A New Study Shows Men Are Spending More Time In The Bathroom For A Very Specific Reason

By Psquared - May 02, 2019

Life comes at you from all angles. Every time you think you’ve got a handle on anything, something else pops up, causing more turmoil. It’s just one thing after another, again and again and again and again. Is there no end or respite from all these hassles? Can’t a man take a few moments to relax, catch his breath and gain some energy back to tackle the next series of infinite challenges shoved upon him?

After a certain age, you just learn to accept this is what life is and always will be. But here’s the real question: why are we talking about all the stresses and annoyances of life when the title of this article indicates that it’s a piece about men and bathrooms? Oh, we’re getting there dear reader. We just wanted to set the stage and put you in the right mindset for it first. Okay, here we go…

Stress On Men


Family men have a level of stress most other men can’t even begin to fathom.

Besides the usual worries of making sure your bills are paid, you also need to make sure a series of other human beings are provided for and even happy.

This is a full time job, and we don’t mean nine to five. This is a twenty-for/seven task. You never get rest from it, no matter how much you want or even possibly might need it.



For some guys, they have the luxury of owning their very own man cave to escape to.

They can have a section of their home as “Daddy Only” where they can have a few drinks, play a few games and just unwind.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? This picture looks like paradise. Sadly, the vast majority of us can’t afford this, so if men want a private space to get some quiet and collect their thoughts, they have to go somewhere else…

The Bathroom


Yeah, bathrooms are no longer just a place to relieve yourself from the stuff compiling in your bladder or bowels.

It’s a sanctuary to relieve yourself from the stuff compiling in your heart and soul that’s stressing you out.

More and more men are going to the bathroom not as a place to do their business, but to seek pleasure and a few blissful moments of silence away from all of the craziness on the other side of that door.

Survey Says...


It seems like some men are using the restroom as an actual, literal room for rest.

But exactly how many men do this, and for how long? If you were ever curious about such things (and why wouldn’t you be?), then you’re in luck.

Research was commissioned by a company named Pebble Grey. They conducted a survey on 1,000 men about their bathroom habits, and as you might expect, the results were truly enlightening. Here’s what they found…

How Much Time?


So yeah, men use the bathroom. It’s biology, so it’s inevitable and will happen at some point.

But they aren’t in a hurry to leave as soon as they’re done. How long exactly do they linger in the bathroom for the sole purpose of alone time?

According to the survey, men spend seven hours a year hiding on the toilet, seeking peace and quiet. That’s two back-to-back showings of Avengers Endgame! Luckily, if you need a bathroom break, you’re in the right place.

Treat Yo Self


Does this seem dramatic and selfish? Not really if you break it down and think about it.

It’s seven hours a year, not seven hours a day. And even the most selfless person needs to practice self-care every now and then.

For some, that involves smoking Cuban cigars while taking a bubble bath in a giant gold tub. For others, it’s just taking an extra minute or two to regroup in a stall of silence. What’s wrong with that?

Get Away From It All


After all, Superman has his Fortress of Solitude, so why shouldn’t Normalman have their own little getaway.

While this is understandable, the seven hours a year is certainly an interesting figure. That’s not the only piece of information that this survey uncovered.

We know that they spend that much extra time hiding out in the bathroom, but thanks to the questions, it also helped give evidence as to why they would want to hide away. Here’s what the men said…



So what are the men hiding from? Well, some pointed to chores as the reason for their stealthy retreat.

Look, nobody likes mowing the lawn or scrubbing the kitchen sink and unclogging it, but it’s something that needs to be done.

What are you going to do, hide in there and hope by the time you leave that those tasks will have magically completed themselves? If that’s the case, then move over, because that bathroom grants wishes, and we want a turn in it.

Nagging Partner


Other men said they hide out in the restroom as a way to get away from a nagging partner.

Look, communication is key in any relationship. If you’re being condescended to or yelled at, you need to speak like adults and work out your issues verbally and calmly.

Or, you could just lock yourself in the bathroom forever. Surely that won’t flush your chances for a healthy future down the toilet. Remember, it’s a temporary retreat to regain your faculties, not avoid your life permanently.



If you have kids, you can relate to this one. Again, it’s not meant to be a permanent solution.

