30 Things About Everyday Objects You Didn’t Know

By jstruge - August 21, 2018
Credits: YouTube

Have you ever thought you knew what the purpose of something was? You were so sure you just knew? Well, feel free to throw that idea out the window. These fascinating facts about objects will finally give you comfort to the questions you’ve been asking all along.

Questions such as: what on earth is the hole for at the bottom of a pad lock? Or what’s the purpose for the pocket in women’s underwear? Don’t fret, we have all the answers. Now buckle up and get ready for your world to be turned upside down!

Chupa Lollipop Hole

Credits: Youtube

Have you ever finished a Chupa Chupa lollipop and noticed the hole at the top of the stick? Did you then proceed to suck in and out and use it as a whistle to bug your little sister? It turns out there are reasons for that hole you may not have know about.

First of all, it’s to help the candy fasten to the stick during the production phase. As a result, this hole prevents choking because the candy cannot get dislodged from the stick and end up stuck in your air hole. I still say it’s a whistle.

Underwear Pockets

Credits: Taking Five

That’s right gentlemen. Women’s underwear usually come with a secret pocket on the inside. What might this be for you ask? Hiding your best jewellery or lipstick perhaps? Or maybe something much less useful in our opinion.

Apparently these little pockets are a soft tissue fabric added to certain underwear when the fabric is not up to health standards. The inner layer must then be sewed in with a special fabric. One side is always left open because if it’s sewn completely it would be quite uncomfortable. There you have it!



Take Out Cup Lids

Credits: Twitter

Turns out we have been using fast food restaurant lids wrong basically forever. How many times have you just sipped on your drink and never removed the lid? Well it turns out it has more of a purpose than just to prevent you from spilling your drink.

How many times have you gone home with your fast food, placed your ice-filled beverage on your coffee table, and the condensation of the ice leaked down and left a hideous ring on the coffee table?! Well it turns out those lids are meant to double at a coaster! Try it next time. Mind blown, right?


Credits: Survival Training

It seems pretty obvious that a headrest is used to rest your head while driving. Another great reason is to prevent injuries of whiplash during an accident. While these are true, it actually has a very important purpose that super useful to know and could save your life!

In order to break your window during an emergency situation where your windows won’t open, you can use the headrest! Remove the headrest from the seat and place one of the metal rods between the bottom of the window and the car. Wedge it into the car and pull the headrest toward you. The window should shatter instantly.


Shoelace Hole

Credits: YouTube

Have you ever tried to run your shoe laces in those extra eyelets on your runners, wondering if they’re supposed to help make your shoes tighter. Well, if you’ve ever stared at those holes and tried to figure this out, I bet you didn’t expect the actual reason for them.

Those extra eyelets are actually there for a number of reasons. One of those reasons IS actually to tie your shoes much tighter using a ‘loop lock’. The other reasons are to stop your shoe from rubbing on your skin, and also to provide some more ankle support. Who knew??


Toothpaste Codes

Credits: Naukrinama

Have you ever wondered what the colored lines at the bottom of your toothpaste tube is for? Could it be some kind of code or symbol to tell factories which toothpastes are organic or not? That was a widespread rumor at one point, sadly it is totally false.

In reality, the reason is not super exciting at all. The notorious toothpaste tube ‘codes’ are actually in place so that light beam sensors at the factory could detect where the tube should be cut and folded. Myth busted.

Backpack Loop

Credits: Insider

That odd diamond shaped design widely seem on backpacks could just be a logo or a fashion statement. Turns out it’s neither, and it actually has a really cool function to it!

It’s called a ‘lash-tab’, and it’s designed to be similar to old alpine bags where the tab was used to strap and ice pick to. Nowadays it’s a style widely seen on school backpacks, however if you need a handy place to tie your running shoes for the gym, this is it!


Hole In Pen Cap

Credits: Jagran Josh

Why do many ballpoint pens have a hole in the lid of the cap? What’s the point of having a cap if the hole will just dry out the ink? This is a common misconception however the reason is actually quite logistic.

The main reason is to prevent someone from choking if they accidentally swallow a pen cap. It also helps the pen close properly without having a pressure issue. And lastly, despite common rumors, it actually does not make the pen dry out faster.

Heinz '57


This life hack will help you get the ketchup out of those pesky glass bottles in no time. No longer will your fries get cold as you whack the bottom of the glass so hard and it still shoots out just one little drop at a time! We have found the solution to all your ketchup problems.

Just find the raised ’57’ on the side of the glass bottles. Turn the bottle upside-down, now give it a little turn so it’s at 45 degrees. Finally tap the ’57’ with your hand like a karate chop, and VOILA! Yo

Blue And White Eraser

Credits: A Penchant For Paper

Legend has it that the blue part of the eraser was meant to erase pen. We all know that didn’t work though and we would end up with scuffed up blue smudges on our homework. Turns out it wasn’t there just to lie to us.

