30 Of The Creepiest Pictures Taken In Hospitals

By jstruge - August 21, 2018
Credits: therichest

If I asked you to name some of the creepiest, most haunted places you can think of, what would you say? Probably you’d say a cemetery…and then the next best thing would be a hospital. Whether it’s a mental hospital or just your run-of-the-mill place where sick people go and lots of people die, hospitals are super spooky.

Even if you’re a skeptic, how do you explain some of the eerie, weird things in these photos? These are 30 real pics taken in hospitals, and they will give you goosebumps!

odd walls surgery

Credits: therichest

This looks like a scene from a horror movie (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that one before!) but it’s actually a “modern” operating room. The doctors are all dressed up in their scrubs, but what’s with the walls? If you’re used to seeing white walls and lots of light, this place looks creepy!

In fact, the walls were painted that way, supposedly to make patients feel more at ease. It’s not quite working, I think. Mostly it’s dreary and still doesn’t make us want to be there, being opened up on that table.

pill bottles

Credits: therichest

I love a good zombie movie as much as the rest, and I can’t even count how many of them featured a derelict hospital, long abandoned. Usually, those hospitals are filled with leftover equipment and things left behind by the fleeing staff and patients…

In reality, hospitals do get abandoned for many reasons, and a lot of things remain in the building, long after everyone has ;eft. Some of those things are bottles and jars full of mysterious things, like this shelf. It clearly says “place containers for morgue here”, and there are quite a few containers. What’s in them, do you think?

cat corpse

Credits: therichest

This awful creature was found by a construction crew working on a hospital site. First of all, what the heck is a cat doing in a hospital? And why was it preserved, its desiccated, horrible body in the throes of death?

Was someone hiding it? And that brings us to another disturbing thing. The cat’s head is twisted backward and its legs are also badly twisted, Yikes. What did someone do to this poor creature?

the end vandalism

Credits: imgur

Linda Vista Community Hospital located in Los Angeles, California is super creepy, guys. This famous hospital closed down in 1991 and, as you can see on the photo, is a horrifying place to visit today. Everything about it screams “haunted!”.

In fact, this abandoned hospital is used as a filming location for many horror movies and TV shows. It’s no wonder! It looks like it’s straight out of an apocalyptic, zombie-style movie. Paranormal investigators have often explored it because it’s believed to be haunted.

korean writing

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This scary as hell pic was taken in Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, located in Gyeonggi, Korea. This mental asylum has an eerie history. Once a booming facility, there were suddenly a rash of unexplained deaths.

Facilitators couldn’t explain the sudden deaths or stem the tide, and no one wanted to be sent there anymore. They received the reputation of being haunted and eventually had to close their doors. All that’s left of this place is rusty fences and furniture, and dilapidated ruins.

ghost hospital

Credits: therichest

You may not believe this, but this is a real photo, taken by a nurse doing her nightly rounds in a hospital. She was going about her business when she caught a glimpse of something eerie in a room and whipped out her camera to snap a pic.

She saw this spectre of an old man, sitting in a chair with his arms up. If you’re still skeptical about paranormal activity, look again! Was this man revisiting his room in the afterlife?

child slide

Credits: therichest

Despite what you might think, this is not a hospital for children. These kids are the offspring of patients in the hospital…it’s their parents that are being treated. It looks like some sort of daycare or playground for the tykes, but it’s still really creepy. Because who wants to grow up in a mental institution?

As a child, you pick up on so many things and we can only imagine the scary, disturbing scenes they must have had to witness in their short lives. Especially that little girl with the empty eyes holding the doll.

poster yellow

Credits: imgur

Speaking of the famous Babcock Insane Asylum, the institution was opened in 1857 and was primarily used to treat Civil War veterans for PTSD. It fell into disrepair and was eventually abandoned in the 1990s. Many sections of the hospital are too dangerous to visit.

The ceilings have caved in a the floors are rotted through. The extreme state of disrepair is eerie. Ghost hunters and other explorers say that the hospital looks as though it was left in a hurry, with tons of equipment, patient files and even medication left behind.

ghost hallway

Credits: therichest

No, this is not a scene from The Ring. What you’re seeing is a photo captured by staff one afternoon. This may seem like a typical hospital hallway, but then you notice the creepy figure standing by a booth, with a flowing sheer gown of some sort.

