A Dad Forced To Give Up His Daughter For Adoption Get Life-Changing Call

By lgentile - July 08, 2019

Putting a child up for adoption is one of the hardest decisions a parent will ever have to make, no matter what the circumstances are. Many times this tough decision is a necessary one. Sometimes, it is the only option. From the extreme guilt of giving away your birth child to the second guessing of whether or not you are making a decision, giving your child up for adoption will change your life forever. Pressure from loved ones and society can make your choice to actually go through with it so much tougher.

And those who do give their child up for adoption know that there is a good possibility that they will never see their child again. They have to accept that adoption is permanent in most cases and many can try to come to terms with that while others hold on to the hope that maybe someday they can reconnect with their birth child again.

Meet Frank Granados


One doting father named Frank Granados once cherished the feeling of holding his newborn baby girl in his arms and holding her tight.

But, when his daughter was put up for adoption without his consent or permission, he was forced to accept the decision and move on with his life.

Decades later, he had the surprise of a lifetime when he received a phone call that would change his life forever.

Moving On…


For 29 years, Frank and his wife Rachel built a life together in Fullerton, California.

The happy couple didn’t have any children together, but they had a comfortable life and they were content.

They had no kids together, but Rachel knew that Frank was a father many years before when he was just a teenager living in Santa Ana, California. When his teenage girlfriend got pregnant, they knew that they were too young to be responsible parents.

Everything Changed


Frank knew that they were not fit to be parents but when his girlfriend gave birth, everything inside of him changed.

He looked into his newborn daughter’s eyes and he got lost in them. He recalled, “I used to hold her in my arms. I was just a kid myself.” 

Overwhelmed by the thought of being a father and completely unprepared, Frank held his child and worried about the future.

Willing To Step Up


But despite all of his doubts, Frank was willing to step up and father the child, wanting to give her the best life he possibly could.

Unfortunately, Frank’s opportunity to be a father was taken away from him when out of the blue, the mother of his daughter stopped communicating with Frank.

He was left in the dark about the fate of their child and he was beyond devastated.

No Plan To Return


When he spoke to his girlfriend’s friends and family, he found out that she had taken their daughter out of the state and they were not planning on returning.

He then found out that the mother of his child had made the difficult yet responsible decision to put their daughter up for adoption.

His child would now be raised by a family in Arizona, whether he liked it or not.

He Found Comfort


And while Frank was upset, he was also comforted by his exes choice to give their daughter the opportunity to a comfortable life.

Frank was at peace with the decision but he never stopped thinking about his daughter and who she would become.

He never stopped wondering how she was doing. He wondered if she knew that he even existed and if she was happy in her new life.

His New Life


Shortly after her adoption, Frank met Rachel, who later became his wife who he is still with today.

Rachel and her family knew of his long lost daughter and Frank’s family was also aware that she was out there somewhere.

And while they all knew that she was a part of his past, life moved on without her. That is, until recently, when one of Frank’s relatives sent away for a DNA kit with 23andMe.

Living 300 Miles Away


In Lake Havasu City, Arizona, almost 300 miles away from Fullerton, California Jennelle Rodriguez and her fiancé were busy opening an automotive business.

36-year-old Rodriguez, a proud mom of three kids, knew she was adopted and her parents were always honest with her about where she came from but they didn’t have all the facts.

She knew that she was adopted, but she didn’t really know the truth about her biological parents.

What About Her Father?


When Jennelle would ask about her birth parents, she was given true information about her biological mother.

But when she asked about her father, she was told that he was killed in a car accident. That was all she knew about her father. 

She lived her entire life thinking that her father had passed on in a tragic accident and that she would never have the opportunity to meet him.

Life Without A Dad


Imagine living a life where you knew that you would never be able to meet your father and you just had to come to terms with that. That was your only choice.

No matter how badly you wanted to hear his voice, and see which traits you shared, you would never meet him face-to-face.

But even though she thought that he wasn’t alive, she still dreamed of him.

Always On My Mind


When asked about her father, Jennelle admitted, “He’s always been in my mind and my heart.”

Because she was armed with the knowledge that her biological mother was still alive, she knew that one day she could have the opportunity to meet her if they both agreed to.

And eventually, she decided that it was time to track down her birth mother. She was looking forward to meeting her mother for the first time. 

Meeting Her Mother


When she met with her mother, she found answers to questions that she always wondered about in regards to her life before she was adopted.

One thing that her mom revealed to her, changed her life forever. Just like that, everything changed in the blink of an eye.

Her birth mother confessed the truth and told her what really happened to her father and she found out that her father was still alive.

The Truth About Her Father


Learning that her father was not the victim of a tragic car accident was a lot for her to come to terms with.

For her whole life she had thought that he would never be in her life, but now there was a chance that she could possibly find him and meet him.

She knew that she had to find him and she got to work right away.

Turning To DNA testing


Jennelle turned to DNA genetic testing services in order to help her find her biological father.

Unfortunately, when she got the results from 23andMe, she was disappointed when she found out that her father was not included in her ancestral findings.

And while she didn’t find the exact results that she was looking for, she decided to dig deeper. He may not have been in her results, but she still had hope. 

Digging Deeper


What she didn’t know was that back in California, Frank’s niece, Rachel Saucido, was eagerly waiting for her own 23andMe results to arrive.

When she went through the results, she spotted a few names that she had never heard before. Who were these random relatives? 

She went through the connections and the names of the possible relatives with the rest of her family and they too had never heard of them either.

Her Uncle’s Long Lost Daughter


But then she thought back to the story of her uncle’s long lost daughter. Could it be possible that there was a connection?

She called him and started asking questions. While on the phone with her uncle Frank, she began to put the pieces together.

Rachel blurted out “I think I found your daughter!” Then in the days that followed, she got to work and arranged contact between Frank and her new unknown cousin.

Talking To Her Father


Jennelle was excited when she heard from her new cousin Rachel and she was anxious to speak to who could potentially be her father.

When they first spoke, she asked him some tough questions and he was honest and open with her in return.

The things that she wondered and obsessed over her whole life were finally starting to make sense. They knew from then on that they were father and daughter. They just knew it.

Feeling The Love


“From then on, I could feel his true love. It was so natural,” Jennelle said. “It was like he was only gone for a second, like he went on vacation or something.”

The transition between perfect strangers to father and daughter was easy for both of them.

Frank was just as moved by the connection as she was and they began to talk to one another every day.

Meeting In Person


After some time, they finally decided to plan their first in-person meeting with one another.

Frank made the trip to visit Jennelle and her family where she lived in Lake Havusu. Meeting each other in person only solidified their connection even more. He was dad at first sight.

Frank was called “Dad” and “Grandpa” right away and they both felt that the emptiness they had held inside for so long had finally been filled.

Connected With The Rest Of The Family


Frank connected her with aunts and uncles and new cousins and just like that her family expanded.

Now, the first thing she does when her alarm goes off is text her father. Then they jump on the phone and start of their day off with a chat. “We talk about how amazing it is to have each other,” Jennelle said.

So far they have had four face-to-face visits together and they plan to keep it going. “I’m looking forward to my whole life ahead with them,” she said. “I’ve waited 36 years for this.” Now that Jennelle and her dad have found one another, they plan to never look back.