25 ‘Perfect’ Social Media Photos Vs. Reality

By jstruge - August 22, 2018
Credits: Twitter : @agencedisko

We understand that social media has become a drug for many people. There’s a feeling of euphoria and endorphins are released when someone likes your picture, comments on that selfie, or tells you how cute you look in that dress.

The problem is that none of it is true and in reality you haven’t left your house or showered in a week. Lucky for you it’s pretty easy to lie on social media! Here’s 25 of the best (or worst) lies we’ve seen on social media.


selfie broom

Credits: Imgur

There are so many things wrong with this photo. We thought the idea is to make it look like someone else is taking the photo – not the other way around. Or maybe showing the stick in the photo is the new trend?

The only explanation is that this guy must be selling selfie sticks somewhere and he needed a picture on social media to support the product. however, he forgot his merchandise at home and sought the help of a friend. That’s really the only explanation.

Fake Tush

Credits: Imgur

One of the most hilarious pranks we used to do is steal someone’s phone when they went to the bathroom and take a pic of someone’s ‘arm but’ (the crack of your inner elbow) making it look like a full moon. It really works!

This is another one of social media’s dirty little tricks. You think this Tinder hottie is sending you a pic of her derriere, only to find out it’s just her leg! Hope you didn’t already buy her dinner. Or better yet hopefully you did, she has quite a sense of humor – we like it.


Working Remotely

Credits: Twitter : @MrPassingham

If you’ve ever actually worked remotely, you’d know that this was totally unrealistic. The sun is NEVER at a good position for you to work on a beach with a laptop. Also sand. Sand gets EVERYWHERE.

That being said, this guy probably has a caption on his social media with this pic saying, “hard day at work”. Meanwhile he did work hard at scouring eBay and the web to find that adorable mini laptop. Seriously where did he get that thing?


Wig Kisser

Credits: Twitter : @sistolediastole

IS this guy for real? An d if so, is he really on public transportation at the moment? We’re hoping this is just a fun joke for his friends, otherwise the authorities will need to be called.

Maybe he just wants his friends to think he got some strange last night. I can admire that and wouldn’t be too surprised. Until the newspaper does a write-up warning women about the strange guy who rides the bus kissing his wig. Yep.




Fern Girly

Credits: Instagram : @b0mbtweets

The mysterious wild child strikes again! This time we see her in her natural habitat – creeping in someone’s back yard. We really hope at least it was her house, otherwise…

The best part of this photo isn’t the fact that she’s creeping, it’s the fact that one of her friends sent a snap of her being totally weird to everyone, and now when they see her perfect little Instagram photo, the truth will be exposed! Hahaha!

Sidewalk Nap

Credits: Twitter : @aleighmichelle

Yeah, great photo Becky! Too bad you needed to lay in the ditch to get your followers to like you. If you think you’re fooling people into believing you’re in some majestic meadow, think again.

We can still see the unkempt lawn in the background. Now get off Mr. Kravitz’ grass before he comes out and yells at you shaking his fist again! Darn kids keep taking them selfies on my front lawn! This time I’ll turn on the sprinklers!


Push-Up Friend

Credits: Instagram : @libbyamalia50

There’s nothing that shows true friendship more than holding up your friend’s tats in a photo that you’re not even part of. Now, if only they made bras that were just as effective. Oh wait, they do! It’s called a push-up bra.

I suppose you could argue that this is more effective, or perhaps she was just working with what she had in the moment. Either way – ladies – don’t try to enhance what God gave you. You’re beautiful just the way you are.


Poster Boat

Credits: Twitter : @TimStark12

In The Wave

Credits: Instagram : @katimroc

If you’re stupid enough to lay on the shore of the beach without expecting to be totally swept up by a wave, you’re fooling yourself more than you’re fooling your followers.

It’s hilarious to think how all those models who take pics at the beach have probably all seen a wave or two smash them in the face. I would pay money for those pictures – and I’m sure you would too.

Food From Above

Credits: Twitter : @bigbrowsmessyh1

I often wonder when I see so many of these Instagram photos of everyone’s latte and delicious croissant – how long does it take for them to get that perfect photo? Is their coffee cold by the time they need to climb the light fixture to get the ideal aerial shot?

This pic doesn’t even look that great to begin with. After all that effort required, we wish you would just drink your friggin’ cappuccino and get on with your day like a normal person. Also, no one cares about what you’re eating 5 times a day. Really.











Crouch Window

Credits: Imgur : palabunda

Pose vs. Reality

Credits: Twitter : @LadyDamfino

fake climber

Credits: Instagram : @gab.clt

Here we are casually mountain climbing a super high mountain! Lucky for him this was just a practice round and when he’s actually climbing a mountain, his photographer won’t be there to take the perfect Instagram pose.

In the meantime, have fun with the looks you’ll get from any passerby when they see you’re faking a dangerous sport, and it turns out you’re safer than most pedestrians who are casually crossing the street. Way to go!

Not A Real Boy

Credits: Twitter : @patricepannell5

At some point, you really need to wonder what the overall goal is here? Are you trying to deter other men from knowing you’re single? Are you trying to make your friends think you finally shacked up with someone?

Or maybe your parents keep asking if you met anyone yet? Either way, how long will you get away with this once all of social media thinks you have a boyfriend? We’re just hoping your 16 cats will approve of this decision.


Unicorn Floaty

Credits: Twitter : @juliejigsaw

I know when I try to get on a beach floaty, I make an absolute fool of myself. Trying to jump on one of these as a grown adult is nearly impossible without looking like an overweight seal trying to flop onto shore.

Lucky for us these beach floaty selfies have been all the rage lately! What we don’t always see is the 15 attempts to jump on/ fall off the darn thing before the perfect ‘pose’ is possible! IMO the fail posts are so much better than the ‘perfect’ ones.

Fake Ones

Credits: Imgur

Even if for some reason we didn’t have the real photo next to us, there is no way that looks like a regular pair of knockers. If anything it looks like her deformed implants are choking her.

What’s your tinder date going to say when he sees little A cups instead of the Ds he was promised? Let’s hope you’re at least a nice person. Although if he doesn’t accept you for who you are, ditch him! You don’t need to fake large bosoms to get a man’s attention!



Three Is A Crowd

Credits: Huffington Post

At first glance this photo seems totally normal and kind of cute. Then you realize all hands are in the picture and wonder how he’s taking the photo. Oh I know, he must have a go-pro attached to his head.

Oooooorrr he has one of the coolest friends in the world hopping on his back like a spider monkey in order for him to get the perfect shot with his girlfriend. That’s true friendship right there!


Tiny Burger

Credits: Instagram : @edelman11

This pic works great when you’ve been invited to the fancy restaurant where a real burger would cost you $40. Lucky for you all you need is a little zoom to make people believe you’re ballin’ enough to afford it!

Go ahead and order the cheapo slider, pocket the rest of the $ and grab some McD’s on your way home. Meanwhile your friends are impressed by your choice of restaurant and are none the wiser! Well except for whoever was with you (aka your

Off The Cliff

Credits: Reddit :u: frenchheart

Oh no, I’m in danger! It looks like I’m falling off a cliff! Quick, get a picture of it so I can put it on Instagra It doesn’t actually ‘look’ like that but sure, you can pretend. I think the only one who believed it was the guy’s poor dog.

As for him, why would someone even take a picture while you’re about to plunge to your death? There are so many things wrong with this photo. We just hope it was all a joke.


Fake Dubai

Credits: Reddit :u: I_am_here

Hey guys, check it out I’m in Dubai! Decided to take a little vacation, took the jet and went to one of the world’s richest cities. Anyway I’ll catch y’all later! I just met some people and were on our way to a killer night club!

Oh wait, I actually can barely afford a pizza pocket and just took a stay-cation for the last 6 days while sitting in my boxers playing Xbox. That’s more like it.


Ikea Kitchen

Credits: Twitter : @Itss_Crystalll

Hmm, should I have red or white wine? Oh wait – I’m at Ikea and this isn’t even my kitchen! When you can’t afford the 80k+ it takes to renovate your shoebox kitchen, just take a fake picture and post it on social media! It’s not like you cook anyway.

Good thing we live in a world where people socialize online and no one will ever actually come over – phew! Now let’s head over to the bathroom section so I can take a quick mirror selfie!

Sports Fan

Credits: Twitter : @chaangira

You know you have good friends when two of them come together and help you to fake a social media photo. In this case apparently they want to look like this guy is nonchalantly texting at a sports game.

In reality he’s just messing around with his buddies. My question is: who is this supposed to impress? They’re not amazing seats or anything. It’s a mystery what goes through people’s heads sometimes.


Ordered Take Out

Credits: Twitter : @penny

I always wonder if those bloggers really make every dish or if some of these could be a fake. It takes a lot of work to perfect a meal, make it actually look nice, then stand around taking pictures of it until it’s perfect.

As for those people who feel the need to post a picture of your supper every night. If you just ordered dominos, feel free to just skip the details. There’s no need to fake it until you make it in this scenario.

Show Dogs

Credits: Twitter : @HillsPet

When your dog is too ugly or too misbehaved to be a show dog, feel free to fool all the relatives by placing him in a fake picture with all the other little trophy winners. Mom and Grandma won’t know the difference!

Now if only I can fake a picture of me getting my masters degree so I don’t actually need to do the work and pay the tuition. Social media FTW!


Tropics Or Not?

Credits: Twitter : @agencedisko

Enjoying a delicious cocktail on the sunny beaches of Jamaica! Wish you were here! Oh wait, I’m just in Orange County working overtime because my boss wouldn’t give me vacation and I paid some roadies twenty bucks each to follow me while holding potted plants all day.

I guess it worked! Let’s just hope she doesn’t run into anyone she knows while ‘vacationing’ or they may have some questions. In the meantime, we have lots of questions. Like why? Just why?