If you have unruly kids, you need to get them in line. They’re not gonna raise themselves, and annoying kids affect everyone, not just you.

But being a great parent to overly energetic little monsters can be exhausting. Yeah, you’ve earned yourself an extra couple of minutes in there to rest up. But hurry up. They’re starting to write on the walls again.

Screen Time


This one is possibly the most easy to understand. A lot of the men said they do this just to get some uninterrupted time on their phone.

It’s rude to have your face buried in your phone when you’re with guests.

But your phone is soooooo cool. And there are people around all the time. When else would you get the opportunity to catch up on all the cool things on the internet? Heck, you’re reading this while hiding in the bathroom right now, aren’t you?

Does It Work?


So, hiding out in the bathroom is surely a foolproof plan with a 100 percent success rate of guaranteeing some much needed emergency R and R… right?

Well, not exactly. According to the survey, one in ten men report that their trips to the bathroom are often interrupted.

That’s a recipe for making someone Hulk out if we’ve ever heard one. How hectic is your life that you can’t even get a few moments to yourself in the bathroom?

The Throne Room


This is treasonous blasphemy. Your bathroom is supposed to be a sacred sanctuary, not unlike a throne room.

The folks behind the survey agreed, saying, “We all need a little bit of time to ourselves – to take stock or switch off completely.

And the bathroom appears to be the go-to place for those moments – it’s very much a sanctuary, somewhere we can cut ourselves off from the outside world, albeit just temporarily.”

And yet it isn’t entirely safe… shameful.

Alone Time


The spokesperson for Pebble Grey continued, stressing how important it is for men to get some blessed alone time.

“As the results suggest, peace and quiet is sacred and clearly, men take the opportunity to get this where they can – often in the bathroom.”

And the struggle is real. According to the survey, 45 percent of the men said that they had issues finding time for themselves. Privacy is seemingly a valuable and unfortunately exceedingly rare commodity.



If you feel like you’re having a hard time empathizing with some of the answers and feelings revealed in this survey, this should help.

A quarter of the men said that their partners didn’t appreciate how busy their lives were. So even in their off time, they have to work to make them happy.

It’s a never-ending grind. And another 25 percent said that if they couldn’t get away to the bathroom every now and again, they “don’t know how they’d cope.”

Safe Place


Remember, not all men can have a luxurious man cave, so this is what they have to do.

23 percent of the men surveyed referred to the restroom as their “safe space.” So don’t go barging in like this little scamp here.

Also, learn to recognize signs of a stressed-out partner. If they’re spending extra time in the bathroom, it means they need some alone time. Especially considering how one third of the men surveyed said that bathroom time was the only way they got any moments to themselves.

Planning Ahead


Sometimes, taking an extra few moments alone in the bathroom is a completely impromptu decision.

But for some guys, they have their bathroom alone time down to a super science. 14 percent of men said that they stashed items in there.

These include magazines, books and sometimes even food for the instances they know they’ll spend a little extra time in there. However, this food stashing thing is particularly disgusting, considering something else we learned from this survey. Um, you see…



You’d assume that with all the extra time men spend hanging out in the bathroom, they’d want it to be clean.

Well, while they might want it to be clean, if you assumed they’d do anything about it, you’d likely be incorrect.

44 percent of the men admitted that their partner was most often the one who cleaned the bathroom. So, just to recap. Guys will hide out in a gross bathroom and even eat food they left in there. But clean it?… Naaaaaaaah.

Second Survey


The men were not the only ones who were asked about their bathroom hiding habits.

1,000 women were surveyed as well. 72 percent of them agreed with their male partners… that they were generally the ones who cleaned the bathroom. Yuck.

But we also learned that hiding in the bathroom isn’t a hobby exclusive just to men. Over a 20 percent of the women surveyed said that they also use the bathroom as a last bastion for some peace and quiet.

Do Not Disturb


So it seems we all want a little alone time in the bathroom… but we don’t always get what we want.

It was determined that one in 10 households have a “do not disturb” policy when it comes to someone in the bathroom.

But guess what? 85% of the people who have this “do not disturb” rule in the house report still being interrupted. With stress like this in your life, seven hours a year doesn’t seem like nearly enough time.