A Man Killed A Spider And Made His Problem SO Much Worse

By Psquared - June 06, 2019

What are you afraid of? Is it something intangible that fills you with existential dread, such as death, crushing debt from student loans that you fear you’ll never be able to pay off in your lifetime even if you get to live to be 140 or the fact that you have no idea who some of these young pop singers are these days and it constantly reminds you of your mortality and you’re out of touch and not what advertisers are looking for anymore because your time has already come and gone?

Or is it something more physical, like insects? It seems silly to be afraid of insects. They’re so tiny compared to us. Heck, we kill tons of them a day by accident without even realizing it. That sentence likely creeped some of you out. Why are people so afraid of these fragile little creepy crawlies? Well, we thought it was a ridiculous fear… at least, until we saw this…

Let The Cringing Commence!


Do you hate spiders? You are not alone. A lot of people do. In fact spiders are many people’s greatest fear.

Not even Spider-Man has built up enough good will for people to feel better about these creatures.

If you were told that you could have all of Spider-Man’s powers, that you could climb walls, have super strength and be aware of danger before it happens, and all you had to do was let a spider bite you, most folks would kill the spider instantly instead of gaining those superpowers.


Burn It With Fire!


Living among spiders is one thing and killing them to keep your sanity and stake your territory is all that you can hope to do.

But what happens when everything does not go as planned? Killing a spider is usually simple enough, but an Australian man apparently met his match.

After killing the spider with bug spray, a worm-like creature emerged and started writhing about. Yes, my friends. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

The Plot — And Web — Thickens


Did he kill it with chemicals, fire, or an atomic bomb? He does what anyone would do in such an unfortunate situation.

He turns on some hardcore music and just uploads it to YouTube. But then when he killed it, that weird wormy thing came out of it.

As if the spider wasn’t enough! It turns out the worm is a parasite called the mermithid nematode worm. And they’re straight out of a horror movie.

Hello, Nightmare


These worms are known to live inside arthropods and eat their muscle while taking over their nervous system.

And by the way, they do this while the spider is still alive. Isn’t that just a pleasant thought you’ll never, ever be able to scrub from your mind?

So, to recap for anyone that wasn’t fully paying attention, this disgusting thing had another more disgusting thing living inside of it. Cool, cool, cool! Thanks, everyone. Hope you enjoyed this TED Talk.

The Worm Appears To Be 15 Times Bigger Than The Spider's Stomach


Look how long this wormy thing is when it unravels. How did it possibly fit inside there?

Ugh, this makes me want to die. It’s like something from an M. Night Shyamalan film come to life and the twist is that this is the real world and not fantasy.

These are the beasts you deal with in the land Down Under. How did he keep his cool and then put on some intense tunes and also somehow manage to film the entire thing without puking?


You Never Know What You're Going To Get


You can see at the end of the video that he had enough and started firing bug spray.

That is if you have the guts to watch the whole video at all. Good luck with that!

And how could Brent Askwith not whip out his phone and post? He had to record a horrifying situation and let the rest of the internet enjoy his misfortune. And if all else fails, you could always burn your house down. That’s a conservative way of dealing with something like thi

View The Horrifying Video Here For Yourself


How brave are you? You can prove it to your friends or even to yourself right now.

Brent posted the video in 2013. Since then it has racked up more than 13 million views.

Do you have the guts to watch it in its entirety? Go on… we dare ya. It’s as if the worm-like creature has its own mosh pit. You have to admit, this guy turns a horrifying situation into a cinema feature.

There Are More Horrifying Things


Some creepy crawly creature crawling out of another creepy crawly creature sounds like the worst thing ever.

What could possibly be worse on this great, big, round world of ours? Unless, of course, a creepy crawly creature comes crawling out of your own body.

We should probably warn you, dear readers. If you’re deathly afraid of insects, you may want to turn back now. We don’t blame you for being a big old chicken with no sense of adventure…

When You Get The Itch...Run


Oh, you’re still here. Yay! Our reverse psychology worked. Okay. Buckle the heck in for this one.

We weren’t lying when we said that finding insects in your skin is worse than finding insects in other insects.

Meet 12-year-old Shreya Darji from India. She had an itch in her ear one day. The problem was so persistent, they went to a doctor to find out what was happening. Care to guess what it was?

