33 Simple Home Improvement Ideas That Will Make Everyone Jealous

By jstruge - September 13, 2018
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Finally, after years of wasting your precious cash on rent every month, paying your grumpy landlord for a tiny space you don’t own, you get the awesome experience of being a homeowner! That means you get to funnel all your money into improving your home and adding to your property value. Not to mention, it’s just an all-around fun and satisfying activity.

The best thing about owning your property is that you get to make it yours; you can tailor it to your tastes and customize every nook and cranny. The downside is that. When it comes to home renovations, it’s hard to know where to start. You want to spend your money wisely and not blow it on some doomed project that empties your bank account.

There is good news! The key to making solid home improvement choices is to get creative. Here are some awesome ideas by real homeowners to inspire your own projects and give you some ideas. Some of these are so simple and original, you’ll want to try them immediately!


Credits: morano

If you like having seating at your kitchen counter, but you hate tripping over barstools and chairs, consider building discreet stools on hinges.

This discreet alternative means you’ll always have a place for anyone who comes for a visit, without the clutter and need to push in a stool.


Credits: nazgoz

This is probably the coolest home improvement hack ever. It’s a vacuum built directly into your wall!

Now, when you sweep the floor, there’s no chance of having the pile blow around in the drafts or get walked through by children and pets while you struggle with a dustpan. Just sweep it towards the opening in the wall and presto!

Are you excited to try out these swoon-worthy home improvements at your house?

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Credits: gadgetreview.com

Calling all germophobes! We have the perfect gadget for your bathroom: toilet seat tabs! That way, each person has his or her own individual tab and you won’t have to share a seat with anyone else.

It may seem a bit quirky but hey, someone out there would love this!


Credits: picmia

If your home’s foundation is visible and lacks visual interest, make an easy improvement by decorating it! You can use many different materials to add texture and color, like these swanky tiles.

Some people in New England even use seashells to show off their foundations.

Fake It

Credits: amazon

There is a simple hack to make your appliances seem spiffier (and no, it doesn’t involve buying new ones).

Use stainless steel contact paper to make your appliances look more high-end. It’s easy to apply, a snap to clean, and can be removed at anytime if you want to change your décor.

Secret's Out!

Credits: wikipedia

Check out this ingenious hack to make bringing in the groceries easier!

Just install a secret hatch leading from the garage to the kitchen; you can easily slide in the bags (especially the really heavy ones). What an amazing trick!


Credits: pinterest

Separate your child’s room with fun, colorful little tunnels! It’s a great way to help children separate their sleeping space from their play area, which helps them sleep better.

Plus, it’s fun!

Fun Head

Credits: boredomtherapy

Who ever said showers had to be boring? Try making your fixtures one of a kind, like this multi-hose shower head!

There are so many ways to make your home accessories playful and fun, and this fancy piece of art is a perfect example.


Credits: nashville murphy beds

Is there anything more handy than a Murphy bed? Seriously, folks, they save more space than bunk beds and when they’re folded up, they are a beautiful addition to the décor!

Cleaning up is a breeze and you can have a place to sleep, as well as space to play when it’s packed up.

Spice Rack

Credits: yourpcgotproblem

Install slide-out drawers in your kitchen to store spices. It beats having to paw through the cupboard looking for that one spice you need for your recipe.

And forget those Lazy Susan-style turning shelves that take up tons of space; opt for these slide-out drawers instead.


Credits: sosapp

Have you ever thought of putting a sign on your guest bathroom?

Although that may seem silly, it’s a great way to make your houseguests feel welcome, and avoid them having to figure out where the washroom is.


Credits: pinterest

Oftentimes there is a small, unused space in the kitchen that would be perfect for a small cupboard. Small cabinets like these are ideal to house cleaning supplies.

That way, space is maximized and as a bonus, your cleaning tools are always handy!


Credits: pinterest

Add a single chandelier on your porch to step up the class! It’s a simple update that will make your porch elegant and friendly.

Grab a few friends and some fancy cocktails and enjoy!

Under Outlets

Credits: pinterest

We can’t say enough about the need for extra outlets in the kitchen.

And yet another idea that is practical and keeps your kitchen free of aesthetic clutter is to place outlets underneath existing cupboards and cabinets.

Cutting Board

Credits: pinterest

Whoever thought of hiding a cutting board in a kitchen cabinet was a genius!

Most kitchen drawers can be used as cutting boards, saving cupboard space and providing a super practical surface for chopping veggies and prepping delicious meals!