And the long hair doesn’t help! What is this figure waiting for…a call from the afterlife? If I saw this thing in the hall, I’d run in the opposite direction and never look back. And refuse to ever set foot in a hospital again!

chainsaw counter

Credits: therichest

This was captured on a hospital camera. What are we looking at? It seems this is a woman, a patient, who actually died the next day after this footage was taken.

There is something very wrong with her body; even with the fuzzy footage and camera angle, her limbs are much too long and her body seems very deformed. Whatever the story is behind this exact moment, she must have been in a lot of pain, and there was definitely something odd going on.

glow building

Credits: therichest

Although his may look like a run-down apartment building, it’s actually an old, abandoned insane asylum. Which would be fine, except for the glowing window. Some believe that the light comes from a Christmas tree, based on the cone-like shape.

But tell me this…what is a lit-up Christmas tree doing in an old sanatorium? An old, abandoned, no-more-electrical-setup asylum? Are the ghosts having a little holiday party to cheer themselves up in the afterlife? I don’t even really want to know.


Credits: therichest

Although these are reminiscent of a certain Mummy movie, these scratches are form the inside of a door in an abandoned sanatorium. I have questions here (don’t you?). First, what could possibly have been causing the patients so much distress that they felt the need to rip at their doors?

Also, wouldn’t someone have heard that and stepped in to restrain the patients? That amount of scratching would definitely have harmed the individual in the process.

casper bed

Credits: therichest

If you don’t believe in ghosts, taken a nice long, hard look at this scene, captured by a hallway camera in a hospital. It shows a figure standing by a patient’s bedside, leaning over to get closer.

If I was the patient in question, I’d be getting the hell out of Dodge and quick! There’s no cool story attached to this, like the patient was between life and death and after this encounter, made it through…it’s just creepy. Who is that figure and what do they want?

creepy tunnel

Credits: therichest

This dark, narrow, cramped hallway is an actual passage that exists under a mental institution. What was it used for, you ask? Some say it was used to carry out dead bodies of patients who succumbed to their madness, so the other patients wouldn’t see it and freak, out.

I mean, that makes sense. It was probably even a good idea. But it doesn’t make this foreboding hallway any less chilling. I would hate to be walking down there one night and meet someone come the other way, carrying a heavy body bag…

watching paint

Credits: imgur

Welcome to the foreboding Babcock Insane Asylum. It is a popular place for paranormal investigators, ghost-hunters and lovers of all things creepy, because it’s believed that this place is haunted.

Many people who have explored the dark and twisty halls talk about feeling watched all the time, and that sentiment is shared by the messages scrawled on the walls. I’m not brave enough to explore this place, because who is watching? I wouldn’t be brave enough to find out. Kudos to all those ghost-hunters out there!

house of pain

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This photo was taken in an unknown location, in an undisclosed hospital. That message–“Welcome to the house of pain” is super creepy and definitely wouldn’t make us want to explore more! However, the person who took this pic actually explored the entire building and found many other similar messages scrawled across the walls and ceiling.

What the hell happened here? And who wrote the messages? This abandoned hospital seems to have a story to tell, and it’s not one you’ll want to tell your children before bed.

crusty paint green bed

Credits: imgur

This photo was taken in the Riverview Hospital which is located in Coquitlam, British Columbia. It was abandoned in 1983. What you see in the pic is captured in the West Lawn building of the hospital.

The West Lawn Pavilion opened in 1913 and housed the aptly named Acute Psychopathic Unit. In other words, 300 males with very severe psychiatric issues (including many psychopaths) lived here. The name of the game became overcrowding—over 900 patients ended up here at any one time. The treatment used on these patients is rumoured to have been barbaric.


Credits: imgur

While this photo seems creepy, and it certainly looks that way, the story behind it is actually more sad. This pic was taken by an adventuring soul who wandered into a hospital destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Staff and patients were forced tp evacuate quickly, and almost everything was left behind, including this desk. Everything was left to the rising tides; patient files, equipment, labs, furniture…it was all destroyed and sits abandoned inside the walls of this dilapidated hospital.

plants empty room

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Poveglia Island is a small island in northern Italy. In 1793, many ships carrying plague victims arrived at the island, and it was converted to a quarantine station for a long time.

The island housed thousands of suffering patients, many of whom succumbed to the plague and were buried on the shores. In 1922, the buildings on the island were converted into a mental asylum. It continued with this purpose until 1968, when it was finally shut down and abandoned.

dusty morgue

Credits: therichest

Morgues are sad, creepy places. But you know what’s even sadder and scarier than a morgue? A morgue for children. Just look at the size of those small, dusty shelves.

