A Coffee Shop Owner Came Up With A Brilliant Sign To Help Rude Customers

By lgentile - July 08, 2019

Everyone on this planet should be forced to work in the food service industry for at least a year. At least! Just like we are expected to pay our taxes and to vote, this should be another one of our civic duties. And if you have ever worked in a restaurant or an establishment of that nature, chances are that you feel the same way. 

Waiting tables and busing tables is harder than it looks. And sure, like many jobs, it’s exhausting and takes a toll on your body. But, waiting tables is also hard because people are rude. And they are not even just rude. They are downright mean! Every day you are forced to wait on demanding customers that feel like you owe them something. The abuse that you endure from dealing with difficult customers is way more exhausting than running around from table to table taking orders. And the money isn’t always worth it in the end compared to all the hell that you have to go through. 

The Customer Is Always Right


When you work in the food industry you are taught that first and foremost, the customer is always right. 

But sometimes the customer is actually a jerk and needs to back the F off and give their server a lot more respect! 

This is just a friendly reminder that kindness is the cheapest thing on the menu. It’s free, in fact. Remember that next time you can’t think of what to order.

Here's A Fun Idea


One coffee shop in Virginia came up with a fun idea that they thought would help convince people to treat their employees with kindness and respect. 

What if their customers could save a little money if and only if they are on their best behavior?

So they made a sign that would offer a discount on their next cup of Joe if they were sweeter than one raw sugar and a pump of vanilla syrup.

CUPS Coffee & Tea


CUPS Coffee & Tea is hoping that their new pricing policy will encourage their customers to be more polite to the staff. 

In June of last year, a worker made this sign that shows that if you are rude to the staff, you are going to have to pay the price. 

So, if you are not a morning person, maybe this will help snap you into shape before you’ve had your first cup of coffee in the morning. 

Here Are The Rules


The rules are simple and easy to follow.  If you tell staff “small coffee,” you’ll have to pay $5. If you say “small coffee, please”, you’ll pay $3.

Now if you go all out and say, “Hello, one small coffee please,” you will get your cup of coffee for the small price of only $1.75!

What a steal! You’re happy. The staff is happy! Everyone wins!

Changing The World


The employee who is responsible for putting up the sign, Austin Simms, told WDBJ7 that he hopes his message will not only make a difference at the coffee shop, but he also hopes it will inspire others around the world to be more polite.

“I need to solve all the injustices of the world, to start charging more for people who didn’t take the time to say hello and connect and realize we’re all people behind the counter,” he said.

We can change the world, just one cup of coffee at a time.

To The Bitter Betty's


They aren’t really going to charge more if a Bitter Betty or a Sour Sally comes in the door. 

What they do hope is that the sign will help turn their frowns upside down. You can’t be made once you read that side and that’s the point! 

According to the store owner, Olivia Byrd, the sign has been a huge success and they have had way less Grumpy Gus’ that they have had to deal with.

If You Are A Rock Walker


It looks like a simple sign can make all the difference. Take a look at this sign here and you will see that this simple sign is so much more than just a boring warning. 

It is pretty clear from reading this clever sign that if you climb the rocks, you are on your own. Sorry ‘bout it. 

And even if you do disobey, well, they warned you, didn’t they?

A Party Pooper


Look, poop is really funny, no matter how you swing it. Well, please don’t swing it. You know what we mean. 

If you let one out and it stinks, you’ll never forget to spray after seeing this sign. It may also make you laugh out loud while you’re doing the deed. 

And if you don’t give the bathroom a little spray, then you are a super duper party pooper.

BRB Joining The Circus


Well, the circus is known to be way more humane these days than it used to be so maybe this isn’t such a bad thing?

So if they are left unattended, your kids can play with the lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! 

Just make sure they stay away from the elephants. You wouldn’t want them to get trampled now would you? Wait. Is the circus still a thing? 

Thanks Yelp!


Oh Yelp! On one hand, you have changed the restaurant game and you have steered us in the right direction time and time again. 

On the other hand, some troll sitting in the basement of his mother’s apartment can write whatever negative comment they want and ruin everything for everyone. 

And this, ladies and gents, is another example of why we can’t have nice things.

Eat Or We Will Die


Eat or we will both starve. Truer words have never been spoken, have they?

Well, now we feel like we have to eat there because it looks like Ll of our lives depends on it! 

Or you can just go somewhere else and not starve and support their business. But this guy gets so many extra points for this sarcastic and super funny sign. Choices. 

Mind Games


Everywhere you look, there is a witty sign made to lure you into a restaurant that you may normally just walk right past. 

So, instead of trying to beat those signs, this guy topped them with doing almost nothing at all. 

We think this guy is our hero and therefore, we have to eat there.  It looks like his evil plan is working. Or at least it worked this time.

Honesty Is The Best Policy


Some say that honesty is the best policy but we are not too sure that this works when it comes to the food industry. 

Also, if they have a few flavors that aren’t great flavors why would they have them at all? Maybe they want to have something for everyone? Who knows. 

We guess people with bad taste deserve to indulge too. Don’t you want to know what the bad flavors actually are? 

The Soup Of The Day


Now, if you are looking to dine like a badass, this sign makes it clear that you should eat at this establishment and only at this establishment. 

Hey waiter! We have a few questions! Who are their enemies? We just want to know whose tears we are drinking.

And can we also drink the tears of our own enemies? Is that an option on the menu? Now that is something that people would line up around the block for. Wouldn’t you?

The Meownu


This one is for all you cat lovers out there. Meow out the meownu and get a discount! 

This goes hand in hand with our idea of a Christmas album called We Wish You a Meowy Christmas. 

Before you make fun of it, think about it for a minute. A Christmas album sung with only meows. It’s brilliant! You can’t beat that meow can you?

Thoughts On Bacon


There are two types of people in this world. Those who love bacon and those who don’t. 

And quite frankly, there isn’t enough room on this planet for both types so for all your haters out there, we think it’s time to leave this place that you call home. 

We eat bacon loud and proud here and if you can’t handle it, be gone! Bye! 

Brain Explosion


This sign is so meta, it makes our brains hurt. This question will stump you so hard I’m not sure you will be able continue reading this article.  

But really, what would you prefer? Fighting a duck-sized horse or a horse-sized duck?

A duck-sized horse seems like it would go super fast and a horse-sized duck gives us more of a waddling vibe. We are going with a duck-sized horse but we really aren’t sure why.

You Got Negged


Oh, your mother told you that you were special? Did she? Well, this restaurant sign begs to differ. 

Wait a minute. Is this sign negging you? Are they putting you down because they know that you will then be drawn to the restaurant and you will feel like you have to eat there?

This is a crazy tactic but we get it. We have been negged and we fell for it hard. 

What Is Algebra?


Nobody wants to think about math when they are out drinking. We think that whoever made this sign, wanted to confuse people so they would just come inside so they don’t need to think anymore. 

We left algebra at the door, so please do the same when you are getting your next whiskey neat or on the rocks. 

Wait, this is algebra right? What is algebra again?

Perfect Logic


For some reason, talking politics always draws people in. Even when they say that they don’t want to talk politics, they got stuck doing just that. 

Something happens and one minute you’re out taking about Game of Thrones and the next second you are defending your right to chose and all hell breaks loose.

Well, it looks like you’ll need another drink to get through this political talk. WAIT A MINUTE! Now we see what they did there! Drink up everyone!!