Window Seat

Credits: czmcam

If you have a window in your staircase, add a simple window seat and voila! You have a cozy, inviting nook to read, talk, or sip a cup of tea on a cold night.

Everyone needs a little space like this to add warmth to their home.


Credits: shopboxhill

Every part of your home can be updated, even your house address!

Replace your old house numbers with a more contemporary font, making your house look fresh and new. It’s a small update that makes all the difference.


Credits: pinterest

Outlets can be bulky and when they stick out of the wall, it can mean bad news for furniture.

No one likes having that gap in the back of the buffet so you can plug Aunt Dottie’s lamp into the wall. Recessed outlets are a fantastic solution!

Wall Drawers

Credits: pinterest

There’s something frustrating about wasted wall space. If you have an empty spot between the studs, go ahead and put some drawers in there.

Built-in drawers like these, flush with the walls, make storage a breeze while keeping your wall space uncluttered and clean.


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If you are an avid bookworm with a love for sharing great reads, then a small lending library outside your home is a fantastic idea!

If you live in a small community or you have a lot of foot traffic in your neighborhood, consider building one of these to connect with others and discover your next favorite novel!


Credits: pinterest

Speaking of cutting boards, adding a hole in your drawer-mounted cutting board means fewer trips to the garbage.

Instead, set your trashcan under the drawer to catch all your cuttings as you work. Cleanup will be a snap!

Inside Drawer

Credits: apartment therapy

Is it me, or is there never enough countertop space or outlets in the kitchen? How can that be fixed? By adding outlets to the inside of drawers!

The trick is to add them in such a way that you can still use the drawer for storage. How smart is that? You can have concealed outlets and all your counter space. Jackpot!

Paper Towel

Credits: remodelista

Every space can be used to make your home more functional, just look at this paper towel holder!

It keeps the roll dry and within reach at all times, while keeping your counter space clear. This little built-in nook is a perfect idea.


Credits: lovethispic

This idea is less about practicality and more about adding a touch of whimsy to your space! Installing heat sensitive tiles to your shower means that you get some entertainment whilst going about a daily task.

Watch out though, you may never want to get out!


Credits: pinterest

Adding a half-table in small rooms is a creative way to add a sense of space.

A half-table in the bathroom can be used to store towels, toilet paper or other items. You can add shelves or hooks if needed. Sometimes it’s surprising how much of a difference it can make!

Slide Away Step

Credits: pinterest

Forget lugging around a series of step stools for your kids to stand on (and you too, if you’re horizontally challenged).

Instead, build a slide-away step that you can access when needed, but also tuck away to keep the bathroom tidy and spacious.

False Drawer

Credits: houzz.com

Have you ever needed more outlets in your kitchen to plug in your countertop appliances, but you worried about them being within reach of little fingers?

There’s a solution for that! Hide extra outlets behind false drawers! You get the accessibility you need for your kitchen electronics while keeping your kids safe. Awesome!

Sun Tunnel

Credits: designbuildpros

Sun tunnels are a great idea for a few reasons. They bring in sunlight, of course, which helps you save money on electricity.

And unlike those pricey, complicated sunlights, sun tunnels are a cheaper, much more simple alternative that does the exact same job. Save your money and energy and choose one of these instead.


Credits: pinterest

If you have long hallways in your home, you can build shelves along the walls to give you more storage. Not only are these shelves practical but they are cute as a button!

You can avoid hanging photos with nails (which tends to cause damage) and instead use the shelves to display family photos, books and art.

Dutch Doors

Credits: theinspiredroom

Forget traditional baby gates; instead, build dutch doors. Dutch doors are simple to put together, are cost-effective and look mush more stylish than the grey plastic baby gates of yore. The best part?

You can keep them even after your kids are grown! Just use them for your pets.

Corner Drawer

Credits: kbgblog

These pull-out drawers are a great way to store bulky kitchen gadgets.

They save space and make getting your appliances out and putting them away so much easier! Not to mention, they are eye-catching and original.

Drying Rack

Credits: amazon.com

Collapsible drying racks are one of the best space-saving ideas out there. Don’t worry if you live in a very tight space; this rack is the solution to ensure your tiny kitchen stays clutter-free but still practical.

It pays to think a little differently, and these drying racks speak for themselves.


Credits: pinterest

It’s such a hassle to try and fit long utensils into your cutlery drawers. Some people choose to use up valuable counter space and put them in a container standing up, but this smart solution is way better.

Create a series of diagonal slots in a drawer to store your stuff and save your sanity!