A Couple Turned Their Love Of Pokemon Into Pleasure Toys

By Psquared - May 23, 2019

Pokemon have been a worldwide phenomenon for over two decades now. Multiple generations have grown up loving and trying to catch all of these adorable (and powerful. Respect where it’s do to our boys Charizard and Mewtwo) pocket monsters. Their popularity has seen them shared in countless video games, trading cards, TV series, toys, movies, comics, shirts, plush pillows, bed sheets and just about any other piece of merchandise you can imagine. Heck, they’ve even encouraged people to run around outside with the altered reality game Pokemon GO.

And with the hit movie Detective Pikachu revitalizing the franchise, it seems like Pokemon’s popularity isn’t going to slow down any time soon. They’re still beloved the world over, but it seems like we’ve hit a plateau when it comes to finding new items to place their likeness on. But if you’ve been on the internet, you know people have powerful imaginations, and Pokemon are now exploring a whole new frontier…


Josh And Emma


Josh and Emma are a wonderful couple. They’re relationship goals that we should all strive for.

The Brisbane, Australia based couple live together, work together and even host a podcast together. They also share a mutual love of Pokemon.

So when it came time to develop new products for their store and Etsy shop, they naturally thought of these creatures. However, while Josh and Emma run a hobby store, that hobby ain’t card or video game collecting…



Josh and Emma run a business dedicated to making adult pleasure toys based on Geeky properties.

From Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings, if you are nerdy, they have products that let you express your fandom in more… mature ways than you’d think.

One of the items that put them on the map are their “Pokemoan” toys. As you can see by the image, they are toys, but definitely not the type you’d get for kids.



In the original Pokemon, you begin the game with a choice of one of three starting Pokemon.

One of them was Bulbasaur, the grass type. He’s strong against water but weak against fire. What’s his adult toy equivalent like?

Named “Bulby,” it’s described as a “grass type Pokemoan” with a “large seed tip making it very pleasurable friend to have.” We’re not sure if it’s equipped with razor blade or solar beam, but we hope not for safety’s sake.



Another starter Pokemon choice was Charmander, the fire lizard. He evolved into the powerful dragon Charizard.

The adult toy inspired by him is “Charmy.” It’s described as having “a flared red tail that gives intense pleasure everywhere it goes.”

While Charmander is weak against water and you want to avoid extinguishing the flame on his tail at all costs, you want to make sure to wash Charmy after use with plenty of water. Oh, and plenty of soap as well.



Finally, the third Pokemon you could choose at the start was Squirtle, the water based turtle.

As you can see, this adult toy bears a strong resemblance to him. It has a grooved turtle shell on its back designed with pleasure in mind.

Its name? “Squirty.” Yeah, uh… there’s a lot of jokes we can make off of that, but we think it best to just leave it to your imagination. But these aren’t the only Pokemoan toys…



In the games, you had to choose between fire, water or plant Pokemon to start with.

But in the show, the hero Ash Ketchum wound up with electricity and had the iconic Pikachu as his starting Poke pal.

Well, you can get yourself a Pikachu inspired adult toy as well. Meet “Piky.” It’s pretty perfect. This is something that you plug in, like a power outlet. But(t) it doesn’t conduct electricity. It just gives you a little Pikachu tail.

Geeky S*x Toys


What could have possibly inspired Josh and Emma to run a business together devoted to geeky adult pleasure toys like these? They gave an interview to explain.

“As self-proclaimed geeks, our aim is to change the stigma around adult toys by re-imagining them in a fun and nerdy way.

We believe a sx toy shouldn’t just be a tool to get you off—it should be fun, entertaining and visually pleasing (as well as physically pleasing).”

Their Inspiration


So what was it that specifically made them think of the idea to make Pokemon adult toys?

As it turns out, they were both lifelong fans of the property. And the resurgence in the franchise’s popularity inspired them to capitalize on it.

“We had always intended to create Pokémon inspired toys. However, it wasn’t until we heard that Pokémon Go was being released that we decided to bump it up to the top of our priority list.”



Here we see another one of their toy lines, inspired by The Avengers. But it was Pokemoan that put their business on the map.

When asked how the sales of their toys were going a few months after they opened shop, they replied with enthusiasm and some well-earned bravado about their growth.

“Well, let’s just say that we were an extremely new and small business, and now we are having to expand as quickly as possible.”

Great (Ball And) Gag Gift


All these toys seem like they’re only good for novelty gifts. But Josh and Emma insist they can be used for more than that.

“I hope it’s a bit of both. We definitely want people to take Geeky Sex Toys as a company seriously.

But at the same time it’s our mission to lighten up the stigma around sex toys. So if they are buying [the toys] for novelty value or as a joke, we are cool with that.”

All Sorts Of Nerdy Toys


As we’ve shown (and don’t worry, as you’re about to see), they cater to nerds of all varieties.

Josh and Emma explained that they wanted to allow fans of many franchises to express their love in more adult ways.

We are big geeks. We love all things nerdy. We can go into a comic book store and buy all kinds of nerdy things, but you can’t go into an adult store and buy nerdy things. So we are scratching our own itch, so to speak.”

Rick And Morty Fans Rejoice


Yup, they have Rick and Morty toys for when you want to get extra schwifty. Szechuan sauce not included.

How are these toys made? By hand! Josh and Emma detail their process, and it’s pretty impressive.

“All totally handmade. We do it this way for a few reasons, mostly because we just love making toys. Josh will either hand sculpt the product or 3D model and then 3D print it. In the case of the Pokemoan products they were sculpted in clay and Piky was 3D printed.”

Star Toys


When you think of nerdy fans and geeky properties, Star Wars immediately comes to mind.

So, of course, they have a line of toys for you, whether you prefer getting it on in the light or dark side. These are also crafted with care.

“Once the sculpture is finished, a mold of the prototype is created. The silicone is then hand mixed and poured into the molds. The finished product is boiled and sterilized, packaged up and ready to go.”

Geekiest In The Galaxy


If you wanted to know if you could get a Rocket Raccoon tail to plug in as well, you sure as heck can.

Do you wonder how they test these out? Well, don’t fret, because they answered that question and the process, too.

“[We] nsert into whichever opening feels good. Depending on the product, we’ll usually spend a few fun nights with the prototype before making a couple of products for friends to try out. We may have the largest and geekiest toy collection in the galaxy.”

Gotta Catch 'Em All


So there you have it. Those of us who played with Pokemon as kids can also play with Pokemon as adults… with other adults.

When asked if Nintendo knew of these toys or not, Josh and Emma shrugged.

“I have no idea if they know or not… I think with how big Pokémon Go is they probably have more important things to worry about—like their servers being down all the time. Come on guys, I have Pokémon to catch!”