A Bouncy House On Your Wedding Day? Yes, Please!

By Psquared - July 10, 2019

If you’re engaged, then congratulations! Finding love can be challenging, and the fact you found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with is truly impressive. However, now that you have a wedding to plan, a ton of work is in front of you. Ugh, and we all thought that finding someone you wanted to marry was the hard part. Turns out that weddings can be a bit of a nightmare to organize. Who knew? You know… besides everyone who’s ever been to or put on one of these events.

You have to figure out a location, theme, dresses, tuxedos, food and a budget, which can extremely limit all those previous details. Not to mention figuring out who to invite and where to seat them, all the while hoping that those combustible elements within your families don’t go off. During the stress of all this planning it’s easy to forget that your wedding day is supposed to be fun! You should do something that will bring joy to you and all your guests. And this right here might just be the ultimate option…

Bouncy House


Remember being a kid? You lived for fun, and there was nothing more fun than a bouncy house.

It was a house… that was bouncy. You could jump up and down until you wanted to puke, and even when you did, you didn’t mind because you were having so much fun.

If you wanted to practice your flips or just cannonball onto the floor, you could do it without worry of being hurt. You’d just bounce. What does this have to do with weddings?

Wedding Bouncer


Apparently, several companies have blown up (yes, pun absolutely intended there) in the wedding supplier industry.

What do they supply for weddings? Bounce houses! This particular white inflatable castle pictured here was made to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

It measures around 17 feet by 20 feet by 13 feet, but you’ll need a space of 23 feet by 33 feet by 15 feet in order for there to be sufficient space. So make room for it, because trust us… it’s worth it.

White Wedding Jumpers


White Wedding Jumpers is one such company that offers this service. Here is their description of their product:

“All white wedding bounce house! A fun gorgeous photo op for your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party or baby shower!

Our all-white bounce houses make for great photo opportunities as well as providing entertainment for your guests!”

Who knew that bounce houses would be so popular among adults at gatherings? Uh… business geniuses, that’s who. And this isn’t all the awesome this company provides.



It is possible to jump yourself out. It’s okay, you just need to take a quick break, and they even offer a portable lounge area!

“We also offer a package deal that includes a lounging area for your guest to sit and lounge before their opportunity to take amazing photos in our adult size bounce house.”

This is the ultimate in levity and leisure. They’re so fun you’ll want them at every single event you have. But where they really shine is at weddings.

Say, 'I Do'


Here’s a bounce castle from a different company. In this photo you can see the bride having the time of her life.

And we know that your wedding is already supposed to be the best day of your life.

You’ve found love and committed to each other in front of your closest friends and family. That’s truly special. But you know what makes it even more special? Getting to tumble around in one of these right after the ceremony is over.

Groom Glee


And we’re not gonna leave the groom out of this conversation. This is a big day for him, too.

Right after the ceremony and before the reception, the freshly married pair have just a little bit of alone time together.

This is a great opportunity to say some sweet words and relax before greeting all their guests. But wouldn’t hopping around together be even better? You can jump all the stress leading up to this moment away and face the rest of the evening energized.

Even Better


The average rental time for a wedding bounce house is about three to four hours.

Like with most things associated with weddings, it isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. But just look at the joy these newlyweds are experiencing.

If you’re operating on a tight budget, aren’t there other things you can bounce in favor of this? Who really needs a chocolate fountain? Or a 12-tiered cake? Or heck, why not just cut 30-40 guests. They’ll understand when they see the pics.

Fun For Everyone


And while the bride and groom should absolutely get first dibs on the fun, these structures are for everyone.

Having a lot of kids at your wedding can cause headaches. Will they act up and cause trouble because they’re bored?

Well, they won’t be bored if you have one of these babies around. You can even jump alongside them and show ’em how it’s done. You may be older… but that just means you’re more experienced! Just remember to take your shoes off.



The most important aspect of your wedding is that it feels like your own and not some copy-and-paste, cookie cutter affair.

You want to find a dress, flowers and setting that you can feel a personal connection with and look back on fondly.

The same goes for your wedding bounce house, and luckily, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to what they look like. For example, you have this canopy with the colorful ornaments dangling from it to add some festiveness to the affair.



Or you could go with this more elegant setting with the foliage hanging from the top of it.

Would you have ever thought that you could look at a bouncy castle and think, “Dang, now that right there is the epitome of class.”

This looks like the type of setting your wedding party could give their champagne toasts in. Of course, if you do that, be sure to stand very still. Double jumping during them would make quite the mess.



As great as weddings are, it’s important to remember why you’re having one in the first place.

It’s the greatest party of your life, and often people rush into them because they want a wedding more than they want a marriage.

But at the center of it all is supposed to be your love for this other person. That can even be reflected in the bounce house. Doesn’t this seem like the most romantic place ever (that you could do a sweet back flip)?

Just Plain Fun


Alternatively, if you’re confident about and feeling secure in your love, then you can go the party route.

This bounce house is much more colorful than the others we’ve seen, and even has graphics on it which make it stand out more.

Weddings are events where there should be plenty of champagne, so why not have champagne depictions on the bounce house itself? This would also be great for New Year’s, engagement and graduation parties, because when is the wrong time to have a bounce house? Never… that’s when.

Proper Castle


Do you prefer to have a bounce house, or do you prefer getting medieval and erecting a bounce castle?

This one will make you feel like the Lord and Lady of a great palace that’s under siege. But don’t fret.

You have towers and high walls to protect you, and where you can set up a defense of archers. What does any of this have to do with a wedding? Nothing… but it’s your wedding, so do what you want!



We know, bounce houses at weddings sounds like the most millennial idea since 24/7 avocado toast brunches.

But you know what? Weddings are supposed to be joyous events. And if this is what gives you joy, then go for it.

We millennials are accused of desperately clinging onto our youth, and this would be further evidence of that. But is there anything more adult than getting married? So doesn’t this item actually seem kind of fitting? Let’s think about this for a second…

Growing Up


Having a bounce house at your wedding is like having one last romp in your younger years.

You see it off with joy, as you enter the more mature phase of your life, which will also be filled with joys.

Weddings shouldn’t be these solemn, boring, heavily scripted events. And besides, considering what all your guests are spending on travel, tux rentals and gifts, throwing the best party possible with the best accessories (ahem… bounce houses) is honestly the least you could do.