The blue part is still meant to erase pencil, however it’s meant to erase it from much denser paper such as art or drawing paper. If you ever tried to erase pencil from that kind of paper, it was a pain in the rear – the blue part being much coarser would do the trick!

Chip bag circles

Credits: Reddit

What on earth could these little circles on the bottom of my chip bag mean? Some kind of alien code? Maybe it indicated which chips are organic? Could it could be telling us the ingredients, coded by color?

Actually those circles are called “printer’s color blocks”. It indicated which hues of ink were used to produce the design on the package. You could also see these on cerel boxes and the edges of magazines. Interesting!

Tic Tac Dispenser

Credits: Smashing Tops

Well here’s something else we’ve been doing all wrong. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to take out just one Tic Tac but spilled about 6 in my hand, then ate them all anyway. Oh also when a friend asks for one and you really don’t want to give them 6, so you try to shake out just one and it never works?

Well, it turns out it’s quite easy. The cap of the Tic Tac box is actually a dispenser! You tip it upside town, then open it when it’s on it’s side and voila! You should have just one little Tic Tac ready for you to gobble up!

Hat Pom Pom

Credits: Craftsy

At the moment, it is so popular to have a winter hat with a pom pom on it that it might look weird without. As one of the biggest fashion statements of the last few decades, has anyone questioned why we have a bobble on the top of our knit hats? Turns out there’s some history there.

One thing we know is that French marines wore them. Imagine the boat is rocking during a storm and you’re trying to walk around the low doorways when BANG – you bonked your heat again. These little bobbles would prevent them from hitting their noggin all day!


Creased Pants

Credits: Gentleman's Gazette

Ever wonder why you’re supposed to iron your slacks with a crease down the front? Ever try doing that to your jeans only to looks like a buffoon? Turns out the crease dates back quite a long time, and has an interesting explanation.
This is called the ‘traveller’s crease’ and dates back to when men would need to fold their pants which would them be put in a large trunk for weeks. When they came out, the creases would be nearly impossible to remove and just became part of daily wear.

Spaghetti Spoon

Credits: Simple Most

This is one of my favorite uses on here. Every time I do this and someone sees me using the spoon to measure they ask what the heck I’m doing. I retort back with this fun fact that bemakes you look hella smart.

Alright so that hole at the bottom of your Spaghetti spoon is to measure precisely one portion of spaghetti! This way no one needs to play that game of ‘will there be not enough or way too much leftover spaghetti tonight?’. Although leftover spaghetti is just as good the next day. Just saying.


Gas Pump Gauge

Credits: Threezly

I honestly have never even noticed this before, but now I’m going to look every time I’m gassing up. Every gas pump has a metal gauge at the top. Curious to know what this is for? It could actually save your life.

It actually has magnets attached so that in the event that you space out and drive off with the pump still in your car, the whole place won’t explode! These metal pieces are held by strong magnets that will detach once your car pulls it hard enough.


Boot Loops

Credits: GigGag

Lately this one has become a fashion statement on all boots, not just Doc Martins like the old days. I always find it weird to see the loops sticking out of a boot to be honest, but maybe that’s just me. Turns out they have quite a few purposes!

One of which is quite obvious, it’s to help you push your heel into the boot by grabbing the loop. Another reason is so you can hang your boots on a hook to dry. Lastly, these loops can be used to wrap your laces through if you’re tying them around your ankle.

Wine Punt

Credits: Upgrade To Glass

If you’re like me, you just thought those dimples at the bottom of the wine bottle was the manufacturer’s way to put less wine in the bottle. Everyone is out to make an extra dime, am I right? The real deal however has a much more intelligent explanation. The dimple is called a ‘punt’ and has a number of reasons for it’s existence.
One of the main reasons is the ergonomics of a bottle. In general, if a bottle is flat, it will tip over easily. The dimple prevents it from tipping. A few other interesting reasons for the punt is to make the wine easier to chill, to catch sediments, and to make the bottle more resistant to high pressure.

Keyboard Steps

Credits: Thingiview

Although you always though you knew the reason for these hinges at the back of your keyboard (called steps), turns out you were wrong. We all thought it was to give lift up your keyboard which would be more ergonomic for your wrists

Turns out it’s actually more ergonomic to type with a flat keyboard. As it turns out however, these steps were designed for you to see your keyboard better. The angle would tilt the keyboard toward the user for better visibility.


