at least they are spelled correctly.


Speaking Of Spelling


Speaking of spelling mistakes, this is exactly what we are talking about. At least they are in on the joke.

Like an instructions label on a bottle of pills that says, “Take one capsule by mouth nightly three hours before DED.”

Ded???? Bed. They meant BED. Everyone calm down. It’s just a spelling mistake. It’s going to be okay but we would love to have a word with the pharmacist just to make sure.