Run For The Hills


Who guessed that the cause of her itch was ants? If so, you’re a disturbed, disgusting freak with a twisted, vile imagination.

You’re also 100 percent correct, unfortunately. When the doctors looked inside her ear, they were shocked to find ants.

And not just one or two that had lost their way and ended up in what they thought was a cozy place to hang for a bit, but hundreds of them.

It. Gets. WORSE.


Although doctors tried to remove the ants and suffocate them, they were unsuccessful.

The ants didn’t leave. Instead, they would crawl out of Darji’s ear. At random times. When she least expected it.

You see Jay Z’s face here? That’s the face you make 24/7 when you know at any time several ants can just start crawling out of your ear and all over your neck, throat and face. We can’t shudder hard enough at the thought.

Can I See Your Medical License, Please?


Doctors couldn’t get rid of the ants. Poor Darji had them in her ears for months.

Months. MONTHS. We know we’ve repeated that word three times now, but we feel it’s necessary to say it one more time.

MONTHS. For more than an entire season of the year, she lived with the torment of these uninvited tenants living in her ear. Whenever you’re upset, just think, “At least I don’t have ants in my ear.”

Movin' On Up


Eventually, the ants packed up all their stuff and left on their own. But it took six months.

Six months. SIX MONTHS. How many times are we going to say it? One for each of the months those ants were in her ear.

Six months, SIX MONTHS. SIX MONTHS! Half of a year, and they only left when they got bored. Can we look at pictures of puppies now or a fun cat video?

Not For The Faint Of Heart


If you want to see the horrifying footage of the ants in Darji’s ear, you can watch it here.

If you were wondering what the llama has to do with anything, the answer is nothing. It’s eye bleach for when you get back.

The puppies and cats were on a lunch break. They may have seen the video as well, and weren’t up for making us all feel better about it/

Better Stock Up On Matches


So, next time there’s a spider or an ant in your house, if you go into a full-on panic mode, you have all the right.

You know what? After seeing that spider and the ants, this meme doesn’t seem so crazy.

However, spiders and ants aren’t the only insects that people are afraid of. There’s a winged terror that fire might not even kill, since they can just fly away from any danger. Of course, we’re talking about…



Yup. These little jerks just love to sting us. Even though it means their own demise, they do it anyway.

They’re nature’s kamikaze pilots. And yes, we know that bees are super important for the environment and should be protected.

That makes them even more terrifying. Knowing that you can’t kill them, because it would disrupt the whole Earth. We just have to watch what they did to Macaulay Culkin’s character in My Girl and think, “It’s a good thing they exist.”

Even More Terrifying


You know what’s more terrifying than a bee? A gigantic bee. Bigger is better, and more nightmare inducing.

What you’re looking at has been called the “holy grail” of bees, and hasn’t been seen alive since 1981.

Wallace’s Giant Bee has been rediscovered in the Indonesian province of North Maluku on the Maluku Islands, 38 years after scientists thought it had gone extinct. It even has a cute nickname. Live Science called it the “nightmare bee.”

Nightmare Bee


Clay Bolt, a natural history photographer specializing in bees, took the first photos and video of the species alive.

He had spent years researching the right habitat type with bee expert Eli Wyman. Well, congrats. You found your nightmare.

Bolt said, “It was absolutely breathtaking to see this ‘flying bulldog’ of an insect that we weren’t sure existed anymore, to have real proof right there in front of us in the wild.” And why did he call it a “flying bulldog”?

The Size Of It


Because this bee is nearly the size of a baby bulldog. But it is way more vicious and not nearly as cute.

Wallace’s Giant Bee is four times larger than a common honey bee, is about as long as an adult human’s thumb, and boasts a 2.5-inch wingspan.

“I hope this rediscovery will spark future research that will give us a deeper understanding of the life history of this very unique bee and inform any future efforts to protect it from extinction,” Wyman said.

Fear Justified


For the record, we aren’t thrilled about any efforts to keep that giant nightmare bee from going extinct.

The environment and nature be darned, that thing is just too scary. Death is a far less terrifying fear than some insects.

We’re sorry to have insinuated fear of these crawling critters was silly. It’s the realest and most justifiable terror on the planet, especially after seeing the horrors they are capable of. Student loans are almost not as scary as these. (Well…almost.)