A Dad Invented A Hilarious T-shirt For The Most Selfish Reason

By lgentile - July 22, 2019

Having kids is hard AF for more reasons than you can count. First of all, raising a child requires a whole lot of energy. When you have a child, you better be prepared to have to run around and chase them all day long. You have to constantly pick them up and put them down, up and down, up and down, making squats seem like a breeze! They want to be swung around and thrown and held and entertained every second of every single day. We are exhausted just thinking about it. 

By the end of the day, your legs ache, your back feels broken and your shoulders are on fire just trying to keep up with your little ones. Hang out with kids for just a few hours and you can’t help but agree that parents deserve weekly massages, foot rubs and endless pampering for dealing with the energy that comes with parenting. 

Kids Change Your Life


But raising a child also changes your life for the better, which makes all the pain worth it. 

Raising little ones can bring you more joy than you ever could have imagined. 

We know that that is hard to believe when you see them screaming and having a tantrum and pulling their sister’s hair and pooping in the backseat of the car. Oh, parenthood. Have we mentioned how exhausting being a parent is? 

Make Time For Self Care 


And after all the crying and teasing and joy and silliness and fun and blood, sweat and tears, parents need to make sure that they are taking care of themselves too. 

And if you are a parent, you are probably thinking you don’t really have time for self care. 

How can you get your nails done or take a bath or get a massage with your crazy kids running around?

A Creative Solution 


If you are feeling the wear and tear of being a parent and are in desperate need of some mommy or daddy pampering, we have just the thing for you. 

Ken Kawamoto is an overworked dad with an aching back who was once in need of a serious massage. 

When he knew that he wasn’t going to have time to get one anytime soon due to parenting, he decided to get creative.

How To Trick Your Kids 


Kawamoto is a Google software engineer with a young son who just happens to be obsessed with toy trains, as many boys are. 

Using his sons obsession, he devised a clever plan to trick him into giving him a back massage. Are your wheels turning? 

Want to trick your kids into giving you a massage just like Ken? Here is exactly how he did it. 

A Delightful Massage


This super smart daddy designed a train track-imprinted T-shirt to allow his son to run his toy trains over them. 

Now as he lays on his back, his son can go back and forth, back and forth with his trains, giving him the most delightful massage in the world. 

To all of our dad readers out there, you are so very welcome. This is clearly a game changer. 

It’s Super Cute Too 


Kawamoto designed it so that when he is wearing it, the motion of the trains works as a substitute for a perfect massage. 

And he didn’t stop with just the tracks. The white T-shirt is also imprinted with some station signs and there is even a pond for some extra snazz. 

Hey, if you are going to make a massage shirt, you better make it look cute too! 

Head Over To Right Shoulder Station 


Each of the train tracks is marked with station signs that say, “right shoulder,” “left shoulder,” “spine,” and “lower back.” 

These stations allow him to command the ‘conductor’ to direct the train wherever he’s feeling the most pain.

“Go to the right shoulder station! The right shoulder station!” Yup. There is it. There is the spot right there. Who is ready to head over to spine station? 

Going Viral 


When Kawamoto tweeted a video or him and his son showing the train track T-shirt in motion, the internet went wild and parents all over the world now want a massage shirt of their own. 

Do you need to have kids to wear this brilliant masterpiece because that looks beyond relaxing?

The video was posted last month and has now has more than 1.22 million views.

Father Of The Year 


This guy wins father of the year. Not only does he get a free massage, but he also gets to lay down. What a concept! 

How often does a parent get to lay down when playing with their kids? The answer is never. 

No seriously. Try laying down while your kid wants to play with trains and see what happens. Tantrum in 3…2…1…

Laying In Peace 


And while he is just laying there in peace, getting his back massaged, his son is having the time of his life! Everyone in this scenario wins. 

Kawamoto refers to his crafty creation as “the T-shirt that gets you a massage from your kids just by plopping down on the floor.”

While that name is super specific, he may want to try something catchier.

We Need A Better Name 


As you can tell, he really put a lot of time into this amazing “T-shirt that gets you a massage from your kids just by plopping down on the floor.”

Yeah, he definitely needs a better name, right? And if you are a parent reading this t-shirt and need this T-shirt like now, you can have it! 

The T-shirt is now available online from 2,400 yen ($22) ranging from size S to triple XL. Massages are $50 a pop if you’re lucky, so clearly this is a steal! 

The Travel Urinal


And while that is one hilarious invention for parents, here are a few more parent hacks that will make you LOL.

Like this travel urinal here. When traveling children, you never know when they will be able to pee.

This travel urinal will allow to pee everywhere. And then you can carry it around everywhere you go because that is part of the joy of being a parent! Carrying your kid’s pee!

The Baby Bubadoo


Are you feeling overwhelmed with changing your baby’s diapers? Are they wiggling around and grabbing and hitting and going crazy on the changing table?

Can’t get your kid to let you change them? Just throw them in a straightjacket and you’ll be good to go.

Introducing the The Baby Bubadoo. We know that whoever came up with this invention had good intentions, but there is something that doesn’t really look right about it. Maybe they just need to tweak a few things…


The Baby Mop


Nothing says multi-tasking like a baby wearing a Baby Mop. If you are a frazzled parent that doesn’t have time to clean the floors, put your baby to work.

Put them in a baby mop and let them crawl around the house and your floors will be spick and span in no time.

They are a baby wearing a mop and they are about to save your day, whether they have any idea that they are doing it or not.


The Babykeeper


Parents often feel like they can’t even pee without worrying about their kid’s getting into something.

Now, with the Babykeeper you can just hang them on the wall. Need to shower? Hang them on the wall! Need to brush your teeth? Hang them on the wall! Trying to do your makeup, no problem.

Now you can hang your kid up like you would a purse and you will be hand’s free in no time. Game changer.