A Mother’s Stunning Breastfeeding Photos Are Owning The Internet

By lgentile - July 19, 2019

There are so many benefits to breastfeeding your child. Breast milk provides nutrients that a baby needs in order to grow and flourish. Breast milk also contains important antibodies that can help a baby fight off viruses and bacteria and breast milk can also reduce a baby’s risk of disease from intestinal tissue damage, sudden infant death syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and more. The list of benefits is endless! 

And because there are so many benefits to breastfeeding your child, many people look down upon women who decide not to breastfeed. They even judge if a woman is unable to breastfeed and has to depend on the bottle instead. And while some shame mothers who use formula, others look down upon women who breastfeed in public. So can someone please tell us how a new mother can win in this situation? If she is encouraged to breastfeed but then shamed when she has to do it public, what’s a new mom to do?


Relax Everybody!


You know that you are going to be judged if you use a bottle, so you decide to breastfeed and then you are told to put the boob away. 

It is quite the dilemma even though it really is nobody’s business but the mom and the newborn baby. 

RELAX EVERYBODY! This shouldn’t be such a big issue, but unfortunately, in 2019, it still is.

Legal In All 50 States


Did you know that public breastfeeding was officially made legal in all 50 states in 2018? 

And while it is legal in every single state, there is still so much stigma surrounding it. 

And do you know what is the best way to break a stigma? You have to normalize it. Even writing about it like we are here is a step towards making breast feeding less of a big deal.

Way To Go Ladies!


Fortunately, little by little, women are feeling more comfortable breastfeeding in public as well as posting about it. Way to go, ladies! 

Women like Chrissy Teigan, Liv Tyler and Alyssa Milano have all helped make breast feeding less of a big deal over the years.  

And the latest hot momma to break the mold is a photographer named Katya Nova. She has made Instagram her platform to post beautiful pictures of her family.

Showcasing Her Real Life


Via her Instagram account, @nurturingnovas she showcases her family’s life on the beach in the Caribbean.

If you go on her page, you will see that all of her photos are beautiful. She is living proof that life’s a beach, isn’t she? 

Both Katya and husband are professional photographers and you can see their talent in each gorgeous post.

Island Beauty


And while her island pictures are lovely, her more impressive pictures are the shots of her feeding her baby while simply living her life. 

See that? That’s a woman who isn’t afraid to show what being a mom really looks like. 

Whether she is home, at an event or while she is doing everyday tasks and running errands, she shows that this momma can not only do it all, but she can balance it all too.

You Can Do It All


Think that your personal life is over once you have kids. Look at her pictures and think again. 

Want to take your baby to a music festival but need to make sure you can feed him? Well, she is living proof that you can do it all. 

Many times women feel like they need to cover up when breastfeeding in public but Katya is trying to change that, on Instagram post at a time.

Feeling Stuck


After having a child, during the first few months when feeding times are really close together, many moms feel stuck in the house. 

But Katya doesn’t seem stuck at all, does she? And she even has another child to take care of as well!

She is showing her followers that you can still go out and live your life take breaks to feed your child at the same time.

Everything Changes


Look, when you are a new parent, everything changes and it isn’t about you are your partner anymore. 

After you give birth, your life revolves around your newborn child and that’s about it. 

You are using all your energy up to just keep things going and keep things from falling apart. So, who has time to run and hide every time your child needs to eat?

Normalizing Breast Feeding


A mom sure doesn’t have that kind of time. She doesn’t even have time to shower most of the time! 

We need to normalize breastfeeding, in real life and online so a woman feels like they can live their life, boob out and all. 

Because at first glance, one may think that she may just be posting beautiful pictures of her and her family, but what she is doing so much more than that.

Do What You Need To Do


She is showing women that it is okay to feed in public if that is what you need to do. 

Think about it. When a new mom needs to go to the grocery store, it is not just a quick errand. It’s a production. 

The parent needs to get the baby and the diaper bag. Then comes the car seat and the stroller and suddenly one little errand turns into a three-act play.

Easing A Hangry Baby!


So what happens when you are in the grocery store and your child makes it clear that it’s time to eat?

Sure, some stores have a private breastfeeding area but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be occupied or full or noisy or far. 

Want to tell your baby to wait a few minutes until they can eat? It doesn’t really work that way and nobody wants a hangry baby.

Eating In Public


And while it would be nice if your baby was cool with sticking their head under a blanket to feed, would you want to eat with something over your head?

It sounds claustrophobic and super uncomfortable and you know what is even worse? They can’t tell you how uncomfortable they are because they don’t know what words are yet or how to use them. 

So if your child isn’t down with eating in hiding, why should you have to force them to do so?

Now THAT Is Beautfiul


Katya’s photos show the pure beauty in feeding her child and no one can argue with that! 

Remember that next time you see a woman pull out a boob at a family outing or while shopping at the mall. 

Just because it feels weird and different because you don’t see it happen all the time, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or bad or gross or rude. It is just a mom feeding her baby. Nothing more.

Completely Normal


Breastfeeding is as natural as it can get, so the act should not be stigmatized. And for those who are thinking that it’s too in your face, we don’t buy it. 

Have you ever been to the beach? There are just as many nip slips at the beach as there are while a child is feeding. 

Also, there is nothing sexual about feeding a baby so why should we have to stand up for it anyway?

Leave It Alone


And just like many things in life, if you don’t like what you are seeing, than don’t look. It’s as simple as that. 

If you think nipples should be covered up because women should be more modest, than that is your problem and your problem only. 

Don’t make it the tired mom’s problem or the hungry baby’s problem. Can’t you see that they are busy!?