A Construction Worker Tried To Become An IG Influencer To Prove How Easy It Is

By lgentile - June 24, 2019

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to grow up to help others and become a doctor? How about a lawyer? A teacher? What about a marine biologist? Save the whales! When we were little kids, we had hopes and dreams that didn’t fall far from these categories and it was hard to even imagine being anything else but what you saw your parents or their friends pursuing.

But, my how the times have changed. If you talk to someone who was born anytime in the last 20 years, you may hear a different kind of answer. Go ahead and ask a child or a teenager what they want to be when they grow up. You may hear that they want to be any of those things mentioned above, but most likely their answers will be things like, “famous” or  “A Youtube sensation.” They may even go as far as to tell you that they want to be an Instagram influencer. ????

An Influencer


Ah yes, the “Instagram influencer” or just “an influencer” in general is a thing that has become a regular part of our lives in the last 5-7 years.

Influencers are everywhere you look. You pick up your phone and boom! There one goes. Sailing on some boat in Mykonos, living their best life and rubbing it the world’s face while we sit at our desks and hate our lives.


Aspiring To Influence


Because being an influencer seems like an incredibly easy way to make some cash, get some free swag and travel the world, kids are aspiring to be one one day.

You will find that children will start building their online presence when they are basically in the womb in order to have enough followers when they are of age to become an influencer.

Hey, if a dog can be an influencer, anyone can be. Right?

Dogs, Babies And Bloody Mary’s


From dogs to babies, to Bloody Mary tasters and more, Instagram Influencers of all kids have made waves and hit the ground running on the interwebs.

But now, there now seems to be a new kind of influencer that is on the Instagram scene. One that we have never seen before.

He is strong. He is tough. He has a whole lot of tools in his tool belt. Yup, you guessed it. He is a construction worker.

Omar The Construction Worker


And we are not talking about some construction-worker-turned-stripper that is cashing in on his good looks in order to get some swag and gain a following.

We are talking about a regular everyday construction worker from Austin, Texas. This tough guy has managed to attain almost 500,000 followers in the space of a month in order to prove to his daughter how easy it is.

Look at that smile! Isn’t he adorable? No wonder he has so many followers!

The Story...


The original story goes like this: Omar is the founder of the IG blog One day his daughter was talking about the influencers she follows and he had no idea what she was talking about.

When she explained to him what an influencer was, Omar found the idea so ridiculous that he decided to set up his own blog instead.

What started off as a joke, has now become hilariously successful. He currently has almost 500,000 followers and has only posted 19 pictures.

Going Viral


Apparently his account went viral after a tweet from his daughter @barbzlovescarbs which has since been deleted or taken down.

In the tweet, @barbzlovescarbs said her father “asked me what an influencer was. And after I explained, he said ‘Pshh, I could do that.’ Well…he did.”.

And boy, did he! His first post was May 3rd and since then his Instagram is poppin’!

Dad The Influencer


On the account, he shares pictures of his outfits, or should we say outfit, just like a regular Instagram influencer would!

You know, his outfit. His fashionable high vis jacket, gloves, and helmet while on site. Look at that stud!

He also loves to post pictures of his daily routine including some killer coffee shots. Look at him living his best life at work! Just a regular day in the office, doing what he does best. Building things.

Selling Out


But with every influencer that you see on the gram, at some point they get so big that you may feel like they are “selling out.”

Rumor has it that what started as a cute father/daughter bonding experiment, turned into a branded opportunity of a lifetime.

You may feel like this regular dad’s Instagram is very curated for just the average Joe. And that’s because, well, it is.

Pushing A Brand


And as much as we love Omar the construction worker and his “story,” let’s dig a little deeper into his Instagram account.

When you do a little digging, you may find some clues. Did you notice that he often tags Cuvée Coffee in his posts? Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, the word on the street is that Omar is not even running the account @justaconstructionworker and it is actually be Cuvée Coffee using him to help push their brand. 

Branding With A Capital B


See!? The internet is all about branding and promotion. Please remember that the next time you see someone living their best life on there while you are sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself.

What to know the truth about Omar? Well, here it is! The Instagram account @justaconstructionguy was actually created by Cuvée Coffee’s owner Mike McKim.

McKim felt like stereotypical influencers didn’t fit his company’s “brand,” but a “a hard-worker, blue-collar guy” would.


Constructing A Persona


That is when he found Omar the construction worker. He and a team from an advertising agency constructed this persona of a construction worker who loved three things: heavy machinery, cigars, and coffee.

But don’t get upset just yet! e aren’t being totally lied to.

Omar is actually a real person and while he is a spokesperson, he is also a local construction worker living in Austin, Texas.

Cashing In


Also, the account isn’t monetized, but McKim is open to the idea of letting the real Omar have some access and autonomy in the future.

Well, he should! After all, he is responsible for going viral! Cash in on it Omar!

“The whole idea was what we always thought as an influencer, and what we used as an influencer in the past, they don’t always fit our brand,” he said. “We need a different type of influencer: a hard-worker, blue-collar guy.”

Working With Bandolier Media


So, McKim worked with an advertising agency called Bandolier Media to create the “Omar” persona.

“In one of our creative meetings, we talked about how a lot of the images and influencers were very similar,” said McKim.  “As a company, we believe that everyone deserves a great cup of coffee, but we were leaving a huge part of ‘everyone’ out of our content.”

Then they started brainstorming on who would be a relatable face and could represent the “every man”.

A Novice To Social Media


They then decided to tapped into the workers of their quickly-developing neighborhood of East Austin to find someone “different than anyone else out there.”

“Omar admitted that he didn’t really know much about social media and asked if we would help him, and that’s exactly what we did.”

Well, it was a really smart idea and it totally worked! While they did get caught in the end, they got a whole lot of publicity too.

Had Us Fooled


And while they had most of us fooled for at least a little while, some people knew right away that the story was bogus.

Maybe it was his perfectly manicured nails? I mean, those are some great hands for a construction worker, don’t you think?

Maybe it was how perfectly curated the account was? Or the beautiful shots? Either way, Omar won our hearts and then crushed our dreams. One Instagram post at a time.

The Art Of Comparing


Just let this be a lesson to us all next time we are comparing ourselves to the people we are following online.

Things are not always as they seem, no matter how perfect they may look on the Gram. People post only what they want people to see online. ITS NOT REAL LIFE, PEOPLE!

Posts are perfectly curated and sometimes there are teams of people working on each post to make them look as perfect, but as authentic as possible.