25 Times Grandparents Made Life A Little More Entertaining

By jstruge - September 24, 2018
Credits: Reddit :u: L0rdtater

Most grandparents truly do deserve their prefix, and not just for their endless supply of love and bingo acuity, but for their ability to bring a smile to our faces in more ways than one. Whether it’s their unfiltered opinions at family functions or their constant generational battle against advancing technology, grandparents can be something of a comic goldmine.

It’s not easy to get through life without acquiring a dose of cynicism, but these grandparents prove that you’re never too old to be hilarious. These seniors do anything but discount a good time from their daily lives and should be celebrated for it. Here are 25 times grandparents made life a little more entertaining.

Flipphone selfie

Credits: Reddit :u: misstinkles420

There are some grandparents that will distance themselves as much as possible from the advancement of technology, but then there are those who are willing to give it their best shot. This grandma has mastered the art of the mirror selfie with her endearingly dated flip phone.

However, she still has a bit of a learning curve to conquer when it comes to sending it. Reddit user, misstinkes420, uploaded this picture that her grandmother sent to her printed out via snail mail. Not the most instant of messaging.

Meeting mix-up

Credits: Reddit :u: bigred1987

Say what you want about cell phones, but you can’t deny that they make meeting up with someone a much easier operation. One Redditor shared this picture of their grandparents waiting at the mall for each other — on opposite benches.

No matter how this eventually plays out, the moment of realization must have been wildly entertaining.

medieval grandpa

Credits: Reddit

You can only hope that if you have a themed wedding, your guests will play along. These newlyweds decided to throw a medieval themed wedding and the bride’s grandpa did not disappoint.

Lugging a homemade horse around all night is no easy feat, but this granddad knows how to commit to a theme.

The "knitting program"?

Credits: Turner.co.vu

This Tumblr user shared their grandmother’s adorable alternative use for spreadsheets, writing, “I was teaching my grandma to use the computer so we can talk on skype and such, but today she went kinda mad at me because ‘I didn’t show her the knitting program’ and I was like what?

Turns out she accidentally opened MS Excel and found it’s a great way to create knitting patterns.”

Pelican Lessons

Credits: Reddit :u: Schnarf_Shnarf

Grandmothers will always seize an opportunity to dole out a life lesson and this shamed pelican is no exception.

One Redditor shared a picture of this bird mid-lecture, writing, “My grandma got bit by a Pelican on the pier and then began to scold it.” It’s unclear if this bird is feeling the guilt or plotting.

Human shield

Credits: Reddit :u: mitoyonting

Even if no one else is around, we all tend to be a little more cautious when using an outside ATM at night. For most of us, that means just being attentive with some extra peripheral checks.

This grandma, however, isn’t taking any chances and is willing to be a human shield so her friend can safely withdraw some bills.

Dirty secret

Credits: Reddit :u: L0rdtater

“Found this hidden behind some jars in my widowed, 86 y/o grandma’s kitchen. I guess we all have our dirty little secrets,” wrote L0rdtater on Reddit.

Gag gift from a relative that she’s keeping in close proximity for potential drop-ins or some elderly fantasy fulfillment? We’ll never know.

Patch job

Credits: Twitter : @tymumt_082124

Grandparents may be able to get on board with some trends, but fashion world fads are pretty much a lost cause.

It isn’t easy to explain or really understand why we even subject ourselves to buying things pre-distressed, however, this grandmother saw a problem and offered a solution. “Came back from work and found out Grandma patched up my distressed jeans,” shared one Twitter user.


Credits: Instagram : @melaniesohl

Not all grandparents learn to master the art of texting let alone multimedia messaging, but when they do, it really gives you a whole new reason to check your phone.

This grandmother was “Just chillin’” and in case her granddaughter needed proof, she decided to send a selfie to show her positive state of being.

custom phone

Credits: Reddit:u:snozzleberriess

This grandmother was using contact photos before they even became a feature on cell phones.

This innovative home phone customization is impressive for a number of reasons, mostly conceptually, but also that this grandma was able to find seven equally sized face photos to make this happen in such an aesthetically pleasing way.

selfie love

Credits: Reddit :u: starrstreet

Most grandparents remember a time where taking pictures was far less disposable and were often keepsakes to be cherished for years to come.

Selfies, on the other hand, have become almost the opposite of that. However, that didn’t stop these adoring grandparents from framing their granddaughter’s selfie for her next visit.

