A Greek Island Is Actually Paying People To Live There

By lgentile - July 22, 2019

Do you ever think about stopping everything that you are doing in your hectic and stressful life and running away? Do you ever imagine that you can live on a small island somewhere with no cable and internet and just be one with nature? Maybe you find yourself daydreaming and thinking of the day where you just disappear and live on a mountain away from the hustle and bustle of whatever major city you are living in. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

For many people, living a quiet life sounds like a pipe dream. We spend our whole lives chasing some dream, but in the end what will you have to show for it? With everything going on in the world, we think it’s time to pack our bags, move to an island somewhere and simplify our lives a little. How does Greece sound to everyone? Good? Great. We will see you there. 

Get Me To The Greek!


And if Greece sounds like the place to get away from it all, you are in luck! 

The Greek island of Antikythera is offering to pay families  €500 or $560 USD a month to move there. 

We are officially putting in our notice at work and we will see you there. No but seriously, where do we sign up?? This seems too good to be true! 

The Island Of Antikythera


The island of Antikythera is offering the incentive in an effort to combat its dwindling population. 

If you are considering it, the island is located between Crete and Kythira in the Mediterranean and has just 24 permanent residents and a few more during the summer months.

There are only 24 people sharing an entire island? That’s it!? Yeah, we can do this. Like right now. 

A Tiny Island


The island’s tourism website calls it: “One of the tiniest, non-modernized, inhabited Greek Islands.”

Now, if you are thinking of picking up and leaving, just know that the website also states that there is “limited food shopping” and “limited resources” on the island. 

But don’t forget that you will also be living on an island with unlimited relaxation. 

A Hop, Skip, Jump


The island is just a 45-minute flight from Athens and Antikythera is just 20 square miles big with only a handful of places to stay. 

Good news for those who are ready to check out the island! There is one apartment available on Airbnb already if you want to scope it out before you move there. 

This money incentive is being offered by the local council and is legit if you have your doubts. 

According To The Mayor


Mayor of the island Andreas Charchalakis told the Greek website, “Our place is very beautiful and difficult during the winter months.”

He then goes on to explain exactly what they are looking for. “We are looking for many families to revive our island.”

He added, “A few days ago, three small children settled in Antikythira with their parents, who were from the island and the place was alive.”

For Families Only?


So, anyone without kids is out? Life can be so unfair, right? They really want young families to move in. 

“We need three young families, large enough to make Antikythira live and full of children’s voices.”

While this seems like an outrageous idea, this is not the first time a small village or town with a dwindling population used cash incentives and money saving schemes to get people to move there. 


If Italy Is More Your Speed


Earlier this year, a group of Italian villages joined an organization to sell houses in need of renovation for just €1. WHAT A STEAL! 

Included in the clutch of villages was Zungoli in the Campania region of southern Italy and Mussomeli in Sicily. 

They used this incentive to revitalize Italian villages that needed some love and care and encourage residents back following an exodus to urban areas.

Welcome To Vermont


The city of Vermont was also in the news last year when they announced that they will offer people money to move there. 

In May of 2018, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a bill funding a state initiative that offers $10,000 to people willing to move to Vermont and work remotely. 

They are accepting applications right now, so you better get on it!

Swiss Swiss, Bish


And if you are looking to get out of the US, head over to Albinen, Switzerland. 

This small village has a population of 240 people and is happy to pay new residents $25,000 an adult and $10,000 a child to live there. 

There are a few rules. You must be under the age of 45 and you have to promise to live there for 10 years. 

Candela, Italy


And if you have still got Italy on you mind, go ahead and move to Candela, Italy. 

The town is offering potential new residents $910 to $2,775 to move there.  

The requirements include that those interested must become citizens of the town, they have to rent a home and earn an income of at least $8,425 USD. We can do all of those things!

Feeling Chile?


And if Italy isn’t you thing, have you ever thought of getting paid to move to Chile?

The South American country launched Start-Up Chile in 2010 in order to attract entrepreneurs. 

Tech workers who are involved in the program can receive up to $80,000 equity-free. They also offer training and work visas to those who are interested or in need.

Free Land For All


And if you want to stay close to home and are looking for a free place to live, try Lincoln, Kansas.

In hopes to attract newcomers to the city, Lincoln offers new residents free property lots that range between 12,000 to 35,000 square feet.

Hey, if all else fails just know that Kansas will be there for you. What is there to do in Lincoln, Kansas? 

Saskatchewan, SaskatcheWANT!


And if you are a student, or was a student in the last seven years, you are in luck. 

If you are willing to relocate, Saskatchewan offers students $15,000 USD in tax credit through its Graduation Retention Program

To be eligible, folks will have to have graduated “no more than seven years ago from a qualifying post-secondary program” and need to either be residents of the area or be willing move there. Can you use the money towards your student loans? Asking for a friend. 

Let's Move To Chattanooga!


Hey computer geeks out there, it is time to listen up because we have some very good news for you! 

Chattanooga, Tennessee offers a program called the Geek move. The Geek move was launched to attract computer developers to move there and they offer $1,250 “for relocation costs.” 

The program also offers a $10,000 forgivable mortgage. Time to let your geek flag fly! 

OK Oklahoma!


And if you would be down to live in Tulsa, the city has a program called the Tulsa Remote that will pay people $10,000 to move to Tulsa. 

The program also includes discounted rent up to three months and a schedule of events happening in the area. 

The program is funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and you shouldn’t pass up on this offer!