Credits: Apple

Calling all iPhone users! This is something I bet you haven’t heard yet. What is that hole at the back of your phone used for? We know there’s thecamera, we know there’s one for the flash. Look again and you’ll see there’s one more random hole of mystery.

It’s actually a microphone! There are apparently three microphones on the iPhone. This particular one is used when you’re taking a video – that way the microphone is facing the subject and the sounds will be better quality. Wonderful!

Ice Cream Scoop

Credits: Chef's Resources

Have you ever gone into a buffet and seen the ice cream scoops at the counter all put in one bowl? You know the water that they soak in that gets all murky with the different ice cream leftovers. Yeah, that’s gross I hate that. Anyway!

Most ice cream scoops don’t come in different colors just to match the decor of your house. They actually are color corresponding to the size of scoop that it is. Wait, there are different sizes of scoops?

Fabric Button

Credits: YouTube

Alright so you know when you buy a nice blazer or something and it comes with these nice little packets of a spare button and a spare piece of fabric? Well the button might be a good idea but could you really picture sewing a patch on your jacket with that little piece of fabric?

I know I wouldn’t. Luckily that’s not what it’s for. It’s actually there for you to test it in the washing machine with your detergent in order to know if there will be any effects on the garment when you wash it at home. Saving you a trip to the dry cleaners. Thanks guys!


Soda Can Tab

Credits: Daily Quenchers

I’ve got to say I don’t drink a lot of soda. When I do drink soda however, it has to be with a straw. This may come as a surprise to some of you but the soda tab can actually change your life if you’re a straw lover like me.

After opening your can, twist the tab around and place your straw through the hole. This will keep the straw in place and prevent it from bobbing up in your drink. Gone are the days of soda straw catastrophes! Thank you world.





Rear View Mirror

Credits: Wikipedia

When I learned this trick, I literally ended up using it ever single time I drive at night. You know that little tab at the bottom of your rear view mirror? It has an amazingly useful purpose. Ever drive at night and some idiot behind you keeps his high beams on for some godforsaken reason?

Just flip that tab and your mirror angle will change so you don’t see his bright lights blinding you anymore, but you still see his reflection – thus keeping you safe. Now if only there was something for the people who kept their high beams on going in the opposite direction.





Padlock Hole

Credits: Steemit

If you’ve ever wondered why there’s a little hole at the bottom of a padlock, you’ve come to the right place. At firs glance you might suspect it could be to stick a needle in to be able to pick the lock. Turns out it has a different purpose.

The hole is there so that if any moisture comes into the lock, it has an exit point. It’s also there so that if there is a buildup of rust, you can stick a couple drops of oil in that hole and it should help the key turn.


Soda Cap

Credits: YouTube

Do you remember the days when Coca Cola has those points under the cap? I would spend my summer collecting points just to get a couple dollars off at the amusement park. Well besides putting messages or points under the cap, do you know what that piece of plastic is for?

It’s what’s keeping your drink so deliciously carbonated. Without it, the gasses would just leak out of the cap and you would have a disgusting flat soda. Quite crutial to the soda making process it seems!

Beer Bottle

Credits: Men's Journal

Do you know why a beer bottle is shaped the way it is? Turns out it’s not a fluke. The beer bottle which is pretty much the only beverage shaped like this has a few pretty good reasons for it’s shape.

For one thing: it makes it easier to hold on to. This comes in handy since beer is one of the most social beverages of choice. You don’t want to be spilling it all over your friends! Secondly, the beer bottle is designed like this to prevent body heat from heating up your beer. That way it stays frosty right until the last drop!

Shirt Loop

Credits: Mix My

You ever notice that little loop on the back of a button up shirt? Have you ever wondered what the purpose of it was for? Well there’s one pretty obvious explanation, and one very interesting possibility.

The first most obvious one is that is was to hang up your shirt. This is called a ‘locker loop’ and was made to hang your shirt on a hook in a locker room. It was also rumored that the loop was to indicate that a man was single. If he was in a relationship, he would cut the loop off the shirt. Interesting, no?

Airplane Hole

Credits: YouTube

Lucky for me I’ve never seen this in an airplane, because if I did I would probably have screamed bloody murder. Turns out there’s sometimes a small hole in the window of an airplane. There’s a good reason for that as well.

The hole actually helps regulate air pressure through the window’s inner and outer panes. Without it, the cabin pressure could drop too much and you could – well you know.





Jeans Pocket

Credits: Lens Eye

Contrary to what you may believe, the tiny pocket in your jeans is not made for coins. Although that is probably the only use for it nowadays, since the real reason dates back to the 1800s.

The majority of people who wore jeans at that time were cowboys. These jeans were designed with that in mind, and so they made a tiny pocket to fit their tiny pocket watches which is what most cowboys would carry in the 1800s. Yee haw!