A Little Girl Chose ‘The Nun’ As Her Birthday Party Theme And Completely Owned It

By Psquared - June 12, 2019

Remember being a kid? It’s hard to, what with all the pressures and stresses of being an adult. We’re too preoccupied with responsibilities at our jobs, worrying about paying bills and don’t even get us started on paying taxes, because we’re actually not entirely sure if we’re doing them right or what exactly they’re for. Honestly, we’re all just kinda barely mentally getting by, hoping no one notices we have no idea what we’re doing. Things were so much simpler when we were younger.

When we were little kids, before entering school our main concerns were about how much fun we could have and what we could get away with. That was it. Even when we were in school, homework wasn’t that big of a deal and we were still more focused on enjoying life as much as possible. And what was more enjoyable that your birthday? Now, it’s just a reminder of your mortality and your inevitable march towards oblivion. But back then, birthdays were the best…

Birthday Parties


Some of our fondest memories from our childhoods were living it up at our birthday parties.

We got to eat pizza and cake, played a bunch of games and of course got a mountain of presents.

One of the best parts of birthday parties was how we could pick our very own theme. Most kids go with Disney or maybe Star Wars or Marvel parties, but some children have very particular tastes when it comes to their party theme…

This Theme


The world learned about one such child’s unique tastes when Andrea posted on Twitter about her three year-old cousin’s birthday party theme.

Most young girls at that tender age would perhaps choose the theme to be Disney’s Frozen. Instead, Lucia chose one that made party-goer’s blood run cold.

Is this morbid? Is it dark? Is it somewhat disturbing? Absolutely. But is it adorable and utterly hilarious? You bet, and it took the internet by storm.

'The Nun'


So what exactly is this theme? It’s based on the 2018 horror film The Nun.

Here’s a screen shot from the film. Doesn’t this just scream “child’s birthday party”? Especially a three year-old’s party, at that.

We talked about how when you get older that birthdays become less of a celebration and more of a dark reminder how we all age and die. Looks like some people start taking this thought to heart earlier than others do.

Huge Fan


So how exactly did Lucia settle on this as her theme? How does she even know about this movie?

It’s not exactly kid-friendly. As it turns out, she saw The Nun while she was at her grandmother’s house.

Instead of being terrified, she insisted on watching the whole thing.  We’re not sure what’s worse: having your parent show your kid a horror movie and it freaking them out, or they wind up loving it more than anything.

Her Decision


Lucia’s birthday was coming up, and she just wouldn’t stop talking about how she wanted this to be her theme.

Props to her parents. A lot of moms and dads would refuse, thinking it was too creepy and weird.

But Lucia’s parents? They went all in, and this little girl absolutely rocked the theme of the party. She had her own Nun she carried around, and even a spooky Nun cake. But that wasn’t all she had there…

The Guests


So how did everyone who showed up to the party react? Were they at all disgusted?

Not at all. They were told that this was what was going to go down, so they all prepared accordingly. How did they prepare?

Well, the other kids got into the spirit (and makeup) of the scary movie as well. Just try to imagine not getting the memo that this is what the party would be like and walking in on this scene.

The Internet Reacts


As we said, this absolutely blew up on social media. Andrea’s post got a lot of attention.

It garnered over 100,000 retweets and 500,000 likes on Twitter. And as was to be expected, people on Twitter  weighed in with their opinions.

Memes were made. This person posted this creepy photo , supposing Lucia must be related to this creature. But don’t worry, it was all in good fun. The overwhelming consensus was that Lucia and her party were awesome!

Not Alone


Does it seem strange for a young child to become a fan of a horror movie?

After all, these are villains that are portrayed as monstrous and hurt people. But there’s an undeniable charisma in them.

Come on. When you watch scary movies, you don’t root for the hapless teenagers, do you? No! You want to see the bad guys prevail. Kids feel the same way. And as this person pointed out, Lucia wasn’t alone in enjoying scary movies…

Nephew's Theme


One Twitter user chimed in, sharing the theme for her nephew’s sixth birthday party.

He didn’t want his house to be adorned with superheroes or star athletes. Instead, he wanted an even more famous horror icon than The Nun.

He went with a Child’s Play themed party, with the murderous living doll Chucky as the star of the show. He even got violent decorations strewn about to complete the theme in gory detail, sweet blood and all.

Child's Play


As you can see,six year-old Isaiah had cupcakes with sugar candy meant to look like glass shards stabbing into them.

They were even bleeding. And his cake had Chucky on it asking if he wanted to play.

Heck, what young child wouldn’t love Chucky? He’s a toy that comes to life and tells adults to back off (by murdering them, but hey, still cool). He’s the best friend a boy can have… minus the whole “trying to possess you” thing.

Making Friends


If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you know that one of the biggest tropes is having creepy kids in them.

From The Shining to The Grudge, young children can be downright spooky.

They can even be terrifying when they’re not trying to be. Another Twitter user chimed in, showing pictures of a costume her niece made. It was equally terrifying to The Nun. However, that’s where some of the humor came into play on this one…



This costume the young girl designed herself is of Coraline. Coraline actually is a kids’ film.

However, when you dress up like her as a young child, you look just as scary as anything out of any other horror movie.

But the internet found her to be adorable as well. These two absolutely should be friends. How often do you meet someone that thinks outside the box like you (in Lucia’s case, that box might be a coffin)?

Fan Art


People of the internet were so in love with this theme that Lucia even got fan art.

Twitter user Victor-Hugo Borges made this depiction of Lucia enjoying her birthday party and posted it online. The coolest part?

Lucia’s mom said she showed it to her, and she absolutely loved it. Borges said, “That is awesome! Hope the artwork serves as a memento of her already extraordinary childhood. Thanks for letting me know. :)”

But the coolest part was yet to come…

Bonnie Aaron


With all those likes and retweets, this story seems to have spread far. But how far?

Well, Bonnie Aarons, the actress who portrays the titular Nun in the film, saw these pictures and absolutely loved it!

She even went so far as to contact Lucia’s mom and ask if she could send a gift. How cool is that? Assuming, of course, that she’s nice and real life and not as demonic as the character she portrays onsc

Happy Birthday!


This wasn’t just cool because it was funny to see an adorable little girl dressed up as a creepy, murderous demon nun.

It was a reminder to be yourself, no matter what anyone thinks. You love The Nun? Throw yourself a birthday party themed after it.

It also reminds us how great birthdays are supposed to be. It’s a celebration of life. So next time yours rolls around, live it up and enjoy your life… even if the theme of the paris a monster who ends it.