Singing in the rain?

Credits: Reddit:u:monolife

Is there anything more endearing than the elderly thinking that their pot leaf-adorned merchandise was just some sort of decorative naturism? Who knows though, maybe there is no confusion going on here.

Maybe this grandmother picking up her grandchild from school knew exactly what she was sporting and is just super progressive.

cash out

Credits: Reddit:u:TankHead74

You can never really predict what the outcome will be when your grandmother asks you to fix something of hers.

This Reddit user shared, “This is what you find when your grandma asks you to clean out her dryer because there is ‘a slight clanging noise’ when it runs. Ended up being $17.98.”

shot shots shots

Credits: Twitter : @paytongrett

“My grandma is in Mexico taking shots with random girls on the beach and posting pics of it with captions like they’re bffs,” Paytron Grett shared on Twitter.

There’s no age limit on fun and this grandma isn’t going to pass up an opportunity to show the next generation how to have a good time.

Viva Italia

Credits: Reddit /u/ nathantamborello

“My very Italian grandpa is in the hospital,” wrote one Reddit user. “We asked if he wanted anything. All he asked for was wine and cream puffs.”

Hey, if you’ve already got the sympathy card working in your favor, why waste time hiding your vices? This grandpa isn’t going to let the hospital rob him of a good time.

Gotta love Leo

Credits: JoshPatson : Imgur

“Grandma put a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband’s face,” Josh Patson shared on Imgur.

“The 80+ year old’s version of photoshop.” You have to admire this grandmother’s old school photo editing skills, while there may be some blending issues, the proportions are pretty spot on.

Butter wut

Credits: Reddit :u: esteigs99

The young people of today may be quick to discard any excess packaging that their cell phone came in, but this grandmother saw an opportunity that most would not.

Chances are, this makeshift butter dish probably ended up getting used more than the cell phone it was holding ever will.

hard copies

Credits: Reddit:u:nerveendingstory

Sometimes having pictures accessible with a couple of taps is just not good enough for grandparents, sometimes they need the hard copies.

This grandma decided to print a bunch of pictures off of Facebook using her phone, which in all fairness, is much more advanced than most grandparent’s technological abilities.

Just no.

Credits: Reddit :u: stephenlloyd_dot_net

You may be able to drag grandpa to a paint night, but that doesn’t mean he’ll enjoy it. Painting is all about expressing yourself and this grandpa certainly made his feelings clear through this boldly defiant piece.

You have to admire the minor attempt at a flower although that may have also been the tipping point.


Credits: Imgur

There is no age limit for a good prank and this grandma knows how to expertly lure in a victim.

Creating the ruse that she had learned a new magic trick, this prank-master managed to get her husband to look into a full water bottle, which would soon result in an unexpected face wash.

Flirting time

Credits: Reddit :u: tokyorockz

We’ve all seen scam-y ads boasting that singles in a nearby radius are waiting to flirt, but most of us have learned to tune them out.

This grandma, however, is looking for answers. A Redditor posted this screenshot, writing, “Meet my 86 year old grandmother.” Being ready to mingle isn’t age restricted.

What is that?

Credits: Reddit :u: vocivus

“My grandma has had this ‘decorative rock’ on her table for 8 years,” shared one Reddit user. “I don’t have the heart to tell her.”

You have to wonder just how this grandmother managed to acquire a half-eaten jawbreaker. Chances of one of her grandchildren carelessly leaving it behind after a visit? High.

Speedgun grandma

Credits: Reddit :u: namraka

To help combat the speeding problem on her street, this grandmother took matters into her own hands.

Apparently using a hair dryer in lieu of a speed gun can have similar results because this Reddit user claims that neighbors have actually noticed more cars abiding by the speed limit since she began wielding hair accessories.

santa seat

Credits: Reddit:u:cheetobandito234

Nothing puts you into the Christmas spirit like knowing that there’s a decapitated Santa head unrelentingly staring at the back of your neck while you go to the bathroom.

Of all of the places this festive head could have been placed, this grandma decided to choose the back of the toilet.

Puzzle ninja

Credits: Reddit :u: ConnorMcSpadden

Grandmothers are very resourceful and many have a number of life hacks that they’ve developed naturally and you won’t find on any Internet listicle.

This grandchild was understandably impressed when he noticed that his grandma was using a spatula to move around completed sections of her puzzle without risking detachment.