There may not be a paranormal twist to this pic, but just thinking of all the little lifeless bodies that have transited through here is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies. Such a haunting place should really be boarded up, not available to see for anyone passing by, don’e you think?

row of beds

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The Lier Mental Hospital, a once thriving sanatorium, was built in Norway in 1926. Reports have com in about the cruel and awful treatments used there. They include frequent lobotomies (bye-bye brain) and electroshock treatments. There were also reports of abuse by staff.

The patients were also reportedly used as guinea pigs to test new drugs, against their will. The hospital closed officially in 1976. Norwegians are more than happy to forget this place ever existed, and the dark things that happened there.

garbage can hospital

Credits: therichest

I never want to visit a hospital ever again after seeing this. This photo was taken by a nurse who was doing her rounds. According to her, the hallway had been empty just a few minutes before, when she passed by.

It’s certainly not empty now! Do you see it? look around the garbage can. It looks like the ghost of a small boy, just standing there, looking at the camera. If that doesn’t send shivers down your spine, nothing ever will!

mental patient ghost

Credits: therichest

Repeat after me: mental asylums are creepy AF! This was an accidental photo. The person who took it was just walking by and decided to snap some pics of the area…little did they know what they captured!

There seems to be a person, a figure, standing on the roof. Did we mention this is an abandoned asylum, closed for many years? It looks like the figure is standing there, waiting for something. Many suspect it’s a former patient, back to haunt the building.

dark furniture hall

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The abandoned Riverside Hospital in Toledo, Ohio was opened in 1883. Despite being closed for good in 2002, paranormal experts who have visited this place claim that it is haunted by many former patients and staff. The figures roam the halls.

After it was abandoned, quite a lot of equipments was left behind. This led to frequent lootings, as well as graffiti artists and squatters. The police decided to install video surveillance all over the empty building to keep looters and criminals at bay.

empty bed

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Norwich State Hospital, located in Connecticut, was the stuff of nightmare. It was a mental health facility which first opened its doors in 1904. The reports of things that happened there were chilling.

The practices employed by the staff to treat their patients were chilling. The patients were mentally ill, suffered from tuberculosis, and other conditions. Irregardless, there were reports of forced lobotomies and forced abortions. The hospital was finally closed in the 1960s, but not after a lot of suffering went on there

stained glass creepy

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The Hudson River State Hospital opened in 1873 in Poughkeepsie, New York. This place, now abandoned, was opened in the era of Victorian psychiatric treatment. In other words, cruel and creative means were taken in the name of science, to the great suffering of patients.

The reports that came in of what staff did to patients is enough to feed your nightmares for days on end. Thankfully, the asylum was permanently shuttered in 2003, but its creepy history remains.

sunny weird windows

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The Beelitz Heilstatten Military Hospital first built to house and treat tuberculosis patients. In Europe, when the disease was a scourge, it was full to the brim with patients. Then, it served as a military hospital for soldiers in World War I and World War II. It was finally closed in 1994.

Now, it is bing used as a filming location for movies, since the architecture is till quite stunning. Most notable, films made there include 2002’s The Pianist and 2008’s Valkyrie.

double stairs

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Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital is located in New Jersey and was built in 1876. The story behind this place is almost commonplace today: it suffered from overcrowding. It was originally built to only house 350 people, but it swelled until it was housing 8000 patients at one time.

That can’t possibly end well, and it didn’t! There were increasing escape attempts by some very sick people–including dangerous criminals–and in order to protect the staff and surrounding citizens, the institution had to be permanently shuttered. The facility was closed in 2008 due to overcrowding and deteriorating conditions. Only the main building remains, conserved for its historical significance.

deserted halls

Credits: canyouactually.com

The Waverly Hill Sanatorium is located in Kentucky. It was built in the 1960s as a tuberculosis treatment facility, but it transitioned into a “lunatic asylum” soon after. Unfortunately, there were multiple reports of abuse on patients at the hands of staff and doctors.

It was eventually closed down. Today, it’s considered a hot spot for ghost hunters, who claim it is haunted. Patients and staff who once lived and died there come back occasionally, so enter if you dare!

doorway arm

Credits: therichest

This photo was snapped by a person exploring the depths of an abandoned hospital. He didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary at the time, but upon developing the pictures, he saw something chilling.

In the doorway at the far end of the room, there appears to be an arm of some kind…and it doesn’t seem to be human. Is that a torso too? Whatever this is, it felt the need to manifest when the photographer was around.