A Smart Planter Can Actually Turn Your House Plant Into A House Pet!

By lgentile - July 29, 2019

Were you born with a sucky brown thumb? Do you get plant envy when you walk into someone’s house and it’s just vibrant green goodness? What a dream! A dream you’ll never have because you are infamous for killing plants. Big plants, little plants, flowers or anything with a leaf you will make sure to kill. What did these poor plants ever do to you??

No matter what you do or how much you google, you over water or under water, you over weed or under weed or just neglect your plants. You let your plants get too much sun or not enough sun at all. Your friends even bought you a specific kind of succulent because they knew there was no way in hell that you could actually kill it and guess what? You did! After all the plant murders you have committed do you feel like you just vibe more with fake plants? We may have a solution for even you, you plant maimer, you. 

A Special Planter


If you love plants but you can’t seem to keep them alive then you need this special planter that tells you when your plant needs water and sunlight so you don’t kill it!

With this anthropomorphic planter called a Lua planter by Mu Design, you’ll never kill another plant. 

And if you do, we don’t know what to tell you. Stick to pet rocks? 

So Adorable!


Unless you are a terrible person and you are purposely torturing your plants, this planter will help you keep those plants alive and well and happy! 

This is a smart planter that will tell you about the health of your in the cutest way ever. Facial expressions.

Your plant’s facial expressions will tell you how it’s doing and what it needs. Could it be any cuter? 

All Over Its Face


And we aren’t saying that it will look at you and say, “I need to find love.” Or “Can you hand me a glass of water?”

It can’t talk to you, but it will be written all over your plant’s face when it needs something. No literally. It will be on its face. 

A smile, a frown, a grimace will all help you decode what your plant needs in that moment. 

She's Thirsty!


The planter connects to the Lua app by QR code where you can input what kind of plant you have.

Then the planter has many different kinds of facial expressions, such as a tongue sticking out, which signals that it needs water.

Aw, her tongue is sticking out so she must be thirsty. Hey, if she has a face, she has to have a name! 

Your Plant May Suck Your Blood?


How do you know when your plant is craving more sunlight? Don’t worry it will tell you!

Your plant will grow vampire fangs when it is in need of more sun. You knew plants could be cute, but did you know that they could be vampires as well?

While the vampire expression is super cute, unfortunately it will go away once it’s had enough light. 

So Many Expressions!


Vampire fangs, tongue sticking out for more water, a sick face when things are not quite right and so many more expressions! 

The planters can look happy, sad, and even grumpy. Do they also have a hangry setting when they need to eat? 

There should be a slobbering setting for whenever they are in need of a nice juicy burger. Mmmm, a burger sounds real good right now, doesn’t it?

Your Plant's Mind


The app isn’t downloadable yet, but we will make a suggestion to the company. Must… have… hangry…. face. Got it. 

And do you want to know what the weirdest part of all is, besides being able to read your plant’s mind?

Wait, do plants have minds? They must have minds in their own planty way, right? Does everything have a mind? This post is getting deep. Back to plants! 

You Are Getting Very Sleepy...


The weirdest part is that this planter can also detect movement and its eyes will follow the motion so when there’s no movement, it simply goes to sleep.

They will tell you when they are hot or cold, when they have had too much water or not enough. 

It can even sense when it is going to rain which is beyond weird. Did you know that dogs can do that too?

What's In A Name?


See, this planter turns your regular plain ole house plant into a house pet. The face is also customizable so your house pet can have its own personality. 

That’s where the name comes in. So far we’ve seen a Glenn, Steve, Sally and a Troy. 

Can you guess who is who? We bet you know who Troy is! DING DING DING DING! This is totally Troy! 

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 2.40.15 PM

According to their crowdfunding campaign, they have six animations on the face of the plant that is related to the plant’s overall health and well-being. 

Then there are 9 others as well that will help give Lua a little “spark of life.”

It took the creators 13 months to develop Lua. They now have a fully working prototype that will go on the market in December 2019. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 2.42.03 PM

After creative the product, the developers started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in hopes to raise a little more than $33,000. 

As of today, they have raised more than $97,000 which is over 200% of their desired goal. 

It looks like people are in need of plants with faces, whether they knew it or not. You can still donate if you desire and want some fun perks that come along with your donation! 

Know Your Plants 


And while you are waiting to buy your very own Lua in December, here are some tips to help keep your plants alive until then. 

First, know your plants. Not all plants should be treated equally. Sorry plants, but it’s true. 

Some plants need more light than others. Some need to be in cool environments and some like it hot. Read the labels you buy your plant and remember what it needs and group them with others who have the same requirements. 

Check The Soil


Make sure you don’t just keep an eye on how your plant is doing, check the soil as well. 

If it’s soaking a few days after your last watering, you over watered the plant. 

Let the soil dry out before you go to water again. And if the soil is dry, water the plant again until you are able to see drops emerge from the drainage holes at the plant’s bottom. 

Use The Right Water


Maybe it’s not you at all and maybe it’s the water that you are using?

Tap water can contain excessive levels of chlorine, which is toxic to plants. 

Try filtered water or collect rainwater in a bucket and use that to hydrate your plants. You can also put tap water in a bucket and set it out in the sun for a day to evaporate the chlorine and then water your plants with it. 


Location, Location, Location


Keep plants away from very hot, cold or drafty areas in your home and move your green things away from heating vents or air conditioners.

If your plant is in direct sunlight and the leaves look dry, move the plant to a place in your home that receives indirect sun because leaves can get sunburned just like humans.

Try these tricks and if your plants are still dying, the Lua